Stewart-Hyder Hotels

Stewart, British Columbia, Canada

Empress Hotel, 4th and Brightwell
May 1911, J. Frederick Lins, Owner and Manager

3rd hotel in town was the Empress Hotel
It has been used for various things over the years
Last I seen a lumberyard, Bayview Supply
1910 Citizens hosted Sir Donald Mann in a banquet here

Empress Hotel from Telephone Office
Photo courtesy Brian Wolfe, Ladysmith BC

Hotel King Edward, 5th and Columbia
May 1911- J. A. Rogers, Proprietor

Partner in Hotel in 1910- James Y. Naismith
This is probably James D. Naismith, but not positive.
Hotel Keeper in 1901 in Rossland area.
1911 he was a partner in a Hotel in Vancouver BC
b- July 1858 in ON

Partner in Hotel, (per 1911 census), Albert Lund

1920- Proprietor- Roy G. Moseley

1921 census shows Roy Moseley partner in Hotel
with William H. Tolin
W. H. Tolin shown Proprietor in 1925-1929

1930 owner shown as John McLeod
His son Ian McLeod took over when his father died in 1952

Shell Stn, “New” King Edward Hotel, CIBC Bank, ca 1970's,
Photo by Brian Wolfe

The original King Edward Hotel burnt down, Feb 1971, but rebuilt on same site by Ian McLeod.

Northern Hotel- 5th and Victoria
May 1911- M. R. Jamieson, Proprietor It burnt down May 14, 1914 (see story above)

Hotel Stewart (alt- Stewart Hotel)
1922- William Dann, Owner (also shown in 1925)
wife- Nettie M. Dann
1930- J. McAleenan, Prop.
Building burnt down, Dec 6, 1932

Baldwin Hotel
built by Cliff Baldwin, see my Clifton Arthur Baldwin Page for his story and history

1921- William Dann owner

Hotel Keith
operated by William Ronald “Billy” Reid
His 2nd in Stewart, and he had one in Hyder as well

Miner's Rest, 5th st.
1925- Mrs. Elizabeth Lamb, Owner

Hotel Tourist, 5th corner Columbia St
1925- Jack Yohns, Owner

Northern Rooms, 5th corner Brightwell.
1925- George W. Russel, owner
wife- Ethel Russel

The Newell Rooms, 5th st
1925- Cora Tallefson, Owner (alt sp- Dora Tolliffsen)

Bayview Hotel
1935- John Mason Hutchings, owner

Marmot Hotel Ltd.
1946- Thomas Newell, Manager
1948- Gordon Rothnie, Manager
William Reid Tooth owned the building at one point
He sold out to August “Augie” John Geeraert,
see Terrace Hotel history for Augie.

Alpine Motel
when I worked with BC Tel in the 70's, we stayed at the Alpine Motel.
Main reason, they had kitchen units, and a fridge for beer!
Plus Ma and Pa Barker managed the Motel.
They were the mother and father of Larry Barker, who worked for BC Tel at that time.

1919- Peter LaFrance operated a Road House at American Creek

Hotel Names ?
1921- Ronald J. McDonell, Hotel Keeper
in 1925 he was living in the King Edward Hotel

1921- Thomas Taylor- Hotelman

1919-1924 William Ronald “Billy” Reid operated a hotel in Stewart

Bellview Hotel
Mrs. Helen Bell Manager

Portland Rooms
Michl Koyris, Owner

Ocean View Hotel Ltd.
C. M. Ridley, Owner
1930- E. E. Chesterton, Prop.

Crescent Rooms
J. H. Hicks, Owner

Hotel Frazer
Alex A. Frazer, Owner

The Alaskan
1925- William Ronald Reid,
operated furnished rooms in Hyder

Sealaska Inn

Province Hotel
Destroyed in a fire June 28, 1928
All guests escaped but lost their personal belongings
This was a huge fire that destroyed 9 businesses in Hyder, for a loss of $100,000.00
The Hotel, Post Office, and the US Marshall's Office were among the 9 lost
The fire brigade from Hyder and Stewart saved the Bank of Hyder and the Rosenstein Stores
I know the First Chance Last chance saloon was an old bank, my guess this was the Hyder Bank back then.


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