BC- Forestry Fire Lookouts

Thornhill-Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

BC Forestry Lookouts

Over the years, to protect the public and the forests, the BC Government built Forestry Fire Lookouts, on strategic Mountain Tops

One of these was on Mount Thornhill (old name- Thornhill Mountain)
at 4,800 ft.
Built in the 1920's
It would have had a view of all the valleys in the area. Prime location for fire watching.

Mount Thornhill is now the official name of this mountain.
Latitude - Longitude (DMS)
54° 29′ 31″ N, 128° 26′ 3″ W
Named after Tom Thornhill, an early Pioneer in the area.
Thornhill BC is a neighbour of Terrace, just across the Skeena River.

To the South of Mount Thornhill, closest to Lakelse Lake, is Mount Attree
Latitude - Longitude (DMS)
54° 26′ 21″ N, 128° 23′ 49″ W
Named after John “Alfred” Attree, WWI soldier, who was once a Policeman in this area.
Son of Alfred and Katherine Attree, Sgt. Harry John Attree served in WWII and died Dec 2, 1944
Another son Ken Attree also served in WWII
Attree Rd, off of Old Lakelse Lake Rd, in Thornhill area, would be named after this family name as well.
Oct 1927- Mr. Alfred Attree was Manager of the Alice Arm Meat Company,
And his wife and family were living in Prince Rupert.

To the North of Mount Thornhill, closest to the Skeena River, is Copper Mountain
Latitude - Longitude (DMS)
54° 31′ 4″ N, 128° 28′ 21″ W

All in Range 5, Coast Land District, BC

Map showing order of Copper Mtn and Mt. Thornhill

Mount Thornhill, Main Forestry Lookout in the District in 1931
Postcard from Grant Walker, CA.

1931 Fred Michaud was stationed at this Lookout.
1928 the Michaud Brothers had mining claims here.
Freaky part of this picture is today, May 6, 2014, a granddaughter of one of the Michauds has arrived in Terrace on a visit to her ancestors home.
Same day Grant sent me the photo above!

Aug 1931 a Professor Charles P. Smyth from PA, USA, left 6 mile cabin on the Lakelse Rd. and took 3 hours to climb Thornhill Mtn. to visit Fred Michaud.
He had a view of the Skeena as far as tidewater, and half way to Hazelton.
He also could see the top reaches of Kitimat Arm, having a view of over 30 miles from Kitamaat village.

2012 it was rebuilt. see link below

April 1931 Forestry were building 2 more lookouts in the District.

I flew over a stone building, on West side of Kalum Valley, top of a mountain there, with roof long collapsed, back in about 1980. It was a few miles north of Terrace.
It was probably a Forestry Lookout at one time. Can't see a mining cabin that high up. Can't remember exactly where it was, and don't think I took a picture of it that day.

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