E. J. Sinclair Mine

Roche Percee, Saskatchewan, Canada

E. J. Sinclair Coal Mine
aka: Blue Seam Mine

Mine Owned and Operated by Edward James Sinclair

Underground Mine

5ft seam of coal, clay roof

Part of my dad's 1927 map
showing approx location of this mine, SE of Roche Percee

Mine Plan, Apr 10, 1935
Coal Lease #C101, Department Natural Resources Plan #66
NE LSD 9, SE LSD 16, NE Section 29, Township 1, Range 6, W2
Lease issued May 6, 1929

6 ft clean coal seam, Sand Rock Roof
Plan 66, map
signed E.B.W. Apr 10, 1935

Surveyed May 6, 1929 by Robert John Campbell Lee, RPE

Mine Entrance located LSD 12, Section 28, Township 1, Range 6, W2, at Station 4

Mine Survey Map 1 .pdf

Mine Survey Map 2 .pdf

Mine Survey Map 3 .pdf

Mine Survey Map 4 .pdf

Mine Plan Documents and maps above, copied from Original Documents, held by Saskatchewan Government, Mines Branch, Regina,
Acquired by Richard (Dick) Wright, P. Eng, and contributed by Mr. Wright for viewing here. He was assured they were Public Documents, and Web Use allowed.

Edward James “Ed” Sinclair
b- Sept 4, 1877 in Fenelon Fall Township, Victoria North, ON
d- Mar 1967 in Regina SK
buried- in Regina, or Arcola, with his wife?
Father- Archibald (Arch) Sinclair, a Merchant
b- Aug 16, 1846 at Sea. (ON in one record)
d- Mar 07,1928 in Arcola, SK
Archibald married Mary Ann Maunder,
Dec 25, 1870 in Lindsay, Ops Township, Victoria Co., ON
b- 1846, in Lindsay, Ops Township, Victoria Co., ON
d- Sept 1936, Arcola SK
daughter of Edward Maunder and Elizabeth Phillips

Edward's wife was Selina Sinclair, nee Drummond,
b- Mar 24, 1885
d- Aug 17, 1941
buried in Bienfait Cemetery

6 Siblings of Edward Sinclair:

Ella Mable Sinclair
b- June 3, 1873 in Mariposa Tsp, Victoria Co., ON
d- Oct 3, 1944 in Lampman, SK.
buried in Arcola Cemetery

William John Sinclair
b- July 28, 1875 in Fenelon Tsp, Victoria Co., ON
d- June 2, 1956 in Lampman, SK.
buried in Arcola Cemetery

Mary Etta Sinclair
b- Jan 9, 1879 in Fenelon Tsp, Victoria Co., ON
d- Jan 22, 1941 in AB

Herbert Alexander Sinclair
b- Dec 12, 1880 in Fenelon Tsp, Victoria Co., ON
d- ?

Wesley Daniel Sinclair
b- Dec 22, 1882, Fenelon Tsp, Victoria Co., ON
d- Sept 19, 1889, Mariposa Tsp, Victoria Co., ON

Clara Louisa Sinclair
b- Oct 12, 1884, Fenelon Tsp, Victoria Co., ON
d- May 8, 1977 at ?

Eva Pearl Sinclair
b- June 20, 1888 in Mariposa Tsp, Victoria Co., ON
d- May 1974 in Regina, SK
Lived in Arcola at one point

Ed also owned a Farm Implement dealership in Bienfait ca 1911, and 1915
He owned the First Garage in Bienfait
Ed Sinclair also opened up Victoria Park near Roche Percee, per July 8, 1926 Mercury article
He was of Scotch nationality
locations of one of his sisters, Mrs. E. A. Creighton of Creelman, SK

1881 On Census-Edward James Sinclair, age 4, born 1877, son of Arch Sinclair and Mary Ann, nee?
Methodist religion. They were all living in Fenelon Falls.

1906 census- Ed shown as a Machine Agent, age 31, born in 1879 in ON, Scotch nationality

1911 Census- Ed was living in Bienfait, Lot 7, Block 4, with his wife Selina, no children shown
.Edward J. Sinclair in 1911 sold implements

1915 -Edward J. Sinclair Implements,
living at #160 Main St.., Lot 14, Block 2 in Bienfait


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