Union- TWU Local 33 Archive

British Columbia, Canada

Originally all BC TEL, now Telus workers, belonged to IBEW, Local 213 (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers)
Established Nov 6, 1901

In the spring of 1944 our Union became the FTW (Federation of Telephone Workers)

Old 1977 TWU Contract Book and FTW Sticky Label

In the spring of 1977 our Union became the TWU (Telecommunications Workers Union)

Members of Local 33 in the early years had to attend Union Meetings in Prince George (no doubt Local 9 ?)
Due to our numbers increasing and distance to travel, Local 33 was created.

Over the years we had been a fairly militant Local
In 2000 with the threats and results of Downsizing, Rightsizing, etc etc, our Local decreased from close to 200 members to 32.

We have gone thru 3 strikes in our Local
-Summer of 1969
-Winter of 1977-78
-Late winter/Early Spring- 1980-81
All of these strikes were hard fought.
Management in those years seemed to be always looking for a fight and they had a Management work force to back them up.

Lockout 2005
Starting July 21, 2005 a Telus Lockout, ended in Nov/Dec 2005
It lasted 120 days! Many more counting the days without a contract
They had a Lock-Out Headquarters set up in the Terrace- Kitimat District Labour Council Office, at the rear of the Carpenters Hall on Sparks St. for Terrace members.
Entry from the last door on the south side of the building.

After 2 close votes
Dec 2014- The TWU merged with the International Steel Workers Union.

The Local went through many years before one of our Local members retired while still working in the Local.
Wilf Hoffman was the first in our Local.
Over the following years we have seen many more.

  • Brother Dennis Mulroney
  • Brother Lorne Robson (deceased)
  • Brother Chuck Lequereux (deceased)
  • Brother Wilf Hoffman (deceased)
  • Brother Vern Fredericks
  • Brother Don McRobb
  • Brother Fraser Sutherland
  • Sister Ursula Therrien
  • Brother Mel Anderson
  • Brother Ted Buller
  • Brother Carl Lofroth
  • Brother Tony Jones
  • Brother Woody Larson
  • Brother Don Ferguson
  • Brother Blackie Janot
  • Sister Betty Hammerstrom
  • Brother Dave Penna (deceased)
  • Sister Ethel Chaplow
  • Brother Scotty McIlmoyle (deceased)
  • Brother Art Kerr
  • Brother Jim Russel
  • Brother Fred McRae
  • Brother Croft Randle
  • Brother Ron Strumecki
  • Brother Gord Hudson
  • Brother Gord Lund
  • Sister Lorraine Lund
  • Sister Glenda Hodgson
  • Brother Carl Merk
  • Brother Eric Tycho
  • Brother Gord Duplisse
  • Brother Doug Gent (2003)
  • Brother Martin McCabe
  • Brother Bob Nelmes
  • Brother Bob Janes (2003)
  • Brother Ken Blanes (2004)
  • Sister Jeanette (Jan) White (2008)
  • Brother Dave Ziegler (2008)
  • Brother George Normandeau (2009)
  • Brother Glen Olver (2009)
  • Brother Graham Maguire (2009)
  • Brother Sami Mansouri (2012)
  • Brother Robert Todd (2012)
  • Brother John McRoberts (2009)
  • Sister Debbie Zeigler (2011 - I think)
  • Brother Joe Ganton (2013)
  • Brother Adam Yawrenko (2011)
  • Brother Merv Warner (2012)
  • Brother Murray Warner (2012)
  • Brother Harry Simpson (2011 - I think)
  • Brother Les Trenrey (Smithers, 2010 I think)
  • Brother Jim Miller (retired in Squamish 2005) There were 3 Jim Millers in the district, this is the Terrace one

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