Anyox- Post Office

Anyox, BC, Canada

Post Office History

Name of Office: Anyox
Federal Electoral District: Skeena (BC)
Office Opened- Jan 1, 1912
Office closed Aug 31, 1939

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Edwy Hicks T. Hyde 1912-01-01 1913-05-13 Resignation
Richard Thomas Snow Cook 1913-09-01 1915-05-07 Resignation
Miles Oswald MacInnes 1915-07-22 1918-12-20 Resignation
William Frederick Eve 1919-03-06 1939-08-31 Closed, limited usefulness

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Postmasters Bios and Genealogy

First Postmaster
Edwy Hicks T. Hyde

b- Mar 26, 1875, in London, England, in 1901
(shown abt 1869 in 1921 census)
(ca 1872 per age at death)
d- Feb 10, 1925 at Anyox BC, age 53
Mar 1916, Appointed Stipendiary Magistrate in Anyox
Nurse in Rossland in 1901
Customs and Immigration Officer in Anyox in 1921
Immigrated in 1893

Richard Thomas Snow Cook
b- Aug 9, 1890 in Halifax, NS
d- May 1, 1967 in Los Angeles, CA

when he got married in 1914, age 24, he was a Druggist in Anyox

he was partner with A. B. Humphries in City Drug Store at 901 Granville St. in 1920

1934 he tried to become a naturalized citizen in CA, USA
Living in Los Angeles, as a Druggist
entered US in San Francisco in 1924
son of William Johnstone Cook, a Civil Servant, and Catherine Elizabeth Snow

married Grace Winifred Ems, Mar 19, 1914 in All Saints Church, Vancouver BC
b- in Port Moody BC, age 22
daughter of John Ems, Track Foreman, CPR

3 children:
William John Cook
b- May 3, 1915 in Anyox BC
Thomas Murray Cook
b- Dec 17, 1917 in Vancouver BC
Dorothy Elizabeth Cook
b- Jan 16, 1918 in Anyox BC

Miles Oswald MacInnis (alt-McInnes)
b- ca 1884
d- Dec 3, 1940, in Vancouver, age 56

General Store Manager and Post Master

William Frederick Eve
b- Apr 26, 1884, Wandsworth, London, England
d- Mar 23, 1980, Normandy Private Hospital, Vancouver, BC

1891- attended Plough Road School, Saint John's Hill, Wandworth
occupation when he died- Accountant
Deputy Coroner and Stipendiary Magistrate at Anyox
Past Master of Enoch #99 Masonic Lodge Anyox
and He was also the Scoutmaster at Anyox.
Family lived in House # 36 in Anyox, in 1921
son of William Arthur Eve and Ellen Elizabeth Brett

married 1st- Vera Maud Sarah Eve, nee Dyson,
Married bet Oct-Dec 1909 Eton Reg. Dist, Buckinghamshire, UK
b- in England, age 37 in 1921
d- Dec 13, 1940, in Prince Rupert, age 55

children in Anyox in 1921:
daughter- Vera Dorothy Eve
b- ca 1911, in France
daughter- Kathleen Mary Eve
b- ca 1913 in France
all shown immigrated in 1913

married 2nd to Jane Watson
b- Nov 18, 1889 in Scotland
d- Feb 12, 1965, Bradden Private Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 75
daughter of John Watson and ? Finlayson


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