Nicholson Mine

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Nicholson Mine

N1/2 LSD 9 & E 1/2 LSD 15, Section 2, Township 2, Range 8, W2

Owned by Malcolm Nicholson.
He owned the Mineral rights patent on the property.

Malcolm had his homestead on the NE quarter of this land 2-2-8 W2.

Malcolm Nicholson
b- 1855, in Kincardine ON
d- July 19, 1945, in St. Joseph's Hospital, Estevan, age 90
buried in Estevan City Cemetery.
Orangeman's Lodge in charge of his funeral
Resident of Estevan for more than 40 years.
He went to Commonwealth Wisconsin in 1881, from Kincardine ON
Came to Estevan in 1902, and started this valley coal mine.
Operated threshing outfits for many years, well known in the Gainsborough district at threshing time.
He suffered a stroke in Oct. 1944

He married Alvina Brown in Wisconsin
d- 1897

Malcolm and Alvina had 3 sons:
Harry William Nicholson
(see below)

Murdock Nicholson,
b- Oct 1890 in USA
d- aft 1945
living in Minneapolis MN, USA in 1945

Charles “Charlie” Nicholson,
b- Oct 1892 in ND, USA
d- aft 1945
living in USA in 1945

This mine was sold to his son Harry William Nicholson, who was Mayor of Estevan for a total of 28 years.
(26 consecutive)

Harry William Nicholson
b- Jan 16, 1888, in Mclean County, ND
d- 1982,
buried in Souris Valley Memorial Cemetery
Came to Estevan in 1907

He married Laura Bertha McDonald in 1916
b- 1890
d- Mar 31, 1966
daughter of Peter McDonald

This Mine was operating in 1917.
A Mr. Herb Culbert hauled the first load of coal from this mine, and delivered it to the residents of Estevan.

Ernest George Foord Sr. b- July 1887, Kent, England, from 1922-25, he hauled coal from this mine with his 12 teams of horses and mules, to the railroad,
the old power plant, and local delivery.
His wife Mary Foord, nee Bourke, ran the boarding house at this mine.

Operated by Pete Gemby from Bienfait.
It was located in the ravine directly south of the south east corner of the present Woodlawn Golf Course.
Pete Gemby was blacklisted from the big Coal Companies after the 1931 strike. May Day is a paid holiday in the Union contracts, and is locally referred to as Gemby Day, in his honour.


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