BC Tel- Lava Lake, Page 1

North-West British Columbia, Canada

Aerial of Lava Lake, from the Lava Lake Side
Pictures by Glen Olver

Clearing the land
The land for this site was cleared by the Terrace Radio Crew.
We built a plastic shelter, small tin stove, and there we stayed until all the trees, small stumpy variety were cleared.

Bringing supplies in, chain saws, water pump, food, plastic. etc.

Clearing the trees and burning them
We had safety water pumps hooked up to a small lake above the site.

Temporary plastic Living quarter structure while building permanent Living Quarters

Home sweet home in the plastic tent

Building the Permanent Living Quarters

The living quarters was built on site, but the radio room and diesel room, were flown up the mountain from a logging road, accessed at end of lava lake at 48 mile.
This and Kitsum. were the first sites, to have Deutz Diesels and cyclic power.

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