Marconi School #1313

Saskatchewan, Canada

Part of my Dad's 1927 Map

Located on SE Section 12 Township 2, Range 2, W2

History book for the area says NW corner Section 10 was the site, of First Marconi School, location shown on 1927 map above
2nd site per history book was SE corner of Section 10, Tsp 2, Rge 2
neither showed on this 1927 map.

John Thomson had the homestead grant on this lot
Mr. Hugh Hammel (Hamel?) donated the acre of land for the school
Opened in Aug 1905, Charles Knickle First teacher

May 29, 1905- Marconi School District #1313 Officially named and declared
Senior Trustee- Isaac Hamel, address- Oxbow, Assiniboia

Aug 30, 1905 School District allowed to borrow $1,000 to build a frame school house
Treasurer's Address- David A. Morgan, Oxbow Assiniboia


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