Anyox- Telegraph & Wireless

Anyox, BC, Canada

Dominion Government Telegraph Operators
Dominion Government Telegraph

1918- Leo Waugh
Leo Walter Waugh
b- Halifax NS, age 31 when married in 1916
Asst. Supv. Govt. Telegraph in 1916 in Rupert
1926- Manager CN Telegraphs in Rupert
1935 he was in Toronto
son of Richard Joseph Waugh, Superintendent of US Cable
and Sarah Josephine Fougere
married Florence Agnes MacDonald
b- Summerside, PEI, age 28 when married Dec 8, 1916, Vancouver BC

1921-1925- J. D. Lawrence
John Dorland Lawrence
b- Dec 9, 1894, in Montreal, Quebec, (age 26 in 1921) (age 23 when married)
d- May 11, 1966, Los Angeles, CA
buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale CA
son of John C. Lawrence and Lillie Dorland
married Agnes Viola Lawrence, nee Erickson, Aug 19, 1918 First Pres. Ch., Vancouver
b- in Minneapolis, MN, USA, (age 28 in 1921) (age 35 when married)
immigrated in 1918
Stenographer in Seattle when married
daughter of William F. Erickson and Agusta Bergman
son- John A. Lawrence
b- ca 1920, in Yukon, (age 1 in 1921)
Lawrence Family lived at 2115 Graham Ave in Prince Rupert in 1929
He divorced Agnes in Nov 1937 in Nevada Courts.

1930- E. G. Brown

1935- Miss G. Ballentine Miss F. Dresser (not many ladies in this profession, but 2 same year here!)

Dominion Government Wireless Stations

John Hugh MacDonald
b- Oct 20, 1890 in Forres, Scotland, (Age 28 in 1921)
d- Oct 3, 1949 on Mills Rd, Sidney BC, age 58
buried in Vancouver BC
1918 when he married shown as wireless operator living in W Vancouver
worked here from 1914-1936 per one source.
Immigrated in 1900 from Scotland
married age 26
son of Hugh MacDonald and Mary Sherrington
married Kathleen Macdonald, nee Morris, Jan 30, 1918, Christ Church, Vancouver BC
b- Dec 31, 1899, in Kettering, England (age 21 in 1921) (age 19 when she married)
d- July 20, 1888, Fairfield Health Centre, Victoria BC, age 88
Immigrated in 1907
Bank clerk in Victoria in 1918
daughter of Frank Baxter Morris and Clara Ann Schofller
both born in England
son- Hugh John MacDonald
b- 1921 in BC (shown 11 mo old 1921 census in Anyox)

1936-1940- Reg German- Wireless Operator


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