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Places shown on map above:

Roche Percee
North Portal
Steelman top of map


Rich Prairie School
Lignite School
Ernewein School
Ansell Public School #288- Located at NE Section 29, Township 3, Range 5, W2
Vineberg Public School 3284- Located at Section 30, Township 3, Range 4, W2
Britannia School #325- NW Section 11, Township 1, Range 6, W2
Hirsch Public School #283- SE Section 16, township 3, Range 5, W2
Forbes Public School #730- NE Section 8, Township 1, Range 5, W2

Pipe Line- shown heading south of Hirsch to the Souris River, was the CPR Water line, to their pumphouse on the river.
This was the water line for the Steam Locomotives used at the time.

Land Owned by my Dad, Phil Gent, marked in Pencil

Souris River (aka, Mouse River, St. Pierre)

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