P&H 9020 Dragline

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

This was a view a few days earlier than my tour below, when the Machine was working.
Access is limited to this distance at most times.

The P&H Sign at the top of the Machine

The P&H name comes from its founders, Alonzo Pawling and Henry Harnischfeger partnership in Dec 1,1884, in Milwaukee
Pawling sold out in 1911, but the trademark name stayed. P&H is part of Harnischfeger Industries Inc.

Under Construction June, 1999

I took these 2 construction photos in June 1999, with an early Sony Digital Camera
It had no name at that time, and was in operation by 2000

It started out like this back in June 1999
1 year later it is up and running as shown above.
By the way, the picture above, of the 9020 under construction that I took in June 1999, and a month later this picture was chosen by P&H head office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,USA
to be placed on the Front Cover of the “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” P&H 9020 Parts Manual for this machine! According to to Tim Leverentz from P&H This Manual is used for any 9020 that is “Under Construction” anywhere in the world. After the machine is built a new Parts Manual for that specific machine, with the customers own Picture of that specific machine is used in place of mine.
Quite an honour for me, and I received a beautiful pewter belt buckle, showing the 9020 in relief, and complete specs on the back. It is a treasure I will keep forever.
Thanks to the P&H crew! —

My P&H 9020 Pewter Belt Buckle

This was extra special getting a tour of the machine, after this present, I didn't think it could get any better.
My Dad Phil Gent, who was an Honorary Lignite Louie, and an underground coal miner in this area, would have loved to see these pictures
and been on that tour I am sure. He maybe is looking at them right now, who knows! These pages are dedicated to him!


$65 Million Dollar Machine was built next to the Shand Power Plant, Between Estevan and Bienfait


75 Cubic Mtrs Bucket, approx 98 Cu Yd
Boom Length- 106.7 Mtrs (350 FT)
Operating Radius= 101 Mtrs (331 FT)
Max Dumping Height= 46 Mtrs (152 FT)
Hoist rope Diam. (Twin)= 101 MM (4 INCHES)
Swing Motor= 6 X 780 KW'S
Hoist Motors= 6 X 970 KW'S
Drag Motors= 6 X 970 KW'S
Walk Motors= 2 X 970 KW'S
Total Weight of Machine= 6,250 Tons

Other misc info on the 9020
The boom is constructed in the four-chord design
Boom length- 290 to 405 ft/ 88.4 to 123.4 mtrs
Tub Diameter 70ft/ 21.34 mtr
Hoist Power- 5,200 to 9,300 Hp/ 3879 to 6938 Kw
Drag power- 5,200 to 9,300 Hp / 3879 to 6938 Kw
Swing power- 5,225 to 6,270 Hp/ 3698 to 4677 Kw
Walk power- 2,600 to 3,100 Hp to 1940 to 2313 Kw
Working weight- (x1000) 10,000 to 11,650 lb/ 4536 to 5285 kg
(note all horsepower at 475 volts DC)
working weight 5,700 tons as heavy as 15-747 jumbo jets
the 320 foot boom is longer than a football field
the tip of the boom towers 22 stories above ground
the dragline carries a 115 yd bucket
4 of these machines are operating in Australia in 2000
Usually will dig 150 ft down but can operate as much as 213 ft down
the whole machine uses 27,970 total horsepower
Comes equipped with many floodlights to operate at night
One of the world's quietest draglines.
Some of the 9020's are equipped with 2 cabs one on each side, this one had only one.
Average power consumption of the 9020 is about 4,900,000 kilowatt hours a month, sufficient electrical energy to meet the needs of a city of 10,000 homes

First of its Model, in North America

It will supply 1.5 Million Tons of Coal to the Shand Power Plant

First of it's model in North America It will supply 1.5 million tons of lignite coal to the Shand Power Plant in 1 year
It Took 1,200 Gals.(or 4,600 litres) of Paint to paint this machine!

The “Estevan Eagle” a (Marion 8750) is the same size, but different manufacturer.

“Big Lou” A Bucyrus-Erie 2570W with a 100 Cu Yard bucket, and the “Estevan Eagle”, each use as much power as the City of Estevan does.

I Remember when Mr. Klimax, a Marion 7800 was built. It had a 35 cu Yard bucket and I thought it was huge!

Luscar Ltd. is the company that owned this machine in 2000, they are a publicly traded company.

There was a contest to name this machine, and my choice was “Saskatchewan Gopher” because it chews the hell out of everything in it's path!
never did hear what they called it. In July of 2000, I was given the rare treat of a personal guided tour of the P&H 9020 Dragline, located in the pits north of the Shand Power Plant,
located between Estevan and Bienfait Saskatchewan. The machine was shut down for maintenance, and also there was a lightning storm in the area,
so this turned out to be an ideal time for a complete tour of this machine. I took numerous pictures, my late brother Don, daughter Amber and niece Dena also did.

Inside Views

Outside Views


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