Maurice Hawkinson

Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada

Maurice J. Hawkinson
alt spelling Haakinson
alt Maurice J. Hawkins

b- Dec 16, 1874 in Chimney Rock Township, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, USA
d- May 6, 1928 in Chimney Rock Township, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, USA
found a May 8 1928 obituary from Estevan saying Maurice J. Hawkins had died age 51
The obituary claimed he was a wealthy mine owner, that came 20 years earlier from Wisconsin.
He launched into the Mining and Power Development in the Bienfait district.
His holdings were valued in excess of half a million dollars.
A daughter resided in Portland oregon at the time of his death.

Burial: Chimney Rock Cemetery, Strum,Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, USA

Father- Johannes “John” Haakenson
b- Aug 27, 1845 in Solør Norway
d- Dec 4, 1891 in Chimney Rock Township, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, USA

Mother- Ellen Erickson
b- Mar 11, 1852, Grue Parish Solør, Norway,
d- Jan 30, 1925
She emigrated in 1868 to Blair Wisconsin
(she was 2nd wife of John)
She married John in 1868, same year she arrived in US
Both parents buried in family plot with Maurice

Maurice's parents had 12 children:

Emil Haakenson- 1869 – 1920
Laura Hawkenson- 1871 – 1920
Harold Hawkenson - 1872 – 1872
Hannah Hawkenson- 1873 – 1949
Maurice J Hawkinson- 1874 – 1928
Ole Hawkenson- 1877 – 1948
Ida Hawkenson - 1879 –
Alice Elise Hawkenson- 1882 – 1963
Adelaide Hawkenson -1885 – 1969
Harold “Harry” Hawkenson -1887 – 1968
Hilda Hawkenson- 1890 – 1972
Johannes “Johnny” E. Hawkenson- 1892 – 1963
Time of their mothers death in 1925 this is where they all were:
Mrs. Hannah Gunderson of Gilmanton, Wisconsin;
Mrs. Alice Insteness of Chimney Rock;
Mrs. Ida Erickson of Leeds, North Dakota;
Maurice Hawkenson of Bienfait, Sask., Can.;
Ole Hawkenson of Portland, Oregon;
Adelaide, Hilda, Harry and John of Chimney Rock.

June 9, 1900 US census Maurice was living in Town of Sisseton, Township of Sisseton, Roberts County, SD, USA, Occupation shown as Real Estate and Loans.

wife- Celestia “Lettie” E. Smith
b- June 1880, USA
daughter of Hector Barnard Smith and Ella Elizabeth Combs

Maurice had 2 children I know of
Elizabeth Hawkinson
b- May 2, 1906 Spokane WA

FNU Hawkinson- female
b- Nov 19, 1909 in Spokane WA

the Hawkenson/ Haakinson name is well known in this area of Wisconsin
Hawkinson Creek for one, Haakinson Valley for another
see link below

Will in probate in 1928 in Estevan for Maurice J. Hawkinson

1916 Census, Maurice Hawkinson was shown as age 40, born in USA
Methodist, who immigrated in 1911, Norwegian ancestry, shown as a Coal Mine Operator
married- wife shown as Lovena Hawkinson,
age 30, in USA, Methodist, immigrated in 1913, Irish Nationality

Operated the Hawkinson Mine
Became the Bienfait Mine Co.
later Wilson Mine #1
Located on Township 2, Range 6, W2
Deep Seam Type Mine
Opened by the CPR in 1906, and leased to Maurice Hawkinson.
Managed by Maurice Hawkinson, shown in 1911 census, as a boarder of Albert Rogers family in Bienfait, born Dec 1875, in the USA, age 35.
Nationality- Norwegian, religion Presbyterian. Shown as a Mine proprietor.

Alice Lynch, nee Ward wrote this about his mine, “The old “Hawkie” mine, straight west of Bienfait, was a major coal producing area for years.
Built by Mr. Hawkinson, who also had a store in Bienfait, it employed a number of men until into the 30's.
A large boarding house provided accommodation for the single workers, while two to four roomed company houses provided for families.
The boarding house doubled as community centre, with card parties and dances being held there” She also says it was on the Eastern Half of Section 23

from 1955 History book:
“First Source of Power- was the old Hawkins Mine” (should be Hawkinson mine, or Bienfait Mine)

He was also involved in the Lee Dellage and Lacoste Murder trials as he provided $10,000 bail money for both of them.

In 1931 Hawkinson's Hall was on this corner at #206 Railway Ave. Today, the Legion is where the Hall and the Public Hotel were.

1900 there was a Maurice J. Hawkinson living at Roberts, SD

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