Dennis Tulley Christopher

Cedarvale, British Columbia, Canada

Kenosee Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

This fellow covers my SE Saskatchewan Pages, and my NW BC Pages.

Dennis Tulley Christopher
aka Dennis Charles Christopher
b- May 9, 1881 in Almer, Malahide Township, Elgin Co., ON
d- Sept 2, 1972 in Prince George Regional Hospital, Prince George BC, age 91
buried in Terrace City Cemetery, Terrace BC
living at 5122 Mills St in Terrace before he died.

Early Prospector in the Cedarvale area

Known as a great Blacksmith

Some local stories about him I received

Lived just east of Cedarvale in early days - prospected, may have sold some claims as he bought house in Prince Rupert and property in Terrace, an acre plus on Mills Ave. May have later subdivided it into 8 lots (just was someone thought) - - Was told he did a lot of walking - later years lost a leg, then didn't go out much. Very independent and his neighbour kids (on Mills) loved to hear his stories. When he was prospecting on the mountains, he would carry his bedding in his pack - when he got tired he would spread his bedding and have a nap.

Bert, his Cedarvale friend said he often saw him with pork chops that had turned green (would keep them under the house, coolest place in those days), would boil them a bit then fry them. Also Bert decided to clean his black bathtub - it was white after cleaning it!

Interesting to talk to the people who knew him - Bert - early Cedarvale resident and Edna, ex Mills neighbour

He had a girlfriend in Prince Rupert called “Eskimo Mary”.

1901 he was living with his family in Glen Adelaide, East Assiniboia, NWT
father shown as a farmer there.
Located a few miles east of Kenosee Lake SK.
I started to research Dennis and found out I had read about the Christopher family when I did my Kenosee Lake page. small world!

in 1911 he is shown in Alberta as a farmer in the Victoria dist..
1916 his brother George joins him in Streamstown, Battle River Alberta.

1921 he is shown age 40, Salvation Army religion, living in Cedarvale area, clearing land on his own land.

1925 he had a mineral claim with A. Grey, 2 miles NW of Woodcock BC

June 1936 Dennis lost his farm house to a flood.

1940 shown as a farmer in Skeena district

listed in 1965 voters list in Terrace, retired

son of Charles Frederick Augustus “Fred” Christopher
b- Apr 5, 1845 in Württemberg Germany
d- Feb 2, 1918

married Harriet Bethiah Christopher, nee Nunn, Jan 12, 1872 Mount Elgin, Oxford Co, ON
b- July 6, 1854 in ON
Irish nationality

Dennis Christopher's siblings:

Charles Erwin Christopher
b- Dec 7, 1872 in ON

Elizabeth Caroline Christopher
b- Dec 2, 1873 in ON

Albert Merit Christopher
b- May 20, 1875 in ON

Martha Amelia Christopher
b- Nov 24, 1876 in ON

Edward Frederick Christopher
b-Oct 17, 1878 in ON

George Washington Christopher
b- July 24, 1882 in ON

Mabel Maude Christopher
b- Jan 17, 1884 in ON

James Franklin Christopher
b- Sept 25, 1885 in ON

Anna “Annie” May Christopher
b- June 24, 1887 in ON

Alta Ida Christopher
b- Apr 24, 1889 in ON

Florence Edith Christopher
b- May 5, 1891 in ON

Myrtle Evylena Christopher
b- Sept 14, 1893 in Glen Adelaide, NWT

Harriet Ellen Christopher
b- Aug 18, 1895 in Glen Adelaide, NWT

Ellwood Hobson Christopher
b- Oct 19, 1898 in Glen Adelaide, NWT

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