Usk, British Columbia, Canada

Klew Nu original Native Village at this site
  • Known as the Skeena's Industrial Centre in 1924
  • 12 miles east of Terrace BC
  • 107 mi from Rupert on the Grand Trunk Railroad, now CNR
  • A small Hamlet north of Highway 16
  • Reaction Ferry between the 2 parts of Usk (see link below)
  • Skeena River divides the 2 areas.

Latitude- 54º 38' N,
Longitude- 128º 25' W

Usk was named by a GTP Railroad Superintendent
Dominic Daniel Joseph Dempsey Loftus

  • aka: Dominic Demsey
  • aka: Daniel Joseph Demsey Loftus
  • aka: Daniel Joseph Demsey
  • aka: Daniel J. Dempsey
  • aka: Dan J. Dempsey
  • aka: Dan Dempsey

Yes he used all those names!

Received this note from Helen McRae, Terrace, Mar 2013:

“Dan Dempsey - he was in charge of track laying and there is a memorial mention of him in Alberta. My Grandparents pre-empted DL 704 between the present day GTP tunnels at Kitselas Canyon. As so many years were spent on building the tunnels, the crews spent many evenings at their place, pool table, daughters, music, etc. so my Mom knew many of the fellows. Dan Dempsey was one of them and he told her he named Usk for his home in ? (I seem to think she said by the Usk River in Scotland) but so many seem to think after the castle on Kitselas mountain, like the Wales castle. When the Mayor of Usk, Wales, and his partner visited us, they offered to put a letter in one of their newspapers but it did not turn up hints - anyway, one of our mysteries.”

One of the links below is about their visit.
Helene and others have been trying to find Mr. Demsey for a while now.

Map showing Usk top of map, Terrace at the bottom part of whole map, see my Kitsumkalum Lake site


Canadian American Consolidated Mining Co. Ltd.


D. A. Buchanan (Duncan?)


Golden Cache Claim


Population= 200

CNR * Sam Alger- Section Foreman

Samuel James Alger-

  • b- Feb 1872, Hartismere Reg District, Suffolk England
  • d- Mar 20, 1936 in Prince Rupert, age 64
  • shown as a Foreman, Train Station in Brandon in 1911
  • married Eliza “Maud?” Gillman, (Gilman?)
    • b- Jan 23, 1870, Norfolk England
    • d- Oct 20, 1951, Victoria BC
  • son- Samuel “George” Alger
    • b- Feb 25, 1901, Norfolk England
    • d- Feb 11, 1962, St. Joseph's Hospital, Victoria, age 60
    • 1916 in Amsbury as a farmer
    • 1925 Railroad Man in Usk
    • Steam Fitter, age 30 when he married
    • Assistant Foreman, Pipe shop, HMC Dockyard, Victoria when he died
    • married Muriel Kroeger, Nov 3, 1931 at United Church Parsonage, Terrace
      • b- ca 1902, London England
      • d- bef 1962
      • Telephone Operator, age 29,
      • daughter of Martin Kroeger, b- Hamburg Germany and Elizabeth Anna Warren, b- Northampton, England

siblings of George Alger:

  • William E. Alger
    • b- Apr 1892, in England
    • shown as a Wiper at round House in Brandon in 1911
  • Alice Maud Alger-
    • b- Feb 24, 1894 in England
    • d- June 24, 1967 Prince Rupert BC
    • correction came in as I had her married 4 times:
    • She was actually married 5 times;
      • Holmes, O’Brien, Halbert, Bethurem, Brule.
    • With Holmes she had William and James;
    • with O’Brien, Patrick and Bessie;
    • with Halbert, no children;
    • with Bethurem, Leona.
  • Beatrice Helen Alger
    • b- Jan 20, 1896 in England, Laundress in 1911
    • Married a Mr. Crowner, then Joseph Bell, see below
  • Winnifred (Winifred) (Winnie) Alger
    • b- Apr 1905 in England
  • Ivy Alger
    • b- Oct 1907, in MB
  • Edward William Alger
    • b- May 4, 1911, in Brandon, MB

Alger Family immigrated arriving in Mar 29, 1906, on the SS Virginian all shown from Norfolk, England 1911 family living in Brandon MB, except for Alice her location unknown, until 1921 census in Usk. She probably married between 1906 and 1911.

Joseph “Joe” Halbert- Section Man

Wallace Morgan- Section Man

E. T. Squires- Section Man

Charles J. H. Durham - CNR watchman

  • received an email from Helene McRae Apr 5, 2013, with some additional info for Usk etc. with thanks.
“One of the things on the Kitselas page is of Charles Durham I have that his name was Carl Joseph Halvar Dorum,but of course in English, Charles Durham. He was born on Aug. 21, 1861 in Molde, Norway and died at Usk, B. C. on September 13, 1958. (Helene's Grandfather). His planned Durham town was on DL 704 Railroad side of Kitselas Canyon - did not become Usk. Richard Lowrie (Lizzy Kitselas' husband), pre-empted the lot that become Usk.

There's a bit of confusion between your Newtown / Vanarsdol / Kitselas, and the Kitselas Canyon town - the white people moved to Usk - 3 miles East of the Canyon, Newtown would be about 3 miles West, more across from the Copper River.”

Comet Mineral Claims-

McDonnell, Edgar & Sculley owners- copper

John Patrick MacDonnell

  • b- ca 1871 in Ireland
  • Immigrated in 1886
  • daughter- Verona Maud MacDonnell
  • b- ca 1901 in BC

Magnus William Edgar- Prospector

  • b- Mar 6, 1877 in Port Simpson BC
  • d- June 18, 1954 in Prince Rupert General Hospital, Prince Rupert BC, age 77
  • buried in Hartley Bay Cemetery
  • Permanent residence was Sunnyside Cannery
  • occupation- blacksmith
  • son of George Edgar, b- Nanaimo BC and Mary Ann Alexcee, b- Port Simpson BC
  • wife- Amelia Augusta Anderson
  • Magnus had a daughter, Emily Edgar
  • He had a brother Louis Edgar (see below)

Thomas Sculley- Prospector

  • b- ca 1891, in Yukon
  • d-
    • wife-Irene Sculley, nee Edgar?
      • b- ca 1899, in BC
      • d-
    • son- John Sculley
      • b- ca 1819, in BC
      • d-
  • they had at least one daughter, name unknown,
  • who died Aug 1925, in Butedale,
  • where Irene's parents lived.
  • Can't find much info on this family

Continental Mineral Claims

James Darius Wells, Manager- Copper/Gold

Cordillera Mineral Claims

owners Kitselas Mountain Copper Co. Ltd.

The KITSELAS MOUNTAIN COPPER CO., LTD. report of September 15th, 1926. The letter to the shareholders is signed by F. R. FORTNER, President, and there is also a report signed by J. D. WELLS, Manager ““I beg to hand you a precise report of development and mineral conditions of your holdings in the Cordillera Mining property here at Usk, British Columbia.”

Directors of the Company: James Darius Wells, A. J. Thompson, J. Darby, F. R. Fortner, and E. E. Kaseberg

  • They were all in Prince Rupert for a meeting in June 1925.
  • I found a Fred R. Fortner and Edward E. Kaseberg
  • both in Wasco, Sherman, Oregon ca 1920.
  • Fred a Banker, Edward a farmer ca1910, after than that, no occupation shown
  • see bios-genealogy below:

J. Darby would be James Darby, a Prospector in Usk.

  • very possibly James Joseph Darby
  • b- ca 1878 possibly Oregon
  • d- Oct 28, 1945 in Prince Rupert, age 78
  • his parents were born in Canada
  • He immigrated in 1912
  • shown in Usk in 1921, married

Frederick Roy “Fred” Fortner

  • b- July 25, 1883, Tuscarora, Nevada
  • d- Oct 15, 1952 in Portland Oregon
  • Land Appraiser at a Bank in 1940 in Portland Oregon
  • He worked as a Bank Clerk in Wasco Oregon.
  • Employer- ca 1942- Pacific Coast Joint Stock Land Bank
  • wife- Annabel “Anabel” L. Fortner, nee Lucas, b- WA
  • daughter- Mary L. Fortner, b- OR
  • daughter- Winifred A. Fortner, b- OR

Edward E. “Ed” Kaseberg

  • b- July 18, 1879 Salem, Missouri, USA
  • d- Nov 20, 1964, Wasco, Oregon, age 85
  • both parents born in Germany
  • 1942 in Portland, Oregon
    • wife- Evalyn “Eva” Kaseberg, nee Morrow
    • son- Hollis Kaseberg

Archibald Joseph Thompson

  • b- ca 1880 in USA
  • d- ?
  • A. J. Thompson shown as Manager in 1925
  • both parents born in USA
  • Immigrated in 1917
    • wife- Greta Moon Thompson,
      • b- ca 1893 in USA
  • they left Usk area, to Vancouver, in Dec. 1925

Golden Crown Mineral claims

Kleanza Co Ltd. Lessees, -Gold/silver

Kleanza Mining claims


Sultana Mineral claims

Stanwood & Dyers owners, gold/copper

I think this is James Dyer, free miners cert # 1649D
Sultana Group was at Boulder Creek

Wells Mineral Claims

- Copper

Montana Mineral claims

- James Darius Wells, Manager, copper

Peerless Mineral Claims

O. T. Lindland, Foreman
Ole T. Lindland

Lucky Seven Mineral claims-

Richard “Dick” Lowrie & Loyal Ernest Moody
Lucky Luke was one of the claims they worked on

Richard Garobaldy “Dick” Lowrie

  • Buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert, BC
  • One of the first settlers in what became Usk, taking a pre-emption surrounding the station.
  • Lowrie Creek between Usk and Hanal to the north, (54°38'48”N, 128°23'58“W at the approximate mouth), would be named after this man.

Helene McRae sent this correction below, for Richard Lowrie, (founder of Usk) and his family:

  • Gary Richard Lowrie
  • b- Nov. 9, 1865 (in ON)
  • d- Mar 17, 1948, at Usk BC
    • Father: William Lowrie (no dates)
    • 1st wife- Elizabeth Scott
    • 2nd wife- (Richard's Mother)- Anne Mulnyx from Lurgin, Ireland
    • Grandfather: William Lowrie 1792 - 1867 Scotland
  • Richard Lowrie married Elizabeth (Lizzy) Kitselas (no date of this)- widow of George Ellis, aka: Kitselas, who was called Kitselas George by the Riverboat Captains
    • Elizabeth (Lizzy) was born in the Nass
      • her father was a Guno (from the Nass)
      • and her mother a Mathews from Kitsequela (spelling)
  • First son, George, born September 1899.
    • Elizabeth (Lizzy) Kitselas delivered two of the Durham babies at Kitselas:
      • Irene Olga Durham - March 28, 1906
      • and Kathleen Hjordis Durham, November 27, 1908

Loyal Elmer Ernest Moody

  • b- Dec, 1866, age 51 in 1921, in Missouri, USA
  • d- Feb 25, 1940 in Usk, age 74
  • buried in Terrace Pioneer Cemetery
  • (also seen Earnest as his name)
  • son of Charles Smith Moody, and Martha Belle Wilson
    • married to Nettie May Frazier, Nov 8, 1905, Caldwell, Canyon Co., Idaho, USA
      • b- ca 1898, Kansas, USA
    • son- George Loyal Moody
      • b- Oct 9, 1908, in Emmett, Gem, Idaho, USA
      • d- Sept 26, 1992, Trail BC, age 83
      • 1921 he was with his father in Usk
      • In 1925 he attended high school in Seattle
      • 1929 he was President of the Usk Tennis Club
      • He was still shown in Usk ca 1935.
      • Worked for Cominco in Trail
      • He married Margaret McGregor Glass
      • they had at least one daughter

Old Hickory Mineral claims Andrew Jackson Kelch

  • b- Mar 26, 1872, in Indiana, USA
  • d- Apr 2, 1949 in San Francisco CA
  • Immigrated in 1897
  • father- ? , Kelch,
  • mother- Appleman
    • married Ida May Kelch, nee ?
    • b- age 40 in 1921 in ON
    • both her parents born in England
    • E-mail from Bob Rollings, Jan 17, 2018:
Ida May Kelch (Maiden name - Rollings) was my great aunt.She was born 27 Feb 1886 at Malton, Ontario, Canada.She Died 19 mar 1975 at San Jose, California.It was interesting to find out that Andrew and Ida worked some claims in BC.

Old Hickory in 1918 mining report

“Old Hickory Claim” became “Independence Claim” ca 1929

Tulon Mineral Claims

have also seen Toulon claim as the name
-Bornite Co.

Valhalla Mineral Claims


1920-1934 mining reports

Albert Baxendale- Mine Owner

  • b- ca 1862, Lancashire, England
  • d- Oct 31, 1931 in Prince Rupert General Hospital, Pr. Rupert, age 69
  • buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert
  • married Elizabeth Ann Pickering Oct 25 1893.
  • They had 3 daughters: Nancy, Rachael, and Ellen.
  • His wife died in childbirth and he left his daughters with a relative
  • and he went to Canada
  • He became Court House Gardener in Prince Rupert
  • Obit shows him in Rupert since 1925, single
  • 1921 census shows him in Hanall spur, age 52 in England
  • Immigrating in 1913
  • shown as a sawmill labourer

Joseph “Joe” Bell- Prospector

  • Joseph “Joe” Bell
  • aka Jack Bell
  • b- Nov 19, 1893 in Preston, Lancashire, England
  • d- Jan 17, 1973, Hemlock St., Nanaimo BC, age 79
  • buried in Terrace Cemetery
  • His residence when he died was Usk
  • Immigrated in 1910 (70 years in BC when he died so 1903?)
  • Clearing land on his own ranch in 1921
  • Ferry Foreman, Public Works Department, in 1931
  • Occupation Plumber when he married Dec 1, 1920 in Pacific BC
  • son of Richard Bell and Annie Simmonds
  • married- Beatrice Helen Crowner, nee Alger, a widow.
    • b- Jan 20, 1896, in England
    • (shows Brandon MB in death cert but don't believe that is correct.)
    • d- Nov 1, 1968, Mills Memorial Hospital, Terrace BC
    • buried in City of Terrace Cemetery
    • Immigrated in 1908
    • daughter of Samuel Alger and Elizabeth Gillman

Clarence William Bingham

  • - Miner
  • b- Dec 4, 1884 in NS
  • d- ?
  • Father- William Bingham,
    • b- Feb 10, 1840, in Ireland,
    • Immigrated in 1862
    • General Merchant in Englishtown in 1901
  • mother- Sarah Bingham, nee ?
    • b- Oct 19, 1838, in NS
    • In Englishtown, Victoria Dist, NS
  • Clarence was a Telegraph Operator in Usk in 1921
  • He worked on the Dominion Telegraphs before mining
  • He was agent operator at Telegraph Creek ca 1928/29
  • He worked on the Lucky Luke with S. A. D. Davis
  • enlisted in WWI
  • reg # 2021681, Private, Army, Canadian Infantry
  • 11th Regiment, Irish Fusiliers
  • Sister- Bessie Bingham, b- Nov 23, 1880 in NS

Arthur Lee Clore- Rancher, Prospector

James Darby- Prospector (see above)

S. A. D. Davis- Mine Operator (see link below)

Frederick “Fred” Forrest- Prospector (aka: Forest, De Forrest)

  • b- ca 1853, in Quebec
  • d- Sept 22, 1937 in Prince Rupert BC, age 85
  • At one time he owned the Lucky Jim claim,
  • the claim was mined by the Federal Mining Company, ca fall 1923
    • Federal Mining Company- head John F. Fife.
    • also James McKiernan and C. P. Riel
    • Company formed by Feb 1914
    • Clifton Philip Riel,
      • d- June 22, 1945 in Vancouver, age 66

Zephir Pierre Gagne - Prospector,

  • aka: Zephyr Gagne
  • aka: Pierre Zephir Gagne
  • aka: Pierre Gagné
  • aka: Zephyr Gagné
  • b- June 28, 1887, Cap Chat, Gaspe County, Quebec,
  • d- Aug 9, 1952 in St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 66
  • buried in Mountainview Cemetery, Vancouver BC
  • son of Malone Gagné (Magloire Gagné)
    • b- Sept 15, 1840, in Quebec
  • mother- Aurélie Gagné, nee Ouellet?
    • b- Dec 1848, in Quebec
    • they married in 1871
  • Zephyr Gagne- Prospector in Usk BC
  • Z. P. Gagne shown as a Bridgeman in Prince Rupert, in 1940 Directory
  • He enlisted in WWI, Jan 28, 1918 in Victoria BC
  • Svc # 167768
  • Single, Miner, living in Terrace
  • next of kin, sister, Aurelie Gagne, New Hampshire, USA
  • shown as a widower when he died.
  • death cert says born in 1886, railroad construction worker.
  • sister, Maria Gagné (shown as Marie age 16, in 1891 census)
    • b- 1889, Quebec
  • brother- Auguste Gagné
    • b- August 1894, Quebec
    • living with his mother, sister, and brother in Rimouski Quebec in 1911
  • mother shown married to Auguste Lepage, age 63
  • Shown as Pierre Gagné here
  • brother- Damon Gagné
    • b- June 4, 1869 in Quebec
  • brother- Arthur Gagné
    • b- Jan 10, 1884, in United States
  • sister- Aimee Gagné
    • b- abt 1871 in Quebec
  • grandfather- Antoine Gagné
  • grandmother- Josephte Beaulieu

James Gall - Rancher, Prospector, Justice of the Peace

  • b- July 18, 1858 in ON
  • d- May 27, 1947, Prince Rupert General Hospital, Prince Rupert BC, age 78
  • buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert
  • Lived at Usk before he died.
  • shows up in 1914 and 1923 mining reports

Harry D. Gazanoff - Miner

  • b-
  • d-
  • previous to mining he owned the Dage Hotel in Smithers
  • He sold it to the McKenzie Brothers of Moricetown
  • He was heading to work on the Peerless Group of Mines after selling it.
  • He was involved in a lawsuit with a Mr. Ole Lindland (see above)
  • Feb 11,1925 he was taking out an application to sell beer at part of the building known as Webb-Taylor Supply Co.
  • at Kleanza village, opposite Usk
  • on sub lot 1, subdivision of DL 1435, Coast Range 5.

Steve McNeil- Miner

Guy Mills- Miner

August Nyberg- Miner

Andrew Wesley Snodgrass- Carpenter- Prospector

  • b- ca 1859 in Douglas, Webster, Iowa, USA
  • d- Oct 8, 1934 in CA, USA, age 75
  • buried in Grandview Memorial Park, Glendale CA
  • He Immigrated in 1914
  • son of David Snodgrass and Mitchell Snodgrass, nee ?
  • wife- Minnie P. Snodgrass
  • b- ca 1875 in USA
  • d- May 13, 1935, Los Angeles CA, age 60
  • buried in Glendale CA
  • She Immigrated in 1916

John Smith- Mining

Arthur Alexander Stewart - Prospector (Served in WWI)

  • b- Sept 16, 1886 in London England
  • d- July 12, 1961 in Shaughnessy Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 74
  • buried in Veteran's Memorial park in Vancouver BC
  • son of James Stewart and Charlotte Amelia Davis
  • Next of kin- a sister in California, Mrs. H. C. Bolt
  • reg # 102930
  • enlisted in Prince Rupert Sept 25, 1915
  • he became a Hotel clerk, accounting until 1955
  • Immigrated in 1906
  • his brother is below, Arthur was living with his brother's family
  • in 1921 in Usk.

Frederick Albert Stewart - Prospector (Served in WWI)

  • b- Dec 15, 1892 in Liverpool England
  • d- Oct 19, 1934 in Hazelton BC, age 43
  • reg # 102944
  • enlisted in Victoria BC, Oct 25, 1915
  • next of kin Mrs H. C. Bolt, St. Helens CA
  • 1921 census shows him as Frederick Alfred Steward
  • immigrated in 1908
  • wife- Dorothy Theresa Stewart,
    • age 30 in 1921 b- ca 1891, in England
  • daughter- Dorothy Belinda Stewart,
    • b- ca 1920 in BC

James Darius Wells- Mining- Sec Skeena District Prospectors, Notary

Benjamin F. Woodward - Mining

  • b-ca 1884 in USA
  • d- ?
  • Immigrated in 1907

James Eckert- Ferryman (see Usk Ferry page)

Usk Hotel

Margaret Durham, nee Evensen- Proprietor

Shackleton Hotel

Thomas Waddy Shackleton owner (pic link below)

  • b- bet Oct-Dec 1883, Bradford, Skipton Reg district, Yorkshire, England
  • d- Sept 12, 1932, Tranquille TB Hospital, Kamloops BC
  • buried in Pleasant Street Cemetery, Kamloops
  • age 36, Miner in Alice Arm, when he married #1
  • age 44 when he married #2 in 1928
  • son of James Edward Shackleton and Ellen Clarkson, both b- England
  • Father was a Miner as well.
  • Married three times as far as I can figure out.
  • One marriage to Alice Rigby, date ?
  • produced a son, b- July 22, 1922
  • Thomas married Nellie Goodwill, Aug 6, 1919 in Prince Rupert
    • b- ca 1898, England
    • d- bef Aug 1928
    • age 21 in 1919
    • daughter of Joseph Goodwill and Martha Colbert
    • Father was a boilermaker, she lived in Prince Rupert when married
  • married last Melanie Bouyer, Aug 21, 1928, St. James Church, Smithers BC
    • b- ca 1888, France
    • d- ?
    • Dressmaker, age 40
    • daughter of Jule Bouyer and Gabriel Shauck, both b- France

Joseph “Joe” Bush - Manager of a Restaurant

  • b- ca 1886 in USA
  • Immigrated in 1901

R. E. Allen - Manager, Royal Lumber Co.

Richard Adams- Steam Engineer

Joseph “Joe” Colburn- Shingle Mill

Henry Weismiller- Millwright

  • b- June 4, 1878 in Muskoka, ON,
  • d- Jan 27, 1954 in Mission Memorial Hospital, Mission BC, age 75
  • buried in Hatzic Cemetery, Mission BC
  • Occupation- Millwright
  • son of Henry Weismiller and Tena Grik
  • Henry Jr. built Usk's 2nd Sawmill after Lee Bethurem
  • Owned a sawmill at Duncan BC when he was married
  • married- Annie Florence Weismiller, nee Meads Nov 24, 1910 in Vancouver BC
  • b- Jan 27, 1891 in Muskoka, ON
  • d- Jan 27, 1951 in St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver, age 60
  • daughter of George Meads and Edith Parfit
  • 7 children:
  • son- Edgar Weismiller,
    • b- ca 1911 in BC
  • son- Arnold Weismiller,
    • b- ca 1914 in BC
    • Arnold drowned in the old Mill Pond, end of June 1924
  • son- Ralph Weismiller,
    • b- ca 1915 in BC
  • son- Frank Weismiller,
    • b- ca 1916 in BC
  • daughter- Edna Weismiller,
    • b- ca 1917 in BC
  • son- Walter Weismiller,
    • b- ca 1918 in BC
  • obviously missed one child, email today Jan 13, 2019, gives me this addition from her daughter:
  • daughter- Leona Patrica Weismiller, b- May 18, 1928, d- June 21, 1971 buried at Hatzic Cemetery

B. Buchanan- Millwright

Ernest Campbell- Mill Man

Richard Edgar- Mill Man (see below)

William Eirling- Mill Man

George Kitselas- Mill Man

Donald McDonald- Mill Worker

J. Smith- Mill Man

Thomas Snell- Tie Contractor

E. O. Berge- Tie Contractor

William Edgar- Tie Contractor (see below)

Foster Eckert- Tie Contractor

Charles Edgar- Tie Contractor (see below)

James Lee Bethurem - Post Master, General Store (see Bio below)

Percy Ralph Skinner - General Store- Rooms (see Copper City History)

Canada Products Ltd. - E. H. Edwards, Managing Director

  • alt- A. H. Edwards
  • He was married and lived in Edmonton AB

Webb & Taylor Supply Co.

Herbert Taylor

  • b- ca 1888 in England
  • d-

Sidney George Webb

  • b- ca 1893 in England
  • d-
  • Immigrated in 1910
  • both shown as Merchants, General Store in 1921

Peter Brusk- Rancher

John Dye- Farming

Andrew Falk- Farming

Charles Hillstrum- Ranching

D. A. Simpson- Farming

Andrew Pete- Ranching

  • b- ca 1882 in Romania
  • Immigrated in 1897
  • Naturalized in 1914
  • shown as a prospector in 1921

Amos Wells- Farmer

  • b- ca 1874, Mission City, (age 46 when he married)
  • He was living at Round lake, Telkwa when he got married.
  • d- May 27, 1943 in Smithers, age 69
  • son of Joshua Wells and Julia Douglas
  • married Sarah Elizabeth Emptage June 27, 1917 at LaCroix's Ranch, Hubert BC
    • b- Langley BC, (age 19 when she married)
    • daughter of Stephen Emptage, and Christina Elkins
  • came from Aldermere to purchase 640 acres to ranch Dec 4, 1911

Arthur Lee Clore- Rancher, Prospector

Canadian Express Co.

R. W. Graves- Agent

Originally Dominion Express Co., changed in 1926

Edward Hendrickson- Teamster

Hugh McDonald- Teamster

R. McKenzie- Teamster

? Evans- Teamster

O. L. James- School Teacher

John Patrick McDonnell- Secretary Usk School Board (see above)

Mrs. M. Whitlow- School Trustee

Duncan Wallace McIntosh- Carpenter

  • b- ca 1867 in Scotland
  • Immigrated in 1889
  • He was in Pitman in 1921

Daniel McClarty

  • - Contractor and Builder
  • b- ca 1881 in ON
  • shown as Foreman, Roads
  • wife- Elsie McClarty,
    • b- ca 1889 in USA
  • daughter- Kathryn McClarty,
    • b- ca 1911 in USA
  • daughter- Laurene McClarty,
    • b- ca 1913 in USA
  • daughter- Montana McClarty,
    • b- ca 1915 in BC
  • daughter- Coreta McClarty,
    • b- ca 1919 in BC

W. G. Perry- Contractor

Usk Liberal Assn- James Darius Wells Secretary-Treasurer


John Reid

  • b- ca 1868 in ON
  • Treasurer Lumber & Mining

John Sparkes


I. Lougheed

May Claim (1932)

Hayward Lumber Company Mill Baseball Team, 1920
Mill was a mile or 2 east of Usk
Photo from McRae Collection, Terrace
Slim (Harry) Varner, is the tall fellow 4th from right, husband of Kathleen. The lady is Irene Durham (born 1906 Kitselas Canyon, sister of Kathleen)
If you know others in photo, please let me know.

Jan-Feb 1924, Robert Henry Bourke was the contractor building the New Hayward Mill. He came from Springwater SK. with his wife and children.
The mill was idle for 2 years before this. They brought in a carload of heavy draft horses, to move the mill.
They moved the old mill to a new site, 1 mile east.
Mill was owned by C. H. Hayward from Edmonton
He was President and owner.
Some Corrections / Additions came in from Mr. George Hayward, Toronto,

  • I believe C. H. Hayward was Chester Hayward one of my Grandfather's brothers.
  • George Eldon Hayward was President and Owner originally.
  • My Grandfather had several mills in the interior of BC, in the late teens & early 20's
  • He started his business in Vermilion Alberta in 1905. Correct
  • born Apr 5, 1882 (in ND, USA)
  • No- born outside of Fredericton, New Brunswick.
  • Died- July 26, 1956 in Edmonton AB
  • Mill was Located at the west end of the CN yards.
  • Jan 1924- A. H. Edwards was Manager (alt- E. H. Edwards see above) of the Usk Branch of the Hayward Lumber Company Ltd. I can't remember Mr Edwards name ever been used.
  • He was from Edmonton at that time.
  • They were operating a large tractor at this time.
  • This mill became Canada Products Ltd.
  • Miss P. E. Spragg, Senior Teacher at Usk School, 1924
    • Eva Spragge shown in 1924 directory in Usk.
    • Miss Spragge taught school in Port Essington in 1927
    • E. Spragge, shown as School Principal in Terrace in 1927
  • a Mr. D. L. Spragge lived in Terrace in 1926
    • note- middle name L. father below D. K.?
    • maybe her brother Leonard, whose name
    • might have been David Leonard?
    • I know she had a brother L. Spragge, living in Terrace in 1927.

my educated guess- I think her name was
Phebe “Eva” Spragge

  • b- Oct 9, 1878, Guelph, Wellington, ON
  • d- Aug 15, 1962, in Vancouver BC
  • In BC for 61 years when she died.
  • 20 years in Vancouver
  • Shown as a School Teacher
  • father- David Kribbs Spragge
  • mother- Agnes Elmslie
  • both born in ON

I know Phebe had a brother Leonard, which fits the brother note above.
Phebe and Leonard were both Honour students in Victoria, ca 1894

Miss James, Junior Teacher
Miss O. L. James shown in 1924 Directory
possibly Olive L. James?

In 1925 there were 2 James sisters, both teachers here, and their home was in Vancouver BC.

Post Office History

Name of Office: Usk

  • Federal Electoral District: Skeena (BC)
  • Office Opened- Apr 1, 1916 in the store
  • Office closed- May 15, 1967
  • Office permanently closed on 1967-05-15, due to the resignation of the Postmaster and the lack of a suitable person being available to assume charge of the office. (Group 2)

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
James Lee Bethurem (see below) 1916-04-01 1947-03-28 Death
Vincent Herbert Dodd (see below) OAS 1947-04-02 Acting
OAS 1947-09-22 1948-04-29 Resignation
Charles Reid Donaldson (see below) OAS 1948-06-25 Acting
1949-01-20 1951-04-10 Resignation
William Hugh “Bill” McRae OAS 1951-04-10 Acting
Mrs Bernadette Claire Dietrich 1951-07-01 Acting
1952-01-12 1952-07-16 Resignation
Arnt Mathias Arntzen OAS 1952-07-27 Acting
Mrs Winona Logan Campbell 1954-11-02 Acting
1955-02-03 1964-02-18 Resignation
Mrs Pauline Wilmot 1964-05-01 1967-04-07 Resignation

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James “Lee” Bethurem

  • b- Oct 12, 1888 (Aug 1887?) at Missouri USA
  • d- Mar 28, 1947 at Usk, age 59
  • buried at Kitsumgallum Cemetery, Terrace
  • 1st Sawmill Owner and Operator in USK
  • Lee was one of the first to move to Usk from Kitselas, and he started the store, Post Office, Mining recording, etc.
  • He was Helene McRae's Dad's sawmill partner from 1940's until he died 1947
  • Lee was the son of James Land “John” Bethurem
    • b- Missouri
  • and Mary Jane Mayfield
    • b- Mar 1855 Laclede Missouri
    • d- 1904
  • married Alice Maud O'Brien, nee Alger, Feb 27, 1929 at Usk
    • Lee was her 4th husband
    • see Alger family above, and link below

Per Enoch Jones, Lee came to the Skeena from Montana, with a friend. The friend was a Locomotive Engineer, and Lee was his fireman.
Reading about the plans to build the GTP, they quit their jobs in Montana, and went up north to Kitselas.
They planned on taking up land, work at clearing it, until the railroad was built.
Until Lee settled in Kitselas, he worked with the Jack Thorne Telegraph Line Maintenance Gang.

Jack Thorne was Superintendent of Construction on the Yukon Telegraphs in 1913
Charles G. Thorne named Houston BC, relative? can't find much on Jack
Then I found a small article that Jack Wrathal, J. A. Thorne, Bob McDonald and Frank Cullin joined the 238th Foresters Batt at Halifax, Sept 5, 1916

John Albert “Jack” Thorne

  • b- Nov 4, 1870, Lacrosse, WI
  • d-
  • when he enlisted in WWI he was living in Telegraph Creek, BC,
  • shown as a Bush Foreman, single, Reg #1038101
  • next of kin was a friend in Prince Rupert
  • Jan 1913 he was in Queen Charlotte Islands
  • preparing plans for a telegraph system there.

Vincent Herbert Dodd

  • b- Oct 11, 1913, Milden SK
  • d- Sept 21, 1979 in Prince Rupert Regional Hospital, Prince Rupert, age 65
  • son of Herbert Alfred Dodd, b- Highte England
  • and Winifred Anna Burn, b- Ireland
  • Insurance Salesman
  • married Olga Pobureny
  • shown as a WWI veteran in PO records,
  • but can't seem to find his records

Charles Reid Donaldson

  • b- Dec 21, 1892, Crieff, Scotland
  • d- Dec 15, 1982, Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria BC, age 89
  • Store Keeper
  • shown in 1921 in Hazelton, age 28, immigrated in 1912
  • He was b- Dec 21, 1893 in Forfar Scotland in enlistment form
  • enlisted in Vernon Aug 2, 1916, Reg # 524921
  • He was a Grocery Clerk in Victoria BC
  • next of kin, brother John Reid Donaldson
  • Another brother, David Reid Donaldson
    • b- May 23, 1889 in Forfar, Forfarshire, Scotland
    • Produce Clerk in Victoria when he enlisted in WWI

Doing research on a Rowe family that owned land behind Kitselas, I found the family below, so added them here

Leroy Leland “Roy” Rowe

  • b- June 1, 1890, Bainant, Ottertail Co, Minnesota, USA
  • d- Oct 27, 1953 at 549 9th Ave. West, Prince Rupert, (son's home) age 63
  • buried in Kitwanga BC
  • French nationality.
  • Railroad Machinist, retired in 1928, after 14 years in the trade
  • Before he died he was in BC for 21 years, and Canada for 48 years.
  • 1916 family in Battle River AB
  • Permanent residence= Usk BC
  • Leroy's Father- Lorne Rowe, b- Wisconsin, USA
  • Mother- Elnora Rathburn, b- USA
  • married to Faye Irene “Fay” Rowe, nee Rowe?
    • b- July 20, 1897, Raynor, Minnesota, USA
    • d- July 2, 1967 at Mills Memorial Hospital, Terrace BC, age 69
  • Father- Walter Rowe, b- USA
  • Mother- May Trout, b- USA
  • buried in Kitwanga BC
  • Leroy's sons-
    • Vernon LeRoy Rowe
      • b- ca 1915, Alberta

Marvin Eugene Rowe

  • b- Mar 12, 1916 Whatcheer, AB
  • d- May 18, 1990 Mills Memorial Hospital, Terrace BC

see Usk Ferry page

Henderson Family

See the Terrace Area War Memorial page for James Marvin “Jimmy” Henderson and his family

Louis Samuel Edgar

  • b- Jan 25, 1874, in Port Simpson, BC
  • d- Apr 3, 1968, Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver BC, age 94
  • widowed, retired Shipwright, when he died.
  • German Ancestry
  • Shown as a Carpenter at a Saw Mill in 1921 in Prince Rupert
  • Sawmill Operator when his daughter Mabel married
  • son of George Edgar, b- Nanaimo BC and Mary Ann Alexcee, b- Port Simpson BC
  • his father shown born in USA in 1921, mother in BC
  • wife- Elizabeth Bertha “Bessie” Edgar, nee Blackwell
    • b- Jan 1, 1876 in Victoria, BC
    • d- Sept 22, 1954, in Prince Rupert BC
    • daughter of George Edgar, and Sarah LNU
    • father born in Glasgow Scotland, mother in Kitkatla BC
  • 2 daughters and 4 sons:
    • Mabel Sarah Edgar
      • b- May 8, 1895, at home, Mission House, Hartley Bay, BC,
      • d-
      • Nurse in Dentist Office in 1921 in Rupert
      • she married twice, Dan Lidstone, Sept 24, 1921 in Rupert, and Reginald Barons Skinner Jan 30, 1932 in Rupert
    • Ruben Edgar
      • b- ca 1898, in BC
      • d-
      • Watchman for CNR in 1921 in Rupert
    • Richard Louis Edgar
      • b- ca 1899, age 22 in BC
      • d- Aug 16, 1935, in Prince Rupert, age 36
    • Ella Edgar
      • b- ca 1901, in BC
      • d-
      • Helper at the Hospital
    • William Edgar
      • b- ca 1903, in BC
      • d-
      • Gas Engineer, Fishing Boat, in 1921
    • Charles Lawrence Edgar
      • b- ca 1904, in Vancouver BC
      • d- Oct 27, 1928, Alert Bay, BC, age 24
      • He married Catherine E. Faulkner, Nov 16, 1927 in Rupert

Robert Henry Bourke

  • alt- Robert Henry Bourk
  • b- 1880, Oso, ON (6 mo old in 1881 census)
  • d- 1960 at Meadow Lake SK.
  • married Mary Sayers, July 1900
    • b-
    • d- 1951
  • both buried in Springwater SK.

NW BC Logger's Memorial, located at Usk BC

Usk Pioneer Chapel

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