BC Tel- Plant- Terrace- Toll, Toll Repeaterman

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

The Toll office was the upper floor of the Primary Center.

This area housed the Microwave radio systems that were used before I retired, the fibre optic connections, all the ADSL equipment and many other pieces of Equipment
In 1969 the toll board was a bee hive of cords and activity. The noise drove me crazy in there. I got stuck in there for a few weeks doing a line-up on something or other,
and swore I would never bid on a job in there, just due to the noise. The diesels at the radio sites were quieter!
It was all replaced with the digital GTD5 switch in the basement.

$300,000 Toll Building July 1967

Turning Ceremonial sod July 1967, for new building above.

Lenkurt 51D Alarm System All alarms from the remote Microwave sites, would come into this panel. Then the Radio Dept would be notified to go fix the trouble.
The right picture shows all the alarms from the Nass radio system.

Halon Fire suppression system

  • Joe Wlasitz (retired in Kamloops)
  • Pete Driedger
  • Don Gent (my brother) (retired in Merritt) Deceased May 30, 2017
  • Phil Lepage (retired in Nova Scotia on a farm, but last I heard he bought property on PEI)
  • Ron Kurylowich, (Smith for short!)
  • Chester Jenkins
  • Tony Jones (retired in Terrace)
  • Al Mernett (became Dawson Creek Toll Supv. until 1985, left to?)
  • Bob Pegg (became a supervisor)
  • John Philpott
  • Jack Stroet (works for CN Telecom, out of Smithers)
  • Doug Wellwood (retired in Duncan BC)
  • Murray Trudeau
  • Dennis Varley (went to Williams Lake)
  • Brian Wolfe
  • Marty Wolfe
  • Ray Homeniuk (Deceased)

This picture shows the Toll Board, and Brian Wolfe (lives in Ladysmith BC)
Brian contributed some of the pictures on this page

  • Stan Miller
  • Brian W. Truitt, (left to Vancouver Island) (lives in Courtenay BC)
  • Ronald (Ron) Powell,
  • Marty Wolfe, (left to Ft St John)
  • Don Kerr, (left to Vancouver)
  • and others

Don Kerr came out of retirement, and returned back to Terrace in 2005, to work for Telus during the 4 month labour dispute with the TWU.

Stan Miller is retired, he and his wife enjoyed their retirement, sailing around the world. Seen Stan at Don Parr's memorial in 2016

Brian Truitt became a pilot for BC Tel, First flying the Beaver out of Port Hardy I believe.
In 1991, he was part of the Company Cessna Citation crew.
Telus sold the jets ca 2000 I believe.
I imagine Brian is now retired.

Marty Wolfe is the brother of Brian Wolfe, the former Terrace Radioman.
I believe he was one of the few made Supervisor, in his own Department. That is an experiment, that usually doesn't work.

Check out my Terrace District Radio Department page for more pics and info, on this department I might split that apart and add it here. will happen soon.


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