Stewart- Bear Glacier

Stewart, British Columbia, Canada

Bear Glacier

Located at:
Latitude- 56°05'00“ N
Longitude- 129°42'00” W

Between Stewart and Meziadin on Highway 37A
aka “the Glacier Highway” In the Cassiar Land District

Head of the Bear River, Strohn Lake, and Strohn Creek
Strohn Creek is a tributary of the Nass River.

Above Strohn Lake is Mount Strohn
On other side, above the Meziadin/Stewart High Road is Yvonne Peak

Strohn name, I believe comes from Frank Strohn (see bio below)

40 km or roughly 25 miles from Meziadin Junction.

Stewart is 65 km or 40.4 miles from Meziadin Junction

As you can see in this old photograph, the Bear Glacier stretched right across to the road area.
Global warming has caused it to recede half way back up the mountain.
It is still impressive, but no where near what it was just 30-40 years ago.

Bear Glacier is at the head of the Bear River which flows through Bear Pass,
and on to Stewart, and into the top end of Portland Canal.

Originally the Road from Meziadin to Stewart, which today is Highway 37A, went high above the Bear Glacier Location as shown in pictures below.
It was known locally as the “High Road”
It was a gravel road for many years, With snow slides etc, highways moved the road to near the Glacier, and Strohn Lake, and lowered it considerably.
From up on the high road the glacier was very impressive, and one of the few places a road was higher than a glacier.

The Old Original “High Road”

Columbia Icefield above the Glacier

All Photos above courtesy Brian Wolfe, Ladysmith BC

Frank R. Strohn
b- Sept 21, 1866, in Michigan USA
d- May 10, 1952, Shasta, CA
buried in Ogburn Inwood Cemetery, Shingletown, Shasta, CA
in 1880 in Cheboygan, Michigan with his family
Immigrated in 1909
He was an Electrical Engineer, living in Stewart in 1911
1911- William George and Frank Stohn staked the Copper King and Copper Queen Claims.
1920 the family were living Crescent, Del Norte, CA, USA
Frank shown as an Electrician at a Power Plant
son of Herman B. Strohn and Susan Howard, both born in Canada
Father was a Carpenter
Frank's wife- Bertha P. Strohn, nee ?
b- Apr 1865 in ON
daughter- Nellie Strohn
b- Jan 1904 in USA (not in 1920 census with family)
daughter- Lelia M. Strohn
b- ca 1905, age 15 in 1920 in CA, USA

Frank's siblings in 1880, in Cheboygan, Michigan:
Fred P. Strohn, age 11
Nellie N. Strohn, age 9
Harry D. Strohn, age 6

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