Ernewein School #2345

North Portal, Saskatchewan, Canada

Located at SE Section 17, Township 2, Range 4, W2
North of the Souris River, South-East of Hirsch SK, north of North Portal SK.
Part of my Dad's 1927 Map

Named after the Henry and Winnie Ernewein family
Joseph “Henry” Ernewein, age 50 in 1916, born in ON,
Wilhemina “Winnie” Ernewein, nee Rosteck, born in Germany age 40 in 1916
They had 7 sons in 1916 census
John P. Ernewein
Henry J. Ernwein
George W. Ernewein
Walter W. Ernewein
Herbert A. Ernewein
Frederick “Fred” Felix Ernewein b- Nov 20, 1908 in Frobisher
Alfred Allan Ernewein, who became the Calgary Kid
Calgary Kid, Alfred Allen Ernewein

1936- small school, 7 pupils, E. W. Sabroe, Frobisher, Sec-Treasurer for this District


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