BC Tel- Meziadin Radio Site Pg 2

North-West British Columbia, Canada

Lenkurt 74 Tube Microwave radio system at Meziadin

Kelly Anderson, Lyle David supervising The tune-up of the 74 radio at Meziadin by Carl Lofroth

We used Vern every so often to do Antenna Work in the area, since most of the antenna structures were wood poles then.
Vern was probably one of the best pole climbers, BC Tel in Terrace ever had.
Dev Anderson went on to become one of the best pilots Okanagan Helicopters had. I think Dev flew every machine they had.

Living Quarters, Radio Room and old Diesel Room in 1992

2nd Diesel Room moved in to right of original building
After the infamous Meziadin Diesel Spill, this building was moved, to the left of the living quarters building in the picture above

Meziadin Lake from old Trans Provincial Airline Dock
Now there is a Government Campsite at this location

Meziadin New Diesel Room on right, Diesel tank on left,
Living quarters still the green building behind.
(Photo taken by Glen Olver)

Hydro was installed in 2001-2, so the site only uses the Diesel as backup power now.

The Meziadin Thunderbox “A Masterpiece”

When I didn't think there was a picture of this beauty, I drew up this Artist Conception above, in case you want to build one yourself,
Please be careful, as there is a copyright pending on this design!!!!
Ken Rowe and myself, arrived at the Meziadin site, to discover our most cherished piece of equipment, the Outhouse, was in need of replacement.
As the snow load had collapsed the original one.
So left with no other option, as that was all we had for facilities, we proceeded to create what was later referred to as a “masterpiece” by some.
It was built with whatever scraps of wood we could find, and had 3 walls, NO door, as we didn’t have enough plywood for that. It was at the rear of the living quarters,
and the front faced the lake.
What a View, Trees, Sky and Grass. Now with all the bears around Meziadin, can you imagine sitting there, doing your thing, and a bear came along?
All we would have had, was the roll of toilet paper, to throw at him!
This Outhouse was replaced with the indoor Humus toilet, which wasn’t much better, but a lot warmer, and less black flies!

Turns out there is a surviving picture of this masterpiece.

Photo taken and contributed by Brian Wolfe, Ladysmith BC.

As you can see my conceptual drawing was a bit off, as the plans were quite complicated, I couldn't remember them all!
Not the snow load on the roof took it's toll, as our special piece of plywood there, didn't quite last.
and due to no front frame it kind of had a slight lean to the left.
“Leaning Thunderbox”, a Tourist Attraction!!!

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