Mines in Stewart Area

Stewart, BC, Canada

Lots of Mines have come and gone in the Stewart Area.

Bear River Map ca 1913
shows Stewart to Meziadin Lake
Mountains, Creeks, and Rivers shown

900 ft wooden ladder, up a very steep mountain to a silver/gold precious metal Mine Adit near the start of Bear Pass.
Photo courtesy Brian Wolfe, Ladysmith BC

Brian tells me miners from Quebec, would climb this ladder every morning, and descend at the end of the day.
Now that is some work commute. Per Brian they had a wooden helicopter pad cantilevered to the mountain, at the base of this ladder.
last activity here was a helicopter crash, leaving the site, with men, tools and ore, the helicopter crashed and burned.
I believe it was overloaded.
Still trying to find info on this mine.

Big Missouri Mine

Premier Mine


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