BC Tel- Plant- Terrace- Central Office

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

Terrace CO

The Central office in 1969 when I came to town, was located on the north end of the 3236 Kalum St. old Phone Mart Building, now the Salvation Army thrift store.
Fraser Sutherland did the Engineering on the move of this CO, up to the new GTD5 Switch in the basement of the Primary Center, or cement prison on the hill.
It is still there today (2017)
Originally the CO was located in the first BC Tel building on Lakelse Ave, where Wilkinson Business machines, old Cannon building was, across the alley from the old Police Station.
Bill Reynolds worked there when he started at BC Tel. It wasn't a SxS Co but an old Cord board I imagine.

Switch Display
Located at Prince George Railway and Forest Industry Museum

There were many CO Maintenance men over the years, Will add a few here as I remember them.

  • Rob Todd
  • Ted Buller
  • Mel Anderson
  • Bob Janes*
  • Bob Nelms
  • Larry Olson (left in 1991 to Pr George) (deceased Jan 2, 2022, age 68)
  • Rick Hawke (deceased)
  • Eric Ekman
  • Maureen Olson (nee Palahicky)
  • Pat Duncan (became test desk man)
  • Woody Jones (came from CT&S in 1979)
  • Brent Babcock (came from CT&S in 1979)
  • Bob Forsyth (bid from I&R in 1980)
  • Stan Cook (ca 1969)

*Bob Janes father, Eric Janes, was General Manager of Prince Rupert Telephone Company, which at one time was the last remaining private Telephone Company in BC
Bob flew float planes out of Rupert, before joining BC Tel.

  • Duncan (Dunc) Campbell (ca 1969)
  • Ron Anderson (until he retired)
  • Gerry Bakker (until he retired)
  • Les Sinnott (ca 2005) (deceased)


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