Skeena City

Skeena City, British Columbia, Canada

Skeena City

Skeena City GTPR station

Skeena Station ca early 1930's
Photo above sent to me Feb 4, 2016 by Peter Daykin, Norfolk, UK.
Photos taken by his mother, Norah Daykin, nee Diggles.
See my Exstew page for more family history

Elevation- 19 ft above sea level

1713.3 miles from Winnipeg
32.8 miles from Prince Rupert

Latitude- 54º 14' N,
Longitude- 129º 50' W

Unincorporated area.

Shown as Skeena in this map

Skeena City was located on the North side of the Skeena River, at its junction with the Khyex River.

Grand Trunk Pacific bought 28 lots for their R/W
There was around 1600 lots subdivided for the Townsite.
Grand Trunk had 200, and Provincial Government had 400

Lots were 33 x 125 ft, price $200 per lot in 1908

Became a Short Lived Sawmill Community

Seattle and Vancouver Capitalists built a large sawmill there, hoping to sell city lots around it. It just never happened.
Port Essington, and Prince Rupert got the business.

Russell Walter
b- ca 1886, age 35, in USA
Father born in Quebec, Mother born in ON, French nationality
Russell and his wife immigrated in 1910
CNR Section Foreman
wife- Lenora Lee Russell, nee ?
b- ca 1902, age 19, in USA
Both parents born in USA, Scotch nationality.

Matt Maki
b- ca 1880, age 41, in Finland
d- my guess- died Dec 10, 1944 in Tappen BC, age 64
He immigrated in 1898, naturalized in 1910
CNR Section Hand

Leonard Foster Church
b- Oct 28, 1902, in Port Essington BC, age 19 in 1921
d- my guess- died Feb 15, 1928 in Vancouver BC
father- George Foster Church and Kate Douglas Robertson
both parents born in England
CNR Section Hand

George Lindeman
b- ca 1848, age 73, in Germany
d- ?
George and his wife immigrated in 1919
Caretaker at the Sawmill located here.
wife- Daniel Lindeman, nee ?
b- ca 1849, age 72, in USA
d- ?

Frederick Stevens
b- ca 1848, age 73, in USA
d- ?
He immigrated in 1908
Retired foreman of the Sawmill located here.


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