Frank sr Phiscator

  • b- 1862 , Michigan USA
  • d- Dec 31, 1905, , 2nd floor, Grand Hotel, San Francisco, CA



  • Frank Sr. was first married to a Miss Fitzgerald, who he met in Montana.
    • He divorced her.
  • He then remarried, Josephine “Josie” “Jose” Smith, as shown above, and had his only son, Frank Jr.
    • We know James married Josephine in Dawson,and she divorced him ,
    • money from the divorce would have went into the Terrace Hotel.
    • When they divorced, Frank Sr. got custody of his son.
  • He then was married for the 3rd time to Edna Olive “Nellie” Phiscator, nee Boyd, Nov 26, 1898 in Berrien Co. Michigan.
    • 1901 Yukon Census shows Frank Sr and Edna Olive in Dawson City.
    • He was shown age 39, she is shown age 25
    • He is shown as a mine owner.
    • Came to Canada from Michigan in 1896
    • She came to Canada from Michigan in 1899.
  • I know he was divorced from Edna. (see note below about Franks suicide


Frank Phiscator Sr. was a Millionaire Gold Miner from the early gold strikes in the Yukon, and one of the Pioneers of the Klondike Gold Rush. He built the First house in Dawson City and He had 2 rich claims on Bonanza Creek. From the first shipment of gold to Seattle a newspaper artical said: “Frank Phiscator from Baroda, Michigan, who spent just three months in Alaska and disembarked the Portland with from ,000 to 0,000 in gold”

He was one of the few that kept his claims, after he struck it rich. Most made money and then sold their claims. He operated a huge dredging outfit on Eldorado Creek Claim 2, on Eldorado Creek (a full mile of the creek).

He was known as the “Klondike King” and Pioneer. The Government actually took one of his claims on the Eldorado away, as you could only have one claim per creek. In its stead they traded him one on Bonanza Creek for it. As it turned out the one on Eldorado was next to worthless, and the one on Bonanza was worth millions, that is how luck followed him around, in all ways but marriage, and this plus brandy ended his life. He committed suicide after trying to get back together,with his 3rd wife Edna, by cutting his throat with a razor. He was buried in Hinman Cemetery, Berrien Co. Michigan, USA

His Will gave most of his money and property to his son Frank Jr., which was later contested by Josephine. Claimed to be 0,000.00 value plus, she was going to court to obtain custody of Frank Jr. and thus control the estate left to her son. When Jr. was 18 she had joint custody with Mr. Scott. Jr. was given 5 a month for his education and money for a new car.

Turned out they found safety deposit boxes later and his fortune grew and grew. He owned property all over the country. All this was inherited by his son, who at one time lived near my house in Southside of Terrace!

Found an article from 1906 that said Frank Sr. was married and divorced twice by then. 3rd wife, Edna, he met 2 hours before he married her in ca 1902. (1898 actually) She was a waitress at the Hotel Whitcomb, St. Joseph, Michigan. She went back to the Yukon with him. (in 1901 census there) Obviously money wasn't everything, as they divorced as well.

In another article I read on his death, he was reported to marry a third time. This was a 20 year old girl. This would be Edna. It was reported he had a baby girl also, with one of these wives but don't see her mentioned in his will, or anywhere else. His 3rd wife was living in the Northern Hotel, in Dawson City, Yukon, when he died. He telegrammed her to meet him at the Grand Hotel in San Francisco she arrived before he committed suicide.

His one habit was Brandy, and this he drank in large quantities it appears. He had been drinking at the time of his death.

In his will it stated Frank Jr. was with his mother, Josephine Gordon and a Mr. Scott. Turns out Mr. Charles B. Scott was Secretary of his Estate. He was from Gardiner Montana. He was the Executor of the Will and Guardian of Frank Jr. In 1920 he was living in Gardiner, as a Farmer, Own Stock Ranch age 64 in 1920, b- ca 1856 in Iowa his wife- Adelaide D. Scott, age 44, b- Montana 1930 he owned a Real Estate Office in Gardiner. By early 1900's he operated a Saloon in Gardiner. Known as a merchant, and also had a freight business. Unknown to me the real connection to Frank Sr.

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