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Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

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Postcards below courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Business Section of Prince Rupert Looking west, 1910

Photo taken before the Savoy Hotel was built, on left front.
Before the Helgerson block was built, before the Prince Rupert Hotel was built.
5th St located where the board walk is in foreground, then 3rd ave boardwalk is visible

  • “Geo. D. Tite” sign, “Furnisher”, George D. Tite, Hotel, Club, and House Furnisher, Located on 3rd ave, between 5th St and 6th St.
  • “Furniture-Hardware” Sign
  • “Kaien Hardware Co” Sign, Joseph G. Scott and his son Joseph W. Scott, Props.
  • 3rd ave.
  • Alder Block (see below for a later view)
  • Alberta Meat Market (see below)
  • “Nachbar Bros.” Sign
  • “Sheet Metal Works” Sign
  • Business In the Lane between Fraser st and 3rd Ave, Alexander Nachbar
  • Royal Hotel- SW Corner 3rd ave and 6th st
  • Exchange Block- corner of 3rd ave and 6th st.

Prince Rupert Downtown view,
between 5th st and 7th st, from Fraser st to the water. McRae Photo 34

  • Savoy Hotel- located on Fraser St.
  • Prince Rupert Hotel, Located on 6th st, 2nd ave corner
  • “Alberta Meat Market” located at 312 5th st., Peter Gamula prop. in 1921 he lived at 623 Fulton St.

“C. B. Wark” “Jeweler”
“High Grade Watches and Jewelry” (spelled as it is on the sign)
Office at 611 3rd ave, bet 5th and 6th st.
1910 Directory says C. B. Wark
1913 Directory says W. Wark & Son
William Wark, and William H. Wark

Barber Shop on 5th st.

“Real Estate”
Rear of a business facing 3rd ave.

“O. M. Helgerson Block”
SW corner of 6th st and 3rd ave.
Ole M. Helgerson, of O. M. Helgerson & Co. -Real Estate
Henry G. Helgerson his brother, worked there as well.

“1909” “Alder Block”
Located at 634-636 3rd ave.
William J. Alder
Real Estate, Investments, City Property, and Interior

“Geo. D. Tite”
George D. Tite
Hotel, Club, and House Furnisher
Located on 3rd ave, between 5th St and 6th St.

“Hotel Central”
aka: Central Hotel

“Queen's Hotel ”
112 6th st, next to the Prince Rupert Hotel
later became the St. James Hotel

Prince Rupert Hotel
SW Corner 6th st and 3rd Ave.

Stork Block
708-712 2nd Ave.

Empress Theatre, on 3rd ave and 6th st corner

SS Prince Rupert near Ocean Falls

William Wark
b- May 1852 in Norfolk Co., ON
d- Dec 22, 1922 in Simcoe, Norfolk, ON, age 70
son of Henry Wark, and Mary Jane Mccloy

wife- Sarah Elizabeth Wark, nee Patient
b- July 1854 in ON

son- William Henry Wark
b- Dec 18, 1875 in Middleton, Norfolk, ON
d- bef 1957
married Mary Catherine Carter June 20, 1906 in Sarnia, Lambton, ON
b- Oct 19, 1881 in USA
she died Aug 27, 1957 in Essondale BC, age 75 a widow

daughter- Mary Magdalen “Minnie” Wark
b- Oct 29, 1877 in Middleton, Norfolk, ON

son- Charles Bessnor Wark
b- July 26, 1879 in Middleton township, Norfolk, ON
this would be where the C.B. Wark name on the sign came from.
married Nellie Proctor Oct 23, 1903 in Dereham, Oxford, ON

George Duncan Tite
b- 1872, Orillia, ON
d- July 30, 1942 in Prince Rupert BC, age 70
buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert
shown as an Upholsterer when he was married
son of George H. Tite and Catharine S. ?
married Nellie Peris “Ellen” Anderson June 21, 1899 in Victoria BC
b- Kincardine ON, age 24 in 1899
daughter of David and Eileen Anderson

daughter- Lorna Jean Tite
she married Frederick Samuel Glendenning, July 5, 1930 in Prince Rupert

daughter- Eleanor Pearis Tite
b- Oct 20, 1914 in Prince Rupert BC
d- Nov 19, 1865 in Prince Rupert
she married Conrad Paul Simundson

William James Alder
b- July 15, 1866, Grove Wantage, Berkshire, England
d- May 12, 1959, Victoria BC, age 92
buried in Royal Oak, Burial Park, Victoria BC
immigrated 1887, per 1921 census,
1900 shown as a Banker in Hamilton, Tennessee, USA
1921 living in Oak Bay BC, shown as a Broker
City Commissioner in Prince Rupert until 1940, for 7 years.
son of John Alder and Mary Aldridge, both born in England

wife- Grace May Alder, nee Swayer
b- Aug 1870, Connecticut, USA
Immigrated in 1910

daughter- Fedora H. “Dorah” Alder
b- July 1892, in Tennessee, USA, age 7 in 1900

son- William John Alder
b- Apr 1897, in Tennessee, USA, age 3 in 1900
Baptized at Oak Bay BC

son- George Donald Alder
b- July 1901, USA
baptized at Oak Bay BC

son- Harold E. Alder
b- Feb 8, 1911 in Prince Rupert, BC
d- Oct 31, 1988 in Victoria BC
Became a Lawyer and a Judge.

Ole Morten Helgerson
Ole Morton Helgerson on headstone
b- Nov 22, 1881 in Iowa, USA
d- June 11, 1941 in Los Angeles, CA
Immigrated in 1906, naturalized in 1910
Broker living on 6th st in 1911, shown born in 1881
1900 he was in Inwood Town, Lyon, Iowa, USA, shown born 1882
WWI draft registration shows he was born Nov 26, 1881
Real estate man, self employed, in Miami, Ottawa, Oklahoma
1930 living in Phoenix AZ, single
(Ext Link I found for this fellow's story below)

brother- Henry Gulack Helgerson
b- Nov 9, 1889 in Inwood, Lyon, Iowa, USA
immigrated in 1909
Broker living on 6th st. in 1911
At age 28 he is a Clerk in Martinez CA for Shell Oil Co.
married, boy age 3 1/2, and daughter age 2
(This is the H. G. Helgerson in EXT link below)

brother- Ansten T. Helgerson
b- Feb 1880 in Iowa

sister- Julia H. Helgerson
b- Sept 1885 in Iowa

children of Tolle Helgerson, b- Iowa, farmer in 1900 in Iowa
and Gunel Helgerson, b- Wisconsin

Alexander E. Nachbar
b- Mar 1879, in USA
came to Canada in 1909
age 44 in 1924, German ancestry

wife- Marie Nachbar
b- Aug 1889 in ON- age 33 in 1924
Came to Canada in 1909

living on 3rd ave. in Rupert with his wife in 1911

son- Robert Nachbar
b- ?- age 6 in 1924

son- Mathias Nachbar
b- ?- age 13 in 1924

1924 family heading to Crookston MN from Ft. Fraser BC
Alex shown as a sheet metal worker

Joseph G. Scott
b- Nov 9, 1856, in Co. Tyrone, Ireland
d- Oct 27, 1928 in Prince Rupert BC, age 71
Buried in Weston ON
Immigrated in 1863, 65 years before he died
came to BC in 1908

married Catherine Barrett
b- Toronto, ON

son of Joseph G. and Catherine- Joseph Wolseley Scott
b- Dec 5, 1882 in ON
d- Mar 17, 1930 in Prince Rupert BC, age 47
married to Ina “Iris?” Margaret Glover, June 7, 1910 in Prince Rupert
b- Oct 1883 in London, England
daughter of Clarence Sidney Glover, died before 1910
Joseph and Iris son- Name ?
b- Mar 1910 in BC
son- Douglas Barrett Scott
b- Dec 7, 1912 in Prince Rupert BC
d- May 17, 1965 in Vancouver BC

son of Joseph G. and Catherine- Hugh Barrett Scott
b- ca 1896 Toronto ON (age 33 in 1929)
married Vida Joyce Gorby, Dec 28, 1929 in Vancouver BC
b- Winnipeg MB, age 26 in 1929


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