Terrace / Thornhill, British Columbia, Canada

A Russian Stone Fort near Terrace BC?

A Mystery that is either a Legend, or Truth.

Supposedly near the top of a mountain, on the Copper / Zymoetz River.

Here is the story about this mystery, which as far as I know exists, but location unknown. As far as I know no picture of it exists.

This is where the internet comes in.

I am hoping a hiker, geologist, helicopter pilot, etc. have spotted this structure, and never knew what it was, until reading this info below, from Helene McRae, Terrace.

When Bill (McRae) was visiting Ward Marshall, an old timer of Hazelton BC, they got to talking about Kiska (Alaska way) , a place Bob Allen was sent during the War, the Island was very bare of timber, so people had lived in caves or forts.

It was from this that Ward brought the story up, Bill had not asked him about it. The placer miner up Gold Creek was Bill Elder, he had prospected the Copper with his brother. Don't know what year, but his brother drowned while up there, He tried to cross the river and was swept away

From a conversation between Bill McRae and Ward Marshall at Hazelton, B.C. in 2003, when they were discussing Bob Allen, a fellow that had been hauling poles in the area. Ward Marshall was close to being 100 years old at the time.

Ward Marshall:
“Did he ever tell you about a stone fort or something up the Copper River? A fellow that used to wash gold up Gold Creek – he knew where it was. He took Bob Allen there. It was supposed to be a Russian Fort. The people at Kitselas wouldn’t let the Russian’s come up the river to trade. The people from the East of here, at Burns Lake, couldn’t get out to trade with the Russians. The Russians built a Stone Fort there, and they did trade with the people in the interior. Bob Allen told me about it. He didn’t describe it too much”

Info above from Helene McRae, who also remembers her Dad talking about this fort.

The Russians had a Fort on the Copper River in Alaska, which makes researching this one difficult.

So now it is up to readers of this page, to solve the mystery.

Have you seen info, or heard this story before?

Supposedly there was an article in an old mining magazine.

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