Gow Family

I know at least one of the Gow family came from Morris MB

I know Neil Gow and George F. Gow were in the area.

George Frederick Gow,
  aka: Daddy Gow, aka Mr. Gow Sr.
b- July 10, 1835 at Portsmouth England,
baptized July 19, 1835 at Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK
d- Apr 17, 1911 in Winnipeg MB, age 76
buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg, MB

Married and had 6 children
Wife- Elizabeth Gow, nee ?
b- 1833 or 1834 in Ontario
d- Dec 6, 1897, age 64, in Winnipeg, MB

1871 census George and family, were living in Macaulay, Muskoka, Ontario
1891 census he was living in Sub District of Youville, district of Provencher, MB
He was a Businessman, Farmer, Hotelier, and Indian agent.
Feb 26, 1894 he was at a meeting in Estevan with all the other business men of the day, described as “the Old War Horse” At the age of seventeen he accompanied his family to Canada West from Ireland, where he had spent his childhood. 
In 1878 the Conservative Government appointed him Indian Agent at Winnipeg but he resigned the position within a few months
To become proprietor of the Morris House, Morris, Manitoba, where he combined farming with his hotel business for fifteen years.
He moved to Estevan and was in the coal business there for twelve years.
He then returned to Winnipeg, operating a real estate and insurance business until his retirement.

Father- John Gow
Mother- Margaret Paterson

I believe he had a sister named Ann Gow

From a History book- “The Second mine in the district, about a mile east of the present Taylorton Bridge, was operated by Mr. Gowe, known far and wide as “Daddy Gowe”.
Here I think Gowe should be spelled Gow
I believe the official name of this mine was The Assiniboia and North-West Coal Company


Son- Frederick (Fred) George Gow
b- 1858 or 1859 in Ontario
  d- July 17, 1937 in Winnipeg MB, age 79
buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg, MB
who married Isabella (Bella) Brown
His son Fred had children in the Coalfields area, and in MB
in his obit they show Neil Gow in Winnipeg was his brother- see below
also a Walter Gow was shown as a brother.
Fred shown as a Fruit Inspector with Dominion Govt

daughter- Mary Ann Gow
b- ca 1860 in ON
shown age 11 in 1871 census shown as Mrs Hillprice in Redlands, AB in 1937

daughter- Marjorie Elizabeth Gow
b- ca 1870 in ON, age 1 in 1871 census
died age 4, buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg MB

son- Neil Gow
b- age 3 in 1871, in ON

applied for Homestead Grant-
Application Date: 16 Dec 1892
Homestead Number: 56120
NE Section: 32, Township: 1, Range: 6, W2

1891 married to Ida (see below), and shown as a letter carrier

June 1893, Neil Gow and his wife, owned a farm near Roche Percee, and the newspaper article says, he was formerly from the Post Office. Down in the valley from his farm was the Hassard Mine.
They inspected the Hassard mine, and it had 300 yard long cuttings, and they were 90 ft from the surface.
They were well tracked, with air vents, and with a weighing apparatus. $1 a ton was paid to the farmers to haul the coal to the Bienfait Station,
as no railroad was down at Roche Percee at that time.
A walk of 10 minutes took them to the “Old Price Mine” which Mr. Gow Sr (George F. Gow above) was operating.
There was a brickyard between these 2 mines operated by 2 men, names not known. A Mr and Mrs Russell were in the area as well.

A Neil Gow enlisted in WWI May 23, 1916 in Winnipeg.
shown b- July 22, 1871 in Midland ON
b-1867 in letter carrier govt records, which I think is correct
Living in Winnipeg MB, shown as a Well Driller
married Ida May Gow, nee Hulse, oct 29, 1890 in Winnipeg, MB
b- ca 1875 in ON
d- 1959
1901 both shown living in Winnipeg, same for 1921
Neil Gow died Mar 1942, buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg MB

son- Walter John Gow, living in Lulu Island BC in 1937
b- Dec 24, 1869 in Midlands, ON shown living with the family, age 6 in 1871 in ON He was a postal clerk in North vancouver when he enlisted in WWI


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