Isaac Cockburn

Taylorton, Coalfields, Saskatchewan, Canada

Isaac Cockburn
b- Aug 1841 in Berwick ON
d- May 8, 1927, age 87, in Victoria Hospital, in Winnipeg MB
Buried at Gravenhurst ON

Isaac Cockburn owned a mine in the area, ca 1892,

He hired William Lemond (Billy) Hamilton, who became pit boss, manager, shareholder, then owner
Isaac Cockburn was a Director of a Tabor Alberta Coal mine and W. L. Hamilton was the General Manager of that mine,
moving from the Souris Coal Mine. So I am pretty sure I have the right Cockburn here.

The community of Coalfields grew up around the Hamilton mine, located in the side of the valley,
Hamilton built a substantial house called Eagle's nest,
Above the mine, where his daughter Jessie was born.
In 1905 this mine was sold, and Hamilton moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta
See “New Crescent Mine” for his story

The only Isaac Cockburn I can find is this fellow below.

The hamlet of Berwick Ontario, was first settled by four brothers from Scotland,
Adam, Peter, James and Isaac Cockburn, in the early 1800s.
They established Cockburn Corners, which was later renamed Berwick,
Named after their home village in Scotland.

The Isaac Cockburn who mined here, 
Retired from business interests in and mining,
  It's known he moved to Winnipeg around 1901.  
Named after his Uncle Isaac Cockburn.
Served on Winnipeg City Council, Ward 1 Alderman, from 1918-1919

Father Peter Cockburn, Mother Mary Cockburn, nee McMillan
1851 His father was a merchant at Finch, Stormont Co, ON
Isaac shown as age 13 in 1851 census, which is a bit off to his actual birth date?

Isaac's wife was Alicia (Ida) Secord,
b- ca 1839 in Canada
They were married Apr 13, 1876, in Toronto ON
she was a widow, first, married name Clayton.
She was a granddaughter of Laura Secord, nee Ingersoll, 
Laura Secord (1775-1863), died age 93, the heroine of the 1812 war.
Alicia's father was Charles Badeau Secord,(1809-1873) a barrister,
who died in 1872, his wife was Margaret Robbins.
He was the only son of James and Laura Secord. 
He lived in Newark at one time.
Alicia's grandfather was a James Secord. 

Isaac was a lumber merchant in Toronto in 1876
There was an Isaac Cockburn who was postmaster at Coalfields (Taylorton), Dec 1, 1897-Mar 28, 1901
1907 he was in a court trial shown as former Secretary Western Retail Lumber Dealer's Association
1906 census he and his wife were in the La Claire Hotel, 187 Garry St in Winnipeg, he age 66, her age 62, name Ida
2010 this is called the Windsor Hotel, and is ready to be possibly demolished
ca 1890 he owned Cockburn's Mill at Gravenhurst ON, when they had a fire and he had a battle with a Fire Insurance Company

no known document to verify this is the correct Isaac Cockburn. Only thing that works out is he resigned postmaster at Coalfields, Mar 1901, and this fellow was in Winnipeg after that 
But I can't find him or his wife in 1901 census, anywhere in Canada? Did he sell the coal mine, and take off travelling?  
Probably wrong spelling of the name in the census?
do I have the correct guy?

Oct 4, 1898- Big storm reported. Manager Cockburn and his wife returned from Winnipeg.
Mar 8, 1900- A Mr. J. Cockburn is away on business, in this newspaper article.
So is it J. or I. Cockburn?
I am pretty sure this is a misprint, and Isaac is correct

His mine was located near Community of Coalfields, Section 4?, Township 2, Range 6, W2

His brother Alexander Peter Cockburn, b- Apr 7, 1837 in Finch, Stormont, ON, was the Secretary of the Muskoga Navigation and Hotel Company when he died, and in 1866 he built the “Wenonah” the first Sidewheel Steamer to ply Muskoka Lake.

Misc Newspaper articles about Isaac Cockburn's activities

Oct 4, 1898 Coalfield news

Mar 8, 1900 Coalfield news


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