BC Tel- Plant- Smithers- I&R, BTE, Sp Services

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

This group has been in a few building in Smithers, the original building on 4th Ave.
Then out on the Highway around Windsor plywood area, and then in the butler building and complex on Victoria Dr.
just off the highway, at the Chrysler dealer

  • Peter “Pete” Stroet* (Retired in Smithers) (b- May 21, 1941 in Holland, d- Sept 16, 2016 in Smithers BC, age 75)
  • Jim McCord , 2 (came from Smtr radio/toll in 1988)
  • Murray MacDonald
  • Joseph (Joe) Friesen (came to Smtr in 1981) (Retired)
  • Jack May , 2 (came from Delta in 1981)
  • Jim G. Miller*
  • Russell (Russ) Malthus (came from Kitimat I&R)
  • Jody Holmes ( quit BC Tel and became an ambulance attendant)
  • Grant Shrimpton
  • Terry Goddard (came to Smtr in 1979) (resigned in 1981)
  • Lorne Gorner
  • Johan (Sean) Janson (hired in 1981- left to PG in 1988)
  • Rick Johnson (left to PG in 1988)
  • Bill Palk (BTE moved to Burnaby)
  • Gordon Parker (moved in 1980 to Kelowna)
  • Doug Parker (resigned in 1980)

Gerry Bruce, per his daughter, worked for Smithers I&R in early 60's, with Gordon Fargay (both are now deceased)

*Pete Stroet was the brother of Jack Stroet, who was working in Terrace Radio, when I first started in 1969. Jack quit in 1980.

*Jim Miller sadly passed away at the start of the Lockout in 2005, from bee / hornet stings, while attending a work rally. Jim spent many years working on behalf of Local 28,
and was a prince of a guy. He sure didn't need to die from such a terrible thing. I will miss him!

  • Mike Tkachuk- (passed away in 1981)
  • Brian Bates (left in 1987)
  • Larry Miller (retired in Smithers)
  • Claude Bussieres


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