Andimaul Station

Andimaul, British Columbia, Canada

Andimaul Station

A Flag Station on the GTPR
158 mi from Rupert

Latitude- 55º 6' N,
Longitude- 127º 57' W

Elevation- 659 ft above sea level

1588.1 miles from Winnipeg

Located at the entrance to Kitwancool Valley,
Telegraph Station,
18 mi west of Hazelton.
5 miles from Kitwanga, the nearest Post office

Native reserve at this location, pop 75 in 1916.
Native Village located 1 mile from station

D. Rankin was at Andimaul, agent for BC Nurseries Co Ltd.
He was manager of the sawmill at Andimaul, ca Oct 1913

M. E. Smith- GTP Section Foreman
D. Rankin - Operated a fairly large sawmill here.
Miss J. Halpenny- Salvation Army Officer
Miss V. Leake
M. Paulsen- fisherman

- 2 families shown here:

-Emil Michael Smith
b- ca 1886, age 35 in 1921 in Galicia
CNR Section Foreman
Immigrated in 1907
Kathleen Pearl Smith
b- ca 1897, age 24, in 1921 in Galicia
Immigrated in 1907
Mary Smith
b- ca 1914, age 7 in 1921 in AB
Helen Smith
b- ca 1915, age 6, in 1921, in BC
son- Francis Smith
b-ca 1919, age 2 in 1921 in BC
James Hilary Smith
b- ca 1920, age 1 in 1921 in BC

-Arthur Wilkinson
b- ca 1873, age 48 in 1921, in England
Immigrated in 1908
CNR Section Hand

Mrs. C. H. Mould was at Andimaul

Jan 22, 1927- Henry Frank and Mrs Mary Rae Hatten were married in Hazelton, both residents of Andimaul

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Andimaul Forestry Lookout


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