PR- Area Cemeteries

Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada


Map showing 3 Cemetery Locations in or near Prince Rupert

There are supposedly 8 First Nation “Shell Middens” in this area.

Again I do NOT research First Nation History.
I leave that up to them, and the experts in that field.

One of these 8 “Middens”, Garden Island, in the Prince Rupert Harbour, also became the First Cemetery for the European's, in the early part of the 1900's.
1908-1912 era burials are there.

Latitude: 54°19'00“
Longitude: 130°23'00

Airport Ferry goes just to the south of this Island

Another Native Cemetery on Digby Island, across from Metlakatla, was located on what was described as:
“a romantic spot, on a point of land, which juts out from Digby Island”, in the obituary of Mr. Robert Cunningham,
the Pioneer of the Skeena, and founder of Port Essington, where in Apr 13, 1905, his body was taken in a flotilla of boats, to be buried there.
So now we know some White men were buried there as well.

Later on the Fairview Cemetery was established, May 1, 1912, and became the Cemetery still used today (2017)
Located at the base of Mount Hays.

Thomas Job Thornhill, the founder of Thornhill BC, across the Skeena River from Terrace, is buried on Garden Island.

Numerous Archaeology digs have taken place on Garden Island. Many tools, and of course burial sites have been discovered, and studied.
One thing I did notice in their reports, many decapitated bodies were found, as “trophy heads” were taken, in Native inter-tribal wars back then,
plus a lot of crushed skulls, from obviously actions of a major fight. Clubs, and war tools were also found at these sites.
Don't matter where, or who you are, we just can't seem to get along! Some things never seem to change!

Note- I do NOT have any Cemetery Records.
Prince Rupert Genealogy Society is doing research on Garden Island and others. See links below.

note- NOT my Sites.
Links may or may not work in the future,
as I do NOT control these sites.

For Garden Island Cemetery

for Fairview Cemetery

Or this Rupert City one, for Fairview

Midden Tools, books etc




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