BC Tel- Plant- Terrace- Building Maint

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

The Building Maintenance Department in the Terrace District, was the job of Rolli Anderson in the era of late 1960's, and 70's
Rolli lived at the west end of Keith Ave, on the corner of Skeena St., by the river. A great gardener, as well as maintenance type guy.
There was not a nicer guy than Rolli.

Late in the 60's the Company hired Herman Weibe as a contractor to help Rolli.
Herman was too old to hire as an employee, so they contracted work out to him.
Herman actually built my house at 2310 Cramer st., and I bought it from him when he retired and moved.
Rolli and Herman are both deceased.

After these 2 fellows retired and moved down south, Jim Russell, bid on the job, in the fall of 1978, from the CT&S shops, and moved to Terrace to take on the job.
One thing I can still remember about Jim, is he spray painted the fire extinguishers on the carpet in the old Service Center area of the building on Kalum St.
The area was used for first aid training and phone mart fax machine. There on the rug, was the perfect outlines of the extinguishers, in bright red paint.
Guess the carpet needed changing? Possibly a shortage of plastic drop cloth that year?
Jim and his wife Elaine moved to Victoria in 1986, where he retired. Jim loved to phone Ken Blanes up, and tell him he was golfing, in the middle of January!!

Pierre Czechowski was in this department for a while as well.

We had Mac MacKay for a few years, and he ended up moving to Prince George. Mac served on the Local Union Executive for a few years, before he transferred out.
Still get an email from him every so often.

Scotty McIlmoyle was hired for the Air-conditioning servicing. Scotty was trained in the Air Force before he arrived here.
He had a place in Copperside subdivision, Scotty sadly passed away a few years ago.

Steve Buhr was hired as Building Maintenance, and was the last one in that position, since Telus sold all the buildings,and decided they didn't want any of these on staff,
but would hire contractors to do the job.
Steve was from a well known and old Terrace family. He is a certified carpenter, and operated a cabinet shop I believe before joining Telus.
They got their money worth out him!
Steve went on to be a building inspector in Terrace.

Kevin Wade was the last Air Conditioning person in the district. He was originally from Newfoundland.
Kevin will have no trouble finding another job. A great guy!

Steve and Kevin's last day was mid January 2006.


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