BC Tel, Employee Parties

British Columbia, Canada

We had Going away parties, Retirement Parties, Birthday Parties, Christmas Parties, Curling Bonspiels, Summer Parties, House Parties, etc.
We had parties in the old Community Center where George Little Park is today,
We had parties in basement of the Masonic Hall.
We had 2 or 3 in the Old OddFellows Hall on Lakelse Ave.
We had many in the Elks hall.
Banquet Room of the Arena, Bavarian Inn, Northern Motor Inn, Terrace Hotel, Lakelse Hotel, and more.
Below are a sample of the fun times.

I am thinking Prince Rupert Curling Bonspiel?

Western Theme Party, 7th Annual Prince Rupert Bonspiel

Curling Bonspiel, Terrace

Bob Pegg's going away party at the Bavarian Inn

Stan Miller

Pictures below are from Don Parr's Retirement Party, Skeena Room, Terrace Hotel, 1988 Sad to say, a lot of folks in these pictures are no longer with us.

Bill Rush's Going Away Party, Masonic Hall Basement

Christmas Party- Elks Hall

Lockout Party, Ukrainian Hall, I think it was? ca 1982?
This party was based on the TV Show, The Gong Show!
Paper Bag on head was the Unknown Comic!
Not sure if anybody won!

All Photos courtesy Brian Wolfe Collection


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