Kemano- Ray Edwin Powell

Kemano, British Columbia, Canada

Ray Edwin Powell (nickname Rip or Rep)
b- December 7, 1887, Table Grove, Fulton Co., IL, USA
d- November 9, 1973 in Montreal Quebec
served in US Army, WWI, as a Captain
1900 lived in Monmouth City, Warren, IL, USA
Attended Monmouth College, IL, and University of Illinois.
Worked in the Aluminum industry as early as 1909
working in plants in US, Europe, and South America,
Worked at Alcoa before formation of Alcan.
Moved to Canada in 1928, as VP of Alcan.
President of Alcan Mar 1937-1957
President Saguenay Power Co. Ltd.
Director Aluminum Limited Group of companies.
1952- Bank Of Montreal Board of Directors.
Retired in 1957, age 70, as a Director of Alcan, after 44 yrs service.
Served as 10th Chancellor of McGill University in Montreal.
Also governor of McGill.
1947 received King Christian X Liberty Medal, from Denmark,
for services rendered to Greenland, during WWII.
Honorary Degree of laws from Laval University, June 1949
Member of royal Montreal Golf Club.
Laval-sur-le-Lac Golf Club
Mount Bruno Golf and Country Club.
member of the St. James Club, in Montreal,
and the Montreal Racquet club.
Made a trip to Jamaica in Jan 1945
to investigate a new discovery of Bauxite.
British Guyana was the source before this.
He remained a US citizen, until his death.

Spouse- Cecile Powell, nee Smith, married June 2, 1921
b- 1899 at Cohoes, Albany Co, NY
d- 2000
They had 4 children:
1. Robert Ray Powell,
b- 1923, d- 2006
married Gladys Ethel Parker

2. Mary Cecile Powell,
b- ?
married David Michael Culver, Sept 20, 1949
He was born in Winnipeg, who became CEO and President of Alcan in July 1979
3 sons: Michael, Andrew, Mark, and 1 daughter Diane.

3. Cynthia Powell,
b- 1927,
d- 2006
married Dr. Anthony Richard Curzon Dobell

4. John “Andrew” Powell,
b- ? in Montreal
married Lise Jarry, another record says
Nicole Josette Marie L'esperance.
formed Powell GRC Ltd in Britain.
President Emeritus and Founder of The Vimy Foundation

Ray's Father- Joseph Doddridge Powell,
b- Feb 28, 1827, in Pickaway Co., Ohio
d- July 6, 1906 at Monmouth, Warren, IL
Boarding House Keeper in 1900, at Monmouth city, Warren, IL
1st wife- mother of Ray, Caroline Baughman,
b- 1831
d- 1888
daughter of Daniel Baughman

They had 10 Children, Ray was youngest

2nd wife- Sarah Elizabeth Powell, nee Anderson,
widow of Albert Powell
b- Apr, 1860, in Sweden
d- 1935
She came to US in 1871 from Sweden
They had 2 children, Step siblings of Ray:
Ervin Powell (Irvin?) b- Nov 1892 in IL, d- Nov 25, 1919
Lena Powell, nee Lee- b- 1895 in IL, wife of Ervin Powell
Everett Powell- b- July 26, 1894, d- Feb 1895

Grandfather- Samuel P. Powell,
b- Oct 20, 1787, Capon river, Hampshire co. West Virginia
d- July 14, 1834 at Petersburg, Menard Co., IL
Grandmother- Elizabeth Powell, nee Alkire, b- June 16, 1791 in Virginia
d- June 8, 1855, Fulton Co., IL

Great-Grandfather- Samuel Powell
Great-Grandmother- Sarah “Sallie” Randall

One of his sons was married in 1956

I believe this is no other than Ray Edwin Powell, President of Alcan at the time, and part of his family.
He only had 2 sons, so not sure who the 3rd boy is here.
They were given a tour of the area by T. R. “Bud” Walker,
whose job was to take them to a certain site, and photograph him there.
It got too dark, so they stopped here for the picture.
Grant doesn't remember the Boss's name but using another photo of him to compare,
I am pretty sure I have the name right.
As you can see, jeeps were needed for the mud roads.

Powell Peak
Mountain in Range 4, Coast Land District
Lat-Long- 53° 34' 07“ N - 128° 00' 36” W
named after Ray Edwin Powell
First Mountain Peak straight west of Kemano
overlooking Kemano/Camp 5


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