Cundall Mine

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

aka: M & C Mine
aka: Munshaw & Cundall Mine

Located at N 1/2 LS 14, Section 36, Township 1, Range 9, W2

map above a portion of my dad's 1927 map, which doesn't show the mine yet.
In what was referred to as the Madigan School district, since the school was only 1 1/2 miles NW of the mine
(note the half section to the east of the mine is squished on this copy actual size is half again as wide)

Mine operated from 1932 - 1942 (Article below says it operated from 1933 to 1946)

Operated by George Edward B. Munshaw, and George Cundall

George Edward B. Munshaw
b- Feb 28, 1879 in Pottageville, King Township, York North, Ontario
d- Sept 1, 1949,
Buried in Estevan City Cemetery
Mother- Elizabeth Munshaw, nee Pottage
b- Jan 1846 in Ontario
(note- Pottageville was named after an Edward Pottage)
Age 22 in 1901 living in York ON, no father shown in census
with 2 sisters and 2 brothers
1881 census, father shown as George Munshaw, blacksmith
b- 1843, age 32, in King, York North, Ontario
strange his mother here is shown born in 1849 as well, age 32
wife- Mary M. Harnden,
b- 1886 in Cobourg, Ontario
married Mar 29, 1907, in Bracebridge, Muskoka County, Ontario

His oldest son Ross Munshaw managed the mine at various times

George Cundall
b- Jan 19, 1894, Harrogate, Reg. District Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire, England
d- Jan 7, 1980, age 85, St Joseph Hospital, Estevan SK
buried in Souris Valley Memorial Cemetery Father- Richard Cundall, born Yorks Leeds, age 36, occupation Carter
Wife- Violet Alice (registered as Agnes not Alice?) Pilcher,
b- Jan-Mar 1900 in Elham Reg. Dist. Kent, UK
d- Dec 19, 1989
buried in SVMC in Estevan
married Nov 2, 1918 in Elham Reg. district, Kent, UK
George Enlisted in WWI, Apr 27, 1916, served in the battle of Vimy Ridge

The Cundall farm, became the Pleasantdale Subdivision in Estevan.

One source says the Coal Mine was on Mr. Cundall's land, along the town line.
Location above is on George Cundall's land, which was 6 miles north of the border, owned by SPC by 1978 or earlier.

Piece of rusted Flat Iron Rail, from the George Cundall Mine.
Found by Bob Leslie, while strip mining south of Estevan,
they dug into this old mine, and found this artefact.
It was given to Duane Bill, in Calgary.
I thank Duane for this photo

Then comes this Mar 1972 article, from the Sask Power Magazine called “Hi-Lines”, written and photos by Fred Ramsay,
About Utility Coals Ltd. finding the old Cundall Mine, While strip mining for coal, south of Estevan
Frederic “Fred” Ramsay, b- July 9, 1935 in Ile-a-le-Crosse, SK, d- Dec. 23, 2014 in Regina SK

Thanks to Barry Dies for submitting this bit of history.
His father, John Dies, Equipment Operator, Jack Larsen, Utility Coals Foreman, and Louis Carriere, Superintendent of Utility Coals, are mentioned in the article.
The article describes George Cundall coming to Canada in 1911. George Munshaw was drilling for a water well for Mr. Cundall, when he found the coal seam.
Mr. Munshaw operated the mine, and Mr. Cundall travelled the area to sell the coal at $2.50 a ton.
The Cundall Mine measured 300 x 400 ft approx., It contained 10 rooms 14 ft wide x 30 ft long.
They found 3 rusted rail cars that were totally rotten, and went to dust when they tried to save them.
In the pictures you can also see lots of metal wheels and axles.


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