Dominion Government Coal Test Site #2

Oxbow, Saskatchewan, Canada

Dominion Government Coal Test Site #2

Located at NW Section 15, Township 3, Range 2, W2

At Junction of Moose Mountain Creek and the Souris River, just SW of Oxbow. drilled on the level of the plain, 20 3/4 miles, in a direct line from test site #1, 128 ft above the river, 2 1/8 miles west, 10 deg south
from the confluence of Moose Mountain Creek and the Souris River

1880- This was the second test drill site, Driller William Henry McGarvey, and a Mr. Highman, under Professor Alfred R. C. Selwyn's supervision from Montreal,
Director of the Geological Survey of Canada, looking for coal in this area, for commercial use.
A small Coal Mine did form just north of this spot and later abandoned.

see Test Site #1 in Range 5 for more info.
drilling described in detail in Selwyn's report, June 1880
Site chosen by Selwyn July 10-11, 1880
Drilled 155 ft deep, 1590 feet above sea level
Started drilling Aug 7, 1880 with a 10 in auger.


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