Mannix Family

The Mannix Family

The Mannix Family owned Utility Coals, Manalta Coal, Klimax Mine, to name a few in the Estevan Area.

Company started by Frederick Stephen Mannix

Later operated by his son, Frederick Charles “Fred” Mannix,

Then by his sons Frederick “Fred” Mannix and Ronald “Ron” Mannix

Mannix Family sold their interest in these Coal Mines in 1997

Please note- the Mannix family were not pleased with my history-genealogy page, and had an employee contact me, to remove the whole thing. This is all that remains, sad to say.

But if you happen to check out Ancestry, the whole Mannix family tree is on there, loaded by a “legitimate” family member, so will be tough to get him to remove it from there.

EXT LINK Book written about the Business from 1898-1998
Note- I don't have the book, nor have I seen it.
published by Loram in 1998, 465 pages.


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