Forest Glen School #1801

Estevan, Shand, Saskatchewan, Canada

Part of my Dad's 1927 Map

Forest Glen School #1801
located on NW Section 8, Township 1, Range 7, W2 A one Room School
16 miles from Estevan

Ernest Charles Morine was one of the founders of this school, and a school trustee here for many years.
He came to the Forest Glen area in 1902 from the US

1920- W. H. Giggle of Roche Percee, was the teacher here.
He helped the pupils raise $128 to send 9 girls and 3 boys to Moose Jaw by train, for a choir contest, and they won a silver shield.

1920- Mrs Ivan Ross was Sec-Treasurer of the School district, also in 1922

1930- Mrs. Jessie D. Ross was Sec-Treasurer

1936- Mrs. Jessie D. Ross, Estevan SK was Sec-Treasurer of this School District
grades 1-10 in 1936
She was still Sec-Treasurer in 1944

1941- enrolment 11

1944- enrolment- 16, with a 4 roomed teacherage offered

1946- Miss Anna Elving was the teacher here.
enrolment 14 at that time

1959- looking for a teacher, enrolment 16, with a teacherage
School shown 11 miles SE of Estevan in this ad.


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