Bucyrus-Monighan 5W Dragline

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

First Walking Dragline in the area

I always thought Mr. Klimax was the first “Walking Dragline” in the Souris Coal Field, but these pictures prove otherwise.

I didn't know the make and model number until Feb 25, 2012.
Nick Koba from Diamond, Illinois, USA, sent me a nice email,
And he told me this was a Bucyrus-Monaghan 5W Walking Dragline, with a 4-6 yd bucket.
Message from Nick: “They were made in USA from 1934 to 1948, there were 79 made in US, Later in England, 62 more were made, up to 1971, for a grand total of 141 made.
We had one at our mine in Illinois the ( Northern Illinois Mine ) This was a Peabody Coal Mine, that had run from 1927 to 1974”
then this addition:
“Boom length 105 ft. total weight 325,000 lbs.
Diesel driven 6 cylinder, 300hp
Info from a 1946, Maumee Collieries Company read out”

The New Souris Valley Estevan Museum on Highway 39, in Estevan, has a Bucyrus 5W on display, and they say it came from the “Old” Climax Mine.
Same machine? I bet it is.

Pictures courtesy Alex Wilson Collection, submitted by Margaret Cuddington


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