BC Tel- Plant- Smithers- Engineering, Technician

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

There has only been one Technician stationed in Smithers, that I am aware of.
He was Gary Rysavy.
Gary is the brother-in-law of Larry Miller, who was the I&R Supervisor in Smithers.

Gary usually reported to the same Supervisor that the Terrace Techs did.
Since he operated in what we called Area B, Ken Blanes and Myself spent our whole career working on Gary's work orders.

He was to do all the work Orders in the Smithers, Telkwa, Houston area.
Of course at times, the Terrace crew would help out.
Gary retired in the big buy out of 2002.
I believe he still lives in the Smithers area in the Tyee Lake area I believe.


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