Auburn School #141

Oxbow, Saskatchewan, Canada

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map

NW Section 16, Township 3, Range 1, W2
SK Homestead records say it was on SW Section 16, and map shows it on the border so that could be accurate.

Mar 29, 1900- Land in arrear of school taxes was auctioned off at the Auburn School House.
James P. Maitland was treasurer at the time.

July 22, 1902- Auburn Protestant Public School #141 was given legal permission to borrow $250 to finish paying the contract of building the school house.

James Patrick Maitland
b- Mar 12, 1858, Montreal, Quebec
d- May 16, 1943 in Glen Ewen SK
buried in Oxbow SK
son of James Maitland (1823-1903) and Jane McRitchie (1818-1910)
married Elizabeth Holmes
daughter- Margaret Elizabeth Maitland, b- May 3, 1895 in SK
daughter- Mary Isabel Maitland, b- Oct 30, 1897 in Oxbow SK
son- David Maitland, b- Mar 30, 1899 in SK
daughter- Laura Viola Maitland, b- July 28, 1900 in Oxbow, SK
daughter- Julia Constance Maitland, b- July 29, 1902 in Oxbow SK
son James Orr Maitland, b- Sept 2, 1905 in Glen Ewen SK
son- Artur Holmes Maitland, b- Mar 11, 1908, in Glen Ewen SK


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