Hanall Point

Hanall Point, British Columbia, Canada

Hanall Point BC

  • aka: Hanall BC
  • aka: Hanall Spur BC
  • aka: Hannal BC
  • aka: Hanal BC
  • aka: Royal Mills BC

110.5 miles from Rupert

Railway flag stop, 3 1/2 miles from Usk

It shows up on the map on my Kitsumkalum Lake site with one L

Name was formed by owner Ole Hanson and partner Bob Allen
Their Bios and info below

Post Office History

Name of Office: Hanall
Federal Electoral District: Skeena (BC)
Office opened- Jan 1, 1921
Former name- Royal Mills, changed Nov 1, 1922

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Robert Emmett “Bob” Allen
(see Bio and Genealogy below)
1921-01-01 1926-11-15 Closed

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There was a school here in 1921.

One Teacher I know of so far:

Irene Julia Madeline Kelleher
b- Dec 16, 1901 at Matsqui BC
(Jan 16, 1902 in another source)
d- Aug 11, 2004 in BC
buried in Hatzic Cemetery, Mission BC

First Native Woman in BC to get a Teaching Certificate
1920 she was attending Normal School and visiting her parents at Sumas Mt.
She became Principal of North Poplar Elementary School in Abbotsford BC, during World War II.
She retired after 44 years of teaching.
she left generous Bursaries and Scholarships
Julia Mathilda and Cornelius Kelleher Endowment Memorial Scholarship for one.
Irene lived at 2742 Maple Ave., in Abbotsford, with her parents.

daughter of Cornelius (Corneillius?) Kelleher
(Kellegher in his marriage cert)
b- Apr 22, 1872, Lynden WA, USA (age 29 in 1901)
d- Nov 12, 1969, MSA Hospital, Matsqui BC, age 97
buried in Hatzic Cemetery, Mission BC
farmer in 1901, retired from farming in 1964
Cornelius, son of Mortimer Kelleher,
b- Ireland
d- 1879
and Madeline Job,(Jobe?)
b- WA., USA, a Nooksash Salish woman.
d- ?

and Julia Mathilda Wells
b- Oct 14, 1876, Hatzic BC (age 25 in 1901)
d- Jan 14, 1967, at 2742 Maple Ave, Abbotsford., age 90
buried in Hatzic Cemetery, Mission BC
Cornelius and Julia married Jan 11, 1898 in New Westminster district, BC
Cornelius and Julia had 3 children, 2 were still alive in 1901
Julia was daughter of Joshua Willard “John” Wells,
b- Mar 10, 1828, Michigan, USA (one source says Genesee Co, NY)
d- Nov 23, 1898 in Hatzic, BC
buried in Hatzic Cemetery, Mission BC
and Julia Douglas,
b- 1853 in Port Douglas, BC

Irene's brother- Albert Cornelius Kelleher
b- June 11, 1900 in Matsqui BC
d- Dec 22, 1987 at Matsqui, BC, age 87
buried in Hatzic Cemetery, Mission BC

Royal Lumber Company

Robert Emmett “Bob” Allen- Manager
b- July 14, 1877, Camp McDermott, Humboldt Co., Nevada, USA
d- May 31, 1965, Kootenay Lake General Hospital, Nelson BC, age 87
buried in Nelson Memorial Park, Nelson BC
immigrated to BC in 1892 from USA, 74 years before he died
Livery man, Freighter, in 1897 in Nelson, age 22 when he married.
Became District Forster in BC, (see bio below)
Lived in Nelson, when he died, a widow.
son of John Patrick Allen
b- USA,
and Mary Haney
b- Montreal Quebec
married Agnes McKay, June 16, 1897 in Nelson BC
b- Sept 6, 1872, Glasgow, Scotland, age 23 when she married
d- Oct 12, 1960 in Nelson BC
she is shown immigrating in 1876 in 1901 census, and 1875 in 1921.
daughter of Kenneth McKay and Rebecca Downey
5 daughters, and 1 son, I know of:

daughter- Pearl “Francis” Allen
b- Mar 27, 1898 in Slocan City, BC

daughter- Mamie “Margaret” Allen
b- Oct 5, 1899 in Slocan City BC
d- Mar 3, 1939 in Vancouver BC, age 37
married a Mr. Edwards

daughter- Kathleen Agnes Allen
b- June 6, 1903, Slocan City, BC
married John Whitby Smith, Nov 27, 1923 in Hanall BC
b- Whitby England
son of John Fredrick Smith, b- England, and Mary ?
He was from Hanall, but previously from Port Clements

daughter- Alice Irene Allen
b- ca 1906, in BC, age 15 in 1921

Jack McKay Allen
b- ca 1908, in BC, age 13 in 1921

Edna May Florence Allen
b- ca 1911, in BC, age 10 in 1921

from May 30, 1945 BC Forestry paper
In this issue we take the opportunity to pay tribute to R. E. Allen, District Forester at Nelson, who retired on March 31st this year.
His successor is an old friend, R. C. St. Clair.

Robert Emmett Allen was born in Nevada, 67 or 68 years ago' he is not sure which.
Part of his formal education was received at a Roman Catholic Mission near Colville, Washington, an old Hudson's Bay post.

Later, he crossed the Line into Canada, and in doing so changed his nationality, religion, politics and horse. When as a youth and temporarily broke,
he got a job washing dishes in a hotel at New Denver, in the Slocan country, but his father kicked him out and told him he would drown him, if he couldn't get a better job than that.
He has been washing dishes for Mrs. Allen ever since.

With his father he packed and handled a mail line in the Slocan Valley. He worked as a public works road foreman and had Sid Leary,
afterwards Minister of Public Works, and Charlie Haddon in his gang.

Bob Allen's first appointment With the Forest Service was on May 1st, 1911 as Patrolman. In 1912 he worked as Divisional fire guard at Revelstoke, along with Charlie Haddon.

In March, 1915 he received his permanent appointment as District Forester at Hazelton.
In December 1919 he resigned to go into the lumber business with Olaf Hansen,
Since Federal M.P. for Skeena.
He couldn't forget his old love though, and rejoined the Forest Service in September 1926, as District Forester at Prince Rupert.

On April 1st, 1950 Bob was transferred to the same position at Kamloops, and on January 1st, 1952, to Nelson.
He has seen communications grow from pack trains to aeroplanes from telephones to radios, from trails to highways, and his salary from $4.00 a day to not enough.
He started his career in this district (the Slocan) and finished here, and he rightly thinks that it is one of the most beautiful parts of the Province, if not of the continent.

Olof Hanson
b- June 3, 1882 in Tännäs, Sweden
d- June 4, 1952, age 70
Member of Parliament for Skeena
In Office from July 1930 - April 1945
In 1907 he walked from Edmonton to Prince Rupert
He made his living in lumber.
He was a Liberal Party Member
He was a big timber operator at Smithers
seen Olaf Hansen and Olof Hansen, as his name as well
Hanson Lumber and Timber Co.
see link below for his picture

1927 - Dybhavn & Hanson was a business in Prince Rupert
owners- John Dybhavn was Norwegian Vice-Consul, and Olof Hanson, Swedish Consul

They were Notary Publics, Insurance and Steamship Agency, General Brokerage, Real Estate, and Properties Managed, Their Office at 315 3rd Ave in Rupert.
Their Accountant was Arthur Brooksbank
b- Nov 10, 1879 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England
d- Aug 28, 1953 1350 dallas Rd, Victoria, age 73
son of William Brooksbank and Emily Watson
married Lottie Ingham in Victoria
He very well could have been the Accountant at the mill here as well.

Arthur Marineau- Bookkeeper

Ralph Hemming Matthews
b- May 17, 1896 Worchestershire, England
d- Sept 2, 1961, 30 miles E of Pr. Rupert,
Fish Cannery and Cold Storage, on the Skeena River, age 65
buried in Kalum Cemetery, Terrace
Occupation- Stationary Engineer
son of Robert Matthews
b- Markley, England
and Emily Hemming
b- Birmingham, England
married Lillian Emily Maud Dye,
married Aug 11, 1921 at Chilco, Cariboo Dist., BC
b- ca 1902 England
daughter of John Dye, and Sophia Reap, both b- England

William Brackenbury- Section Forman
b- Sept 19, 1885 in England
d- June 25, 1977 at Skeenaview Lodge, Terrace BC, age 91
Buried in Kitwanga
son of Alfred Brackenbury b- England
widower when he died.

R. Bennett- Section Hand

Roy Fred Frederickson- Pole Contractor
married Theresa Dorothy Stewart,
a widow with 2 children, Dorothy and Jim
Roy Fredrickson went to Usk, as the ferryman
He was killed in a road accident

Robert Erickson- Labourer

Frank Mitzenberg- Labourer
found a Frank Mitzenberg,
b- 1881 in Maple Creek SK in 1916,
son of Jacob H. and Lois Mitzenberg
was this him?

John Samuel Morley Nutt
b- June 22, 1897, Bedfordshire, England
- Labourer in Hanall
when he married he was a City Policeman in Prince Rupert, age 30
son of John Nutt and Elizabeth Chapman (or Chafman)
Enlisted in WWI, Aug 1915 in Halifax NS, Occupation Boxmaker.
Rank SPR, Reg # 477677
married Rose Brown Nov 2, 1925 at Fraser St. Prince Rupert
b- St. Paul, Minn., USA, age 22
son of William Brown and Ellen Olsen

Robert E. Allen family as shown above

Charles Archer
b- ca 1890, age 31 in 1921, in England
married to Gertrude May Archer
b- age 28, in 1921, in England

Takage Arikako
b- age 38 in 1921, in Japan
married to Hidako Arikako
b- age 28, in 1921, in Japan
both were cooks at the sawmill

William Herbert Joseph Hagen
b- Apr 2, 1873, in Wert, Holland
d- Mar 13, 1957, Terrace and District Hospital, Terrace BC
Immigrated in 1918, retired in 1936
Engineer at the sawmill
married to Wilhelmina Barbara Hagen, nee Lamberts
b- age 32 in 1921, in Holland
son- John Hagen
b- age 12 in 1921, in USA

Frank Burton Earl
b- age 27 in 1921 in USA
Immigrated in 1909 from USA
Scaler at the Sawmill
married to Pearl Earl
b- age 26 in 1921 in USA
daughter- Margaret Lucile Earl
b- ca 1916, age 5 in 1921 in SK
daughter- Dora Una? Earl
b- ca 1919, age 2 in 1921 in AB
daughter- Alenneva? Lacy?(Lucy?) Earl
b- ca 1920, age 1 in 1921 in AB

William Michael Kelly Sr.
b- age 34 in 1921, in USA
Immigrated in 1918
Planer at the Sawmill
married Alice Maud Kelly
b- age 23 in 1921, in BC
daughter- Matilda Kelly
b- ca 1919, age 2 in 1921, in BC
son- William Michael Jr. Kelly
b- ca 1920, 11 months old in 1921, in BC

Arthur Anderson
b- ca 1890, age 31, in 1921 in Norway
Immigrated in 1912
Woodsman at the Sawmill
Margaret Anderson
b- age 25 in 1921, in Scotland
daughter- Margaret Anderson
b- ca 1917, age 4 in 1921, in MB
Immigrated in 1911
daughter- Emily Anderson
b- ca 1920, age 1 in 1921, in BC

Kekrji? Makino
b- age 42 in 1921, in Japan
Bull Cook at the sawmill
Immigrated in 1907

George Jones
b- age 42? in 1921 in Australia
Watchman at the Sawmill
Immigrated in 1920

Albert Sandstrom
b- ca 1901, age 20? in 1921, in Sweden
Logger at the mill
Immigrated in 1910

Ernest Joel Naslin
b- ca 1901, age 20? in 1921 in USA
Immigrated in 1902

John Nordin
b- age 24 in 1921, in Sweden
Setter at the Sawmill
Immigrated in 1907

Frank George Brown
b- age 52 in 1921, in USA
Millhand at the Sawmill
Immigrated in 1915

George Atkinson
b- age 40? in 1921 in England
Immigrated in 1920

Alex McKinnon
b- age 38 in 1921 in Scotland
Immigrated in 1919

Ralph Myrick
b- age 19, in 1921 in USA
Immigrated in 1909

Alfred Caulson
b- age 42 in 1921 in ON

John Albert Lilja
b- age 37 in 1921 in Sweden
Immigrated in 1911

Walter McLaughlin
b- age 41 in 1921 in NB

Stephen Maguire
b- age 65 in 1921 in ON

James Austin
b- age 51 in 1921 in USA
Immigrated in 1921

Singh Mon
b- age 35 in 1921 in India
Immigrated in 1907

Singh Sanbokh
b- age 35 in 1921 in India
Immigrated in 1906

Ram Dhani
b- age 32 in 1921 in India
Immigrated in 1913

Peter Adam Donald
b- age 48? in 1921 in Scotland
Tallyman at the Sawmill
Immigrated in 1904

Joseph Colburn
b- age 62 in 1921 in NS

James Henry Kilbrath (Kilbreth?)
b- age 27 in 1921 in ON

Vit? Dalpra
b- age 33 in 1921 in Italy
Sawyer at the sawmill
Immigrated in 1911

Albert Baxindale (Barindale?)
b- age 52 in 1921 in England
Immigrated in 1913

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Olof Hanson Bio and Picture http://www.parl.gc.ca/parlinfo/Files/Parliamentarian.aspx?Item=ae12b84c-7041-40f5-945b-30deb6fe5981&Language=E&Section=ALL


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