War Memorial, Fenelon Falls ON

Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada

List of names that are on the Cenotaph in the Veteran's Memorial Peace Park in Fenelon Falls
Dedicated to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 238, and the Ladies Auxillary

Note- List compiled from a photo of the memorial, I apologize in advance for typos and wrong transposing.
I hopefully will find the errors and fix them, when I research each name.

The Red Ensign
They Fought Under This Flag

The Red Poppy

For God and Country, These Gave Their Lives, Lest We Forget
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Those Who Died in Active Service in WWI:

Thomas “Grenville” Aldous
b- Nov 19, 1895 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- Apr 9, 1917 Killed in Action in France
reg #725507, enlisted in Fenelon Falls
Father- John Aldous, Mother -Arabella Aldous

Fred Barratt
my guess for him living in Wellwood ON when he enlisted, closest one I can find, but has an e not an a in surname?
Fred Azellus Barrett
b- Nov 19, 1890 Jolliette City, Quebec
d- Apr 9, 1917 Killed in Action
Rank- Pte., reg #754049, single
Father- Jerry Barrett in Portland Oregon

Stephen Walter Brooker
b- Apr 21, 1897 Brentwood, Ilford, Essex, England
d- Aug 1, 1917, Died of Wounds received in Action
bried in Bethune Town Cemetery, France
Enlisted in Uxbridge ON, Single
Rank- Pte, Reg No-745030
Mother Alice Brooker Brentwood, Essex, England, a Widower

Alex Campbell
b- ?
d- ?
so far can't find anything on this soldier

Walter Austin Cosby
b- July 1, 1897 Sussex, England
d- Apr 9, 1917 Killed in Action, France
buried Lens France- Souchez Canadian Cemetery
Cemetery Location:4 Miles South West of Lens, France
Next of kin Guardians, Dr. Barnardo's Home, London, England
Occupation farmer, living at Cameron RR#1
Rank- Pvt., Reg #725533

William “Earle” Cotey
b- Jan 21, 1894 in Lindsay ON
d- Mar 23, 1917 Died of Wounds
Rank- Pvt., Reg No: 454608
wife- Florence Cotey, who remarried Oct 30, 1919, Boisseau,she lived at St. Louis MO

Douglas Coulter
b- ?
d- ?
so far can't find anything on this soldier

Russell Alexander Cragg
b- Feb 7, 1889 in Lindsay, Victoria, ON
d- June 2, 1916 Killed in the area Ypres Salient
Menin Gate (Ypres) Memorial, Belgium
Grave Reference: Panel 30 and 32
Force: Army
Rank- Pvt, Reg #109282
occupation- Tele-Operator
Father- Abraham F. Cragg, a Tailor, in Lindsay ON, Mother- Mary Jane Lee

Robert John Donaldson
b- Oct 15, 1894 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- Nov 10, 1917 Killed in Action in the field France or Belgium
Rank- Pte.,Reg No: 725569, Occupation Lumberman
Father- George Donaldson, Mother- Sarah Elizabeth Donaldson

George Farrow
b- Nov 15, 1879 in Pontypool, ON
d- ?
Reg #725503 enlisted in Fenelon Falls Nov 23, 1915, Labourer, single
Father- James Farrow, Minden ON
Not sure if I have the proper soldier here, I don't think so

Jack Gordon
Parents lived in Sheffield England in 1914, when he went to visit them from Fenelon Falls
He was in the Machine Gun Section in Kingston in 1914

Joseph Gordon
Can't identify this soldier

George Carlton Hall
b- Jan 20, 1898, Cambray, Victoria, ON
d- June 28, 1917 Killed in Action
Rank- Pte, Reg No-725217, enlisted in Lindsay On Feb 1916, Farmer, Single
father- William John Hall, Mother- Jennie Hall, both in Lindsay ON

Horace (Major) Hutchins
b- Jan 28, 1868 in Kemptville ON
d- Apr 9, 1917 Killed in Action, in the field in France
Liveryman, married, next of kin- his wife living in Kemptville ON.
Wife died, next of kin changed to brother Levi Hutchins in Vancouver BC

Irvine Junkin
b- Apr 17, 1897 Verulam Township, ON
d- Sept 27, 1918, Killed in Action in France
enlisted Jan 25, 1918 in Kingston ON, died 8 mo later!
Rank- Pte., Reg No-3056242, Single, Farmer
sister- Mrs H. Nichols, Bobcaygeon ON
brother- Richard Junkin

Percy John Clayton Junkin
b- Mar 6, 1891 Verulam Township, ON
d- Nov 20, 1916 Killed in Action
enlisted Jan 26, 1916 in Bobcaygeon ON, killed 10 mo later
rank- Pte., Reg No- 725589
Father- Robert Junkin, Bobcaygeon, ON

Albert Edward Kirton
b- May 28, 1892 in Middlesborough, Yorks, England
d- Sept 3, 1918
buried in Quant Rd Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France
Grave Reference:VII. C. 29.
Unit:Canadian Field Artillery
Division:6th Bde.
reg # 157614
He was from Bexley Township in 1911, single
shown in 1911 census in Bexley Tsp, Victoria, farm hand, immigrated in 1901
Mother- Mary Kirton

William Kirton
b- June 1, 1890 Yorkshire, England
d- Mar 21, 1918, Killed in Action France
Farmer, single, enlisted in Beaverton ON
Father- W. H. Kirton, Mother- Mrs Margaret Kirton
Lived in Woodville ON when he enlisted

Lawrence McLean Lord
b-ca 1900, Grafton ON
d- Sept 15, 1918 age 18
Rank- Second Lieutenant
buried- Upavon Church Cemetery, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
Grave Reference: 29
Force: Air Force
Unit: Royal Air Force
Division: Central Flying School

Father- Rev. Charles Stanfield Lord, BA BD
b- Aug 26, 1858, Tryon, PEI
d- June 19, 1925, Victoria, ON, age 66
Presbyterian Clergyman
son of John Lord and Ellen ? both born in Tryon PEI
Mother- Mary Lord nee McLean,
b-Sept 30, 1859, PEI
d- Aug 31, 1946 Ewart House, Toronto, ON, age 86
buried in Fenelon Falls ON,
both living in Fenelon Falls, ON when sons served.

brother- James Stanfield Lord, b- abt 1888, d- Apr 21, 1972 in Vancouver BC
brother- Theodore “Vernon” Lord, also served in WWI (see below)
brother Arthur Charles Lord, also served in WWI (see below)

Russell Hugh McDougall
b- Oct 24, 1887 Fenelon Falls ON
d- Aug 22, 1916 in Bramshott Hospital, England, from Bronchial Pneumonia
Rank- Corporal, Reg No- 725536, Infantry
Draughtsman, Single
Father- A. E. McDougall, mother- Mrs A. E. McDougall

Robert Henry Mark
b- Sept 17, 1883, Cameron ON
d- Nov 3, 1917, died of wounds
reg #-724272, Enlisted in Lindsay ON, Apr 29,1916, shown as a farmer, married
wife- Margaret Mark, PO Cameron, ON
father- Henry Mark

Sherman McNeil
b- May 24, 1887, Red Rock (Bobcaygeon?), ON
d- June 22, 1917 Died of Wounds received in Action, France
Rank- A/Sgt, Reg No- 446445
Mother- Mrs Hannah McNeil, Edmonton AB
Father- deceased, bothers were married

Charles Norman Metcalfe
b- July 7, 1886 Verulam Township, ON
d- Sept 15, 1918 Killed in Action, France
Rank- Pte, Reg No-724183, farmer, Single, enlisted in Lindsay ON Apr 3, 1916
Father- George Metcalfe, Fenelon Falls ON

Richard Leece Morris
b- Feb 16, 1897 Newcastle on Tyne, England
d- Aug 27, 1918, Killed in Action
Rank- L/Sgt, Reg No- 724557, enlisted in Lindsay ON Oct 21, 1915, farmer, single
father- Richard Leece Morris, Newcastle on Tyne, England
sister- Miss H. Morris- Edinburgh, Scotland

William James Morrison
b- Dec 13, 1876 Victoria Co, ON
d- May 14, 1917 Died of wounds in Boulogne Hospital
Reg No-724239, enlisted in Lindsay ON Apr 14, 1916, Moulder, married
wife- Helena Morrison

John Denby Naylor
b- Mar 28, 1896 Fenelon Township, Victoria, ON
d- May 10, 1917, Died of Wounds
Reg No- 725568, enlisted in Lindsay ON Jan 8, 1916
Father- Isaac Naylor
sister Miss Lois Naylor, both in RR1, Cameron ON

Neil Smith Patton
b- Feb 14, 1895, Fenelon Township, Verulam, ON
d- Sept 30, 1918 Killed in Action
Rank- Sgt., Reg No- 724125
Father- John Patton, Cambray ON, mother- Mary Ann Patton, Lindsay RR1

Leslie Benson Quigg
b- Dec 25, 1889, Sunderland ON
d- Sept 15, 1916, Killed in Action
Rank- Pte., Reg No- 168671, enlisted Sept 27, 1915 St. Catherines ON, Tailor, married
Partner- Miss Phoebe J. Kelley,, St. Catherines ON
2 boys 5 girls
mother- Mrs J. B. Quigg, Fenelon Falls ON

James Thomas Sandiland
b- Mar 4, 1892 in London England
d- Sept 17, 1916 Killed in Action in France
Rank- Sgt, Reg No-454184, Labourer, single, Enlisted Feb 18, 1915 in Lindsay ON
father- James Sandiland (see below)
mother- Sarah Sandiland

John Wilfred Shankland
b- Jan 30, 1897, Somerville, ON
d- Nov 9, 1917, 10 Casualty Clearing Station, Died of Wounds
Rank- Pte, Reg No-725524, farmer, single, enlisted in Nov 15, 1915 in Fenelon Falls ON
father- Thomas Shankland, Fenelon Falls ON
brother- Thomas Shankland Esq., Fenelon Falls
sister- Miss N. Shankland, Fenelon Falls

Arthur James Stillwell
b- Jan 16, 1890 Lilley, Bedfordshire, England
d- Feb 14, 1919, Canadian Gen Hospital, Le Treport, Broncho Pneumonia
Rank- Pte., Reg No-725594, Farmer, Single, enlisted in Lindsay ON Feb 3, 1916
father- Charles Stillwell, at Lilley, Luton, Bedfordshire, England

Charles “Howard” Stinson
b- Oct 9, 1897 Verulam Co, ON
d- May 9, 1917
Vimy Memorial
Reg No- 725549, farmer, single
father- Joseph Stinson
mother- Mary Ann Junkin

Gordon Taggart
b- Mar 1, 1897 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- Dec 27, 1917 at 7 Stationary Hospital in Boulogne, in France, died from TB Pulmonary
Reg No- 725559, Enlisted Dec 28, 1915 in Fenelon Falls, ON, Farmer, Single
Mother- Mary Cooper, Cameron ON

Melville Edgar Tamblyn (Tamlin?)
born Tamblyn, shown as Tamlin in war records?
b- Aug 24, 1897, Woodville, Victoria, ON
d- Oct 24, 1918 in England, from Pneumonia and Flu
Reg No- 3059964, Single, Farmer, enlisted in Barriefield ON May 17, 1918
buried Seaford Cemetery, Sussex, England
Grave Ref- A. 605.
Force: Army
Unit: Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force
Division: 6th Reserve Bn.
Father- Samuel Tamlin, living in Cambray, ON, Mother- Sarah White

Harry Wilkinson
b- Mar 27, 1887 Fenelon Falls, ON
d- Apr 19, 1917, Died of wounds Boulogne Gen Hospital
Rank- Pte., Reg No-725535, farmer, married, enlisted in Fenelon Falls, ON, Dec 11, 1915
wife- Gladys Wilkinson in Peterboro, ON
mother- Mary Ann Wilkinson

William Albert Wright
b- Sept 1, 1898 Bernardo Home, London, England,
d- Apr 27, 1917 Killed in Action, in France
Rank- Pte., Reg #724123, Enlisted in Fenelon Falls ON
mother- Annie Wright Oldham, Poorlaw, Lancaster, England

Frank York
b- Mar 19, 1888 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- Aug 14, 1918, Killed in Action in France
Buried at Roye New British Cemetery, France, mem ref II. B. 10.
Reg No: 196000,
Next of kin his mother Mrs. H. York, and his wife Mrs. Edna York in Winnipeg MB

Those who Served in WWI:

George Wilbert Akister
b- Sept 11, 1888 in Victoria Co, ON
d- Sept 22, 1916 newspapers reported he died of wounds, so why isn't he in list above? more research needed
Rank- Pte., Reg No-427822, Farmer, Single
Father- James Akister, living in Fenelon Falls ON

William Armstrong
b- ?
d- ?
so many of the same name, will research when I have time one day

Giles Aspin
b- ?
d- ?
Can't seem to find this soldier, or wrong spelling

Herbert Jesse Attfield
b- Mar 28, 1891 Portsmouth, England
d- ?
Reg No- 527836, Farmer, single
lived in Kirkfield ON when he enlisted
father- James Attfield
mother- Kate Attfield in Portsmouth, England

James Henry Richard Austin
b- June 9, 1898 in London England
d- ?
Reg No-724058, enlisted in Fenelon Falls, ON Mar 7, 1916
He came with Dr. Bernardo Home Children Group
Departure Port: Glasgow, Scotland
Arrival Date: Mar 9, 1911 at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, age 11
Vessel: Sicilian

Pearl “Beatrice” Austin
b- Feb 11, 1886 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- Dec 31, 1974 in Queen elizabeth Hospital, Toronto, ON
Buried- Fenelon Falls Cemetery, Fenelon Falls, Kawartha Lakes Municipality, Ontario, Canada
Plot- 018, Lot Dy8 - 13
Rank: NS, professional nurse
Regiment: Canadian Army Medical Corps
father- John W. Austin
mother- Elizabeth Jane Grogan

John Percival “Percy” Bagshaw
b- July 12, 1893 Matclock, Derbyshire, England
d- ?
Reg No- 412671, labourer, Single, enlisted in Lindsay ON Feb 22, 1915
sister- Mary Elizabeth Bagshaw
father- Thomas Henry Bagshaw, mother Mary M. Briddon
Percy married Luella Helena Kinnear Mar 23, 1918 at Lindsay, Kawartha Lakes, ON
b- 1899

John Wesley Barber
b- Nov 21, 1884 Port Seven ON
b- ?
Reg No-412668, farmer, single, enlisted in Lindsay ON Feb 18, 1915
father- William Henry Barber
Mother- Hariette Barber living in Fenelon Falls ON
married Mary Nash May 21, 1924 York, ON

Sydney Barratt
b- ?
d- ?
possibly Sidney Alfred Barrett, Reg No- 144883 ?

John “Garnet” Barriball (alt- Bariball)
b- Nov 2, 1895 Essonville ON
d- June 25, 1972
buried in Fenelon Falls, ON
headstone says name is Garnett and surname Barriball, birth reg shows Garnet and Bariball?
Reg No-3059714, farmer, single
father- John Barriball at Fenelon Falls ON
mother- Annie Smith
married Catharine Jenkinson

William Robert Beard
b- Sept 15, 1892 London England
d- ?
Reg No- 725508, farmer, single, enlisted in Fenelon Falls Nov 15, 1915

Edward Joseph Beteau
b- June 16, 1878 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- ?
Reg No-725509, Clerk, married
wife- Mary Beteau living at Fenelon Falls ON

John Bethune
b- June 1, 1870 Glengarry Co. ON
d- ?
Rank:LCP, Reg No-725552, Railroader, Married, enlisted in Fenelon Falls Dec 28, 1915
Father- John Bethune
Mother- Sarah Bethune
wife- Ellen Ann “Annie” Symons

Charles Albert Brooks
b- Apr 11, 1895 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- ?
Reg No-725582, Farmer, single, enlisted in Jan 19, 1916 in Fenelon Falls ON
father- George James Brooks in Fenelon Falls ON
mother- Laura Bowser
married Agnes “Aggie” Olive Davis Feb 22, 1918 Victoria Co., ON

Lloyd Brown
b- ?
d- ?
just can't pin this one down

Norval C. Bucknam
b- June 21, 1896 Simcoe Co. ON
d- 1978
buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Burlington, ON
Rank: LT, Reg No-7255731, Banker, Single, enlisted in Fenelon Falls ON, Dec 31, 1915
Father- Byron Bucknam
Mother- Bertha Percilla Dixon
married Hazel Jone Rodman 20 Aug 1923, Simcoe ON

James Bulmer
b- Oct 21, 1898 Summerville, Victoria, ON
d- ?
Reg No-1087117, Labourer, Single, Feb 6, 1917 enlisted in Lindsay ON
Father- William Bulmer

Robert Bulmer
b- June 19, 1896 Summerville, Victoria, ON
d- ?
Reg No-3059706, farmer, single, enlisted in Barriefield, May 15, 1918
Mother- Mrs Sarah Ann Bulmer

John “Bidwell” Burgess
b- Nov 27, 1884 Tweed, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 1087019, Tailor, married, enlisted in Lindsay, ON, Nov 6, 1916
wife- Greta Gertrude Burgess

Philip Raymond Burgess
b- Nov 22, 1887 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- ?
Reg No-862923, Machinist, single
Father- Philip Burgess in Edmonton AB

Ernest Bynell
b- ?
d- ?

Murdock Alexander Campbell
b- Sept 27, 1874, Lindsay ON
d- ?
Rank: SGT, Reg No-830054
brother- A.S. Campbell- Winnipeg MB

Joseph Henry R. Carley
b- Oct 29, 1894 Woodville ON
d- ?
Reg No- 725510, Tailor, Single
Father- Alexander “Alex” Carley
brother below

William Alexander Carley
b- Sept 4, 1888, (1891 in Birth Reg) Eldon, Victoria Co, ON
d- ?
Reg No's- 255503, and 490856, Druggist, Single
He was living in Kerrobert SK when he enlisted Aug 19, 1916 in Toronto ON
Father- Alexander Carley
Mother- Catharine Annabella Carley, nee Hall in Fenelon Falls ON

Bernard Chambers
b- Sept 18, 1892 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- ?
Reg No-3060197, Carpenter, mnarried
Wife- Flossie Pearl Chambers at Peterboro, ON

Harry (Chamagne or Champagne or Campaigne?)
b- ?
d- ?
Reg No- ?

Percy Clarence Chandler
b- Feb 5, 1895 in London, England
d- ?
Reg No-1087014, farmer, single
Mother- Catharine Chandler, London England

John Chatten
b- July 5, 1888 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No-407063, Car Repairer
sister- Vera Chatten in Peterboro

Thomas Cochrane
b- ?
d- ?
Can't pick this soldier out

John Cook
b- ?
d- ?

Maurice Sullivan Cook
b- Jan 15, 1886 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 59194, laborer, married
wife- May Cooke

Rev. A. Cooke
b- ?
d- ?

Horace Creasy
b- Sept 28, 1899 London, England
d- ?
Rank-GNR, Reg No-1087018, labourer, single
brother- John Creasy- see below

John Creasy
b- May 3, 1897 London England
d- ?
Reg No-725561, farmer single
brother- Horace Creasy above
lived in canada from 1912-1925 went to Chicago IL, returned in 1927 as a teacher.
sister Mrs. Wamuca, living in Orillia ON

Robert Stewart Cross
b- Nov 7, 1896 in Toronto ON
d- ?
Rank- CPT, Reg No-410138
Mother- Mrs E. A. Cross, Ottawa ON

William J. Cummings
b- ?
d- ?

Wilford “Walter” Cunday (alt spelling Cundy)
b- July 29, 1894 Township of Fenelon Falls, Victoria Co., ON
d- Nov 21, 1961 Lindsay ON
Buried- Zion Cemetery, Lot 18 Con 4, Fenelon Twp., Victoria Co., ON
Reg No- 725012, farmer, single
Father- John Bryant Cunday in Cameron ON
Mother- Annie Marie Parkin
married Daisy Agnes Young, bet Oct-Dec 1917 Hambledon Reg Dist, Surrey
b- June 10, 1893 in England,
She immigrated in 1919 to Canada
daughter- Thelma Alice Cunday, b- ca 1919 in England
daughter- Ruby Annie Cunday, b- ca 1925 1934 family address- Chiddington, Surrey UK
1937 Haslemere Road, Witley, Surrey

Henry Curtis
b- ?
d- ?

Donald Edward “Eddy” Daynes?
b- Aug 16, 1899 Eldon township, Victoria, ON
d- Nov 21, 1930 Grasshill, ON
buried- Bolsover Presbyterian Cemetery
Reg No- 724214, labourer, single
Father- Reuben Daynes
Mother- Catharine Campbell

Gordon S. Dennis
b- Jan 30, 1898 Fenelon Falls ON
d- ?
Reg No-725543, laourer, single
Mother- Annie Dennis in Fenelon Falls ON

Milford Ahijah Dexter
b- July 21, 1894 (1892 in death cert)in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- Sept 1928 Sudbury, ON
Reg No-643007, Sailor, single
Teamster in a lumber mill wen he died from lumber falling on him, age 36
father- Ahijah Dexter at Victoria Harbour, ON
Mother- Lucy Wallace, born in Fenelon Falls ON

William Aylesworth Dexter
b- July 28, 1877 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- Oct 11, 1940 Hearst, Cochrane, ON
Reg No-725501, labourer, married
Father- Ahijah Dexter
Mother- Emma Drake
married- Agnes E. Moffatt Dec 26, 1905, Victoria, ON

Arthur Donaldson
b- Mar 17, 1894
d- ?
Reg No-725537, laborer, single
Mother- Millie Donaldson

Ernest J. Donaldson
b- Mar 1, 1897 White Lake ON
d- ?
Reg No-725541, labourer, single
Mother- Sarah Donaldson

Percy Roy Donaldson
b- Apr 24, 1896 Snowdon ON
d- ?
Rank- CPL, Reg No-725511, Painter, single
Mother- Sarah Donaldson

Victor Drake
b- Aug 26, 1898 Coboconk, ON
d- ?
Reg No-726144, Labourer, Single
Father- William Drake, Coboconk ON

Philip Raymond Drury
b- Nov 27, 1897 Norfolk, England (Dublin Ireland in marriage reg)
d- ?
Reg No-724730, farmer, single
Father- Philip Drury
Mother- Lilian Drury
married Edith Nora Orme Oct 13, 1930 Kingston, Frontenac, ON

Paul Edward Duggan
b- Jan 4, 1890, in Lindsay ON
d- Aug 10, 1964, Edmonton AB
buried in Valleyview Cemetery, Camrose AB
Reg No- 645448, Butcher, Single
A Veteran of both World Wars
Went to Alberta in 1907
Founder of the Camrose Alberta Legion
His brother John Joseph Duggan was the First Mayor of Strathcona AB
mother- Cecilia Duggan Camrose, AB
married Edna “Mildred” Cox in 1920 in Edmonton, AB

William Duguis
b- ?
d- ?
spelling of the name possibly wrong here?

James Harold Dundas
b- June 3, 1892 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- Oct 12, 1944 Fenelon Falls, ON
buried in Fenelon Falls Cemetery
Reg No-26075, brakeman GTR, single
father- Noble Dundas in Fenelon Falls ON
mother- Sarah Henley
married Evas Barnes Oct 27, 1923 York, ON

Albert Dunn
b- July 11, 1888 in Bobcaygeon ON
d- ?
Reg No-27885, Locomotive Engineer, single
mother- Bobcaygeon ON

Harry Dunn
b- ?
d- ?

William Henry Dunn
b- Nov 3, 1896 Bristol, England
d- ?
Reg No-725591, farmer, single

Thomas Alexander Dunseath
b- Aug 1, 1883 Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Rank-SGT, Reg No-442644, Engineer, single
father- Alexander Dunseath

William “George” Stanley Egerton
b- July 22, 1890, London, England
d- ?
Reg No-66279, clerk, Single
married Harriet E. Spice, bet Jan-Mar Hastings Reg. Dist., Sussex, England

Cecil Ellery
b- Dec 19, 1898 (per birth reg) in Fenelon Falls, Victoria Co., ON
d- 1988
buried in Prospect Cemetery, Toronto, ON
Reg No-725512, farmer, single
father- John Elery
Mother- Annie “Ann” Raby (alt- Raeby, and Roby)
married Olive Gertrude Correll Sept 4, 1923 York, ON

John Ellery
b- May 14, 1895 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Rank-SPR, Reg No-725502, farmer, Single
Mother- Ruby Ellery

Arthur John Ellis
b- Feb 5, 1885 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- ?
Reg No-2368422, Painter, married wife- Mary Ellis, Tacoma WA, USA

Maude Clara Ellis
b- Dec 14, 1885 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- ?
Rank-NS- Nurse
Mother- Mrs Margaret Ellis

Stanley Jordan Ellis
b- Dec 26, 1890 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Rank- LT, Clerk, single
reported wounded Oct 10, 1916 newspapers
Mother- Mrs. J. H. Ellis

Walter Scott “Cap” Ellis
b- Sept 16, 1879 in Fenelon Falls, Victoria Co., ON
d- Apr 2, 1954 in Burnaby, BC, age 74
Reg No- 255377, Sheriff, married
lived in Kerrobert SK when he enlisted
Father- John A. Ellis
mother- Margret Ann Dick
married Mary Ann Ellis, nee Aldous, Apr 5, 1902 Victoria Co., ON

Howard Arol Fairbairn
b- July 26, 1896 in Bobcaygeon, ON
d- Aug 3, 1968 in Winnipeg MB
Rank- LT, Reg No- 378506, Farmer
Father- Thomas Andrew Fairbairn, Bobcaygeon, ON
mother- Margaret Warram
married Mary McCourt Mar 9, 1923 York, ON

William Carlton Fairbairn
b- Apr 1, 1894 in Bobcaygeon, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 138568 , Single, Chauffeur
mother- Margeurite Fairbairn

David Farrow
b- July 13, 1881 Manvers Township, Durham Co, ON
d- ?
Reg No-725553, labourer, widower
Father- James Farrow

Frederick “Fred” Ernest Fell
b- Dec 24, 1897, Kinmount, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 725514, Clerk, single
Mother- Mrs Margaret Fell

Lesley Milburn Finley
b- Feb 17, 1895 Bobcaygeon, ON
d- ?
Reg No-454311, Farmer, Single
Mother- Mrs Margaret Finley

Norman Finley
b- ?
d- ?
Reg No-

Fred Fiske
my guess- Frederick Elbridge “Fred” Fiske (alt-Fisk)

b- Sept 22, 1887 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- Jan 2, 1934 Grey Co., ON
buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Owen Sound, ON
Reg No-
Father- Jonathan Burrell “Burl” Fiske
Mother- Elizabeth Wray (alt Ray?)
married Jessie Margaret Harkness

Alexander “Alex” Roy Flett
b- Sept 16, 1896 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- Sept 2, 1983
buried in Fenelon Falls, ON
Reg No-3059720, Farmer, single
father- James Edward (alt- Edwin) Flett in Fenelon Falls ON
mother- Elizabeth Flett
married Gertrude Elizabeth Abbott June 27, 1936 in Fenelon Falls, ON

Alfred Oswald Flett
b- July 12, 1890 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- ?
Reg No-799622, Clerk, Single
Father- James Flett
Mother- Mary Flett, nee Brown
married Ivy Beatrice Jarvis Jan 2, 1920 in York, ON

Charles Joseph Flett
b- Nov 20, 1895 in Victoria Co., ON
d- 1932
buried in Fenelon Falls ON
Reg No-853129, Rank- Sgt, Operator, single
Father- John Flett Sr. in Fenelon Falls ON
Mother- Mary Ann “Annie” Dunseath

James Henry Forman
b- Feb 1, 1896 Kirkfield ON
d- Oct 4, 1972 Santa Barbara, CA
Rank-LT, Reg No-490828, Minister, single
father- Joseph Forman
Mother- Mary E. Forman, nee Saunders (alt Sanders) at RR#2 Kirkfield ON
brother below
James married Jean Crawford Storer Aug 7, 1926 Welland ON

Jasper Forman
b- Mar 9, 1888 in Eldon Township, Victoria Co., ON
d- July 14, 1970 in Ross Memorial Hospital, Lindsay, ON
buried in Eden Cemetery
Rank- SGT, Reg No-724247, Farmer, married
Father- John Houldershaw Forman
Mother- Adelaide Truman
wife- Mrs Lora Isabell Forman, nee McKenzie, Kirkfield ON

Russell Bernard Forman
b- May 14, 1897 in Elgin Township, ON
d- 1985
buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Kirkfield, ON
Reg No-3059691, Farmer, Single
Father- Joseph Forman living at RR#2 Kirkfield ON
mother- Mary E. Sanders (alt Saunders)
married- Della Jean Cuiddis

William Forman
b- Feb 25, 1889 (1890 in birth reg) in Eldon Township, Victoria Co, ON
d- Feb 17, 1930 in York, ON
Rank- SGT, Reg No-50042, Iron worker, single
next of kin father- John Houldershaw Forman, Kirkfield ON
mother- Adelaide Fruman (alt Freeman)
married- Mary Elilzabeth Kate Henrick Apr 26, 1922 in York, ON

John Henry Gallagher
b- Nov 14, 1889 Sturgeon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 1006616, Engineer, married
Father- Thomas Gallagher
Mother- Mathilda Jewell
next of kin- wife- Mrs. A. Gallagher,
married Ernesline Mullen, Feb 20, 1911, Nipissing, ON
They had 5 sons in 1921

John Wesley Gillis
b- June 7, 1896 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- 1985
buried in Fenelon Falls Cemetery
Reg No- 3059700, farmer, single
father- Simeon “Sim” Gillis
mother- Hannah Gillis
grandfather- John Gillis

George Goodhand
b- July 17, 1887 Victoria Co., ON
d- ?
Reg No-1087033, Farmer, Single

Mark Gordon
b- Sept 3, 1892, Bousett, Co Durham, England
d- ?
Reg No-724172, Farmer, single

Grattan Clifford Graham
b- Sept 2, 1888, Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Rank-CPT, Physician Surgeon
wife- Ina B. Graham

Roy Hadley
b- ?
d- ?

William Ross Hall
b- Jan 31, 1893 in Lindsay ON
d- ?
Reg No-907274, farmer, single
father- W. J. Hall, in Lindsay ON

James William Halligan
b- July 27, 1885 in Harwood ON
d- ?
Reg No-3057452, farmer, single
brother- Hugh Halligan

Charles Edward Hand
b- Mar 23, 1874 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- ?
Rank-SPR, Reg No-502244, Telephone Inspector, Draughtman, Electrician
Father- Edward D. Hand in Fenelon Falls, ON

Harold Hathaway
b- abt 1889, age 32 in 1921, in NB
d- ?
shown as a widower in 1921
brother of Leslie below

Leslie Gordon Hathaway
b- Mar 11, 1897 Grandville Ferry, NS
d- Apr 11, 1937 in Montreal Quebec
buried in Mont-Royal Cemetery, Montreal
Reg No- 725572, Banker, single
Lived in Fenelon Falls when he enlisted in Lindsay ON
received the military medal for bravery in Frence
moved to Montreal in 1929
Father- Frederick William Hathaway, Frederickton, NB
Mother- Christina Bogan
married Mary Morley Chestnut Sept 7, 1921 in Frederickton, NB

Teddy Heard
b- ?
d- ?

Orville John Henderson
b- Apr 13, 1895 Bowmanville, ON
d- ?
Reg No-3060517, School Teacher, single
Father- William Watson Henderson at Bowmanville ON

Triffle “Treff” Heteu
b- June 11, 1888 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- ?
Reg No-725515, Laborer, single,
Enlisted in Fenelon Falls ON Nov 18, 1915

Dalton Mathewson Hetherington
b- July 28, 1893 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- ?
Reg No-514189, chauffeur, single
Mother- Jenny Hetherington

Thomas John Hetherington
b- Feb 28, 1892 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- ?
Rank-CPT, Telegraph Operator
reported wounded in Sept 15, 1916 newspaper
Father- W. Hetherington

William Hobson
b- Oct 12, 1882 Perth Scotland
d- ?
Reg No-66243, Labourer, Single
Enlisted in Lindsay ON Mar 15, 1915
Mother- Mary Hobson

William Richard Hopkins
b- Oct 7, 1897 in Glamorgan Co. Wales
d- ?
Reg No- 1087105, Bank Clerk, Single
Father- Rev. Hopkins, in Wales

Joseph Hughes
b- ?
d- ?
Reg No-

William B. Hunter
b- ?
d- ?
Reg No-

Wellington Nelson Ingram
b- Sept 28, 1886 per birth reg (1887 in enlistment record) in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- Feb 20, 1919 York, ON
buried in Fenelon Falls Cemetery
Reg No-850517, Drug Traveller, single
father- John Ingram
Mother- Catherine Margaret Ingram, nee Pogue, in Fenelon Falls ON

Lawrence Osborne Irwin
b- Aug 28, 1893 in Cambray ON
d- ?
Rank-LCP, Reg No-725531, Carpenter, Single
Father- John King Irwin in Cambray ON

F.A. Isbester
Francis Anderson Isbister?
Reg No-320932 ? b-
d- ?
Reg No-

Earl Jackett
b- Aug 9, 1895 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- ?
Rank-SPR, Reg No-725516, Labourer, single
Mother- Alma Jackett in Fenelon Falls ON

Arthur James Jewell
b- July 9, 1885 in Fenelon Falls, ON
Reg No- 772688, Merchant
married Lena Bell Reavely July 2, 1913 at Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA
father- James Jewell
mother- Susanna Barrett

Arthur Johnson
d- ?

John R. Johnson
d- ?

Martin Johnson
b- Nov 13, 1890 in Bobcaygeon, ON
d- ?
Reg No-249348, labourer, single
Mother- Elizabeth Kelly, Bobcaygeon, ON

William Robert Jones
b- Oct 18, 1889 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- ?
Reg No-725580, Teamster, single
Father- James Jones, in Fenelon Falls ON

Charles Ivan Junkin
b- Oct 8, 1896 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- ?
Rank:CDT, Reg No-307759, Student, single
Father- William Thomas Junkin living in Toronto ON (see below)

William Thomas Junkin
b- Nov 2, 1871 Bobcaygeon ON
d- ?
Rank:SS, Reg No-527841, chemist, married
wife- Mary Junkin

Frederick “Fred” Keast
b- Oct 2, 1888 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No-3110787, Tailor, single
Father- Charles Keast in Fenelon Falls ON

Alfred Kelley
b- May 1, 1894 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 725517
Father- Ephraim Wellington Kelly
Mother- Eveline Billings Kelly
married- Nellie Maude Tulhurst Dec 6, 1917 Frontenac, ON

Herbert Kelly
b- ?
d- ?

Stanley Kelly
b- July 28, 1895 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No-9932, Gas Light Inspector, single
Jan 22, 1916 reported seriously wounded 23rd Batt
Father- Chalres Kelly in Fenelon Falls, ON

Grover Johnston Kerr
b- July 1, 1888 in Fenelon Falls, ON (1887 in death cert which is wrong)
d- July 18, 1943, Peterboro, Peterborough, ON
Reg No-814857, Labourer, married
wife- Alice “Maud” Kerr nee Anderson in Hastings ON
Father- Francis Johnston Kerr, Postmaster
Mother- Eveline Amelia Craig

Garnet Vivian Kerr
b-Apr 6, 1896 in Fenelon Falls, Victoria Co., ON
d- ?
Father- Francis Johnston Kerr, Postmaster
Mother- Eveline Amelia Craig

John Albert Ketley
b- Jan 21, 1898 in Hollington, England
d- ?
Reg No-725590, Labourer, Single
Mother- Emily Ketley, Hull, England

Carl Kimble
b- Apr 23, 1897 in Bobcaygeon, ON
d- Feb 24, 1967 Lindsay Township, Bruce Co., ON
buried in Verulam Cemetery, Bobcaygeon, ON
Rank- GNR, Reg No-3059478, farmer, single
Father- Ross Kimble in Bobcaygeon ON
Mother- Annie Smith
brother John below

John Kimble
b- Jan 1, 1889 in Bobcaygeon ON
d- ?
Reg No-3056977, Farmer, Single
Father- Ross Kimble, in Bobcaygeon, ON
brother Carl above

Russell Arthur Allan Lamb
b- Aug 25, 1899 in London England
d- ?
Reg No-724290, Farmer, Single
Father- John Lamb RR2 Fenelon Falls ON

John “Joseph” Lansfield
b- Dec 8, 1897 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- Mar 1969 in Detroit, MI, USA
Reg No- 3057598, single, Hardware Clerk
Father- Edward Lansfield
Mother- Mary Ann Lansfield, nee Hartnell, living in Fenelon Falls
married Mary Ann Burns, Jan 9, 1924 in Victoria, ON

Richard Henry Earl Lawson
b- Mar 16, 1891 in Verulam Township, ON
d- ?
Reg No-724768 -1087153, labourer, single
sister- Mrs William Potue in Bobcaygeon ON

Thomas John Littleton
b- May 24, 1892 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No-769290, Salesman, Single
Mother- Isabella Littleton in Fenelon Falls, ON

Richard Lodge
b- Sept 30, 1887 in London England
d- ?
Reg No-3056438, Lumberman, Single

Arthur Charles Lord
b- Feb 16, 1890 in Grafton ON
d- ?
Rank: LT, Reg No-623128
(brothers shown above and below)

Theodore Vernon Lord
b- July 29, 1894 in Grafton ON
d- 1959 (see 3 brothers above)

Hugh Daniel Louden
b- Apr 28, 1896, Cambray, ON
d- 1981
buried- Eden Church Cemetery, Cambray, Kawartha Lakes Municipality, ON
Reg No- 3059488, single, farmer
Father- George Louden

Wilbert Merle Lyle
b- Aug 15, 1897 in Township of Verulam, ON
d- ?
Reg No-725587, Labourer, single
Father- William Lyle in Bobcaygeon ON
Brother- William Lyle, see below

William John Lyle
b- Dec 31, 1890 in Township of Verulam, ON
d- ?
Reg No-304188, Blacksmith, Single
Father- William Lyle Sr.
Brother Wilbert Lyle, see above

Dan MacDonald
b- Aug 30, 1889 Gooderam, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 105636, farmer, single, living in Regina SK where he enlisted
next of kin mother- Mrs A. McDonald in Fenelon Falls ON

James Angus MacDonald
b- Dec 4, 1884 Monmouth, ON
d- Mar 21, 1945 in Lindsay ON
buried in Fenelon Falls Cemetery
Reg No- 104049, farmer, single, living in Fillmore SK, when he enlisted in Regina SK
father- Angus MacDonald
mother- Martha MacDonald in Fenelon Falls

Hugh MacDougall
b-July 12, 1871 Argyllshire, Scotland
d- ?
Reg No- 1087052, Dry Goods Man, married
Spouse: Ada E MacDougall

Lyal Thomas MacNeal
b- Aug 21, 1899 Head Lake, Laxton township, Victoria Co., ON
d- Jan 6, 1947 Toronto, York, ON
buried- Saint Andrews and Saint James Cemetery, Orillia, Simcoe Co., ON
Reg No- 724146, Rank- Pvt, farmer, single
Father- George Washington MacNeal
Mother- Martha McNeal, nee Cooper
married Rosie May Graham Feb 11, 1920

R. MacNeal
b- ?
d- ?

Robert Henry Mark
b- Sept 17, 1883 Cameron ON
d- ?
Reg No-724272 Farmer, married
Wife- Mrs Margaret Mark

William E. Mark
b- Nov 15, 1888 in Lindsay ON
d- ?
Reg No-3233771, Teamster, Single
Sapper W. Marks returned to Halifax on SS Regina, Mar 30, 1919
Father- Wesley Mark in Toronto ON

Irwin Blake Martin
b- Jan 8, 1889, Bobcaygeon, ON
d- Dec 12, 1929 in Toronto Grace Hospital, York, ON
buried in Prospect Cemetery, Toronto ON
Reg No- 335075, Professional Agriculturist, single
brother T. H. Martin
Father- William Martin
Mother- Eleza Beck
married- Bessie Nichol Marshall, 29 Apr 1921 in York, ON

Cecil John Martin
b- July 4, 1889 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No-427300, farmhand, single
Father- Robert Martin in Fenelon Falls ON

John “Wesley” Martin
b- Oct 28, 1896 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No-3059709, farmer, single
Father- John Martin in Fenelon Falls, ON

John Barkley Mason
b- Sept 15, 1892 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Rank-CPT, Civil Servant
Father- Robert Mason in Fenelon Falls, ON

Thomas Arthur McDiarmid
b- Oct 11, 1873 Canfield, Haldimand Co., ON
d- ?
Rank- Pte., Reg # 725562, enlisted in Fenelon Falls ON
wife- Martha McDiarmid

M.H. McEachern
b- ?
d- ?

Frank George McGee
b- June 10, 1898 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 1250628, Telegraph Operator, single
Father- George H. McGee living in Lemberg SK

Harry McGee
b- ?
d- ?

Charles McInnes
b- ?
d- ?

Lloyd Allen McKillen
b- July 13, 1885 (1883 in death cert) in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- July 9, 1943 Midland, Simcoe, ON
buried in Fenelon Falls Cemetery
Reg No- 302417, clerk, single
father- David McKillen
mother- Susan McKillen

John Menzies
b- Aug 4, 1870 Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No-725581, labourer, married
wife- Sarah Menzies

George Wilbert Metcalfe
b- Feb 18, 1898 Township of Verulam, ON
d- ?
Reg No-724224, farmer, single
father- George Metcalfe, in Fenelon Falls ON

Lawrence Rockwell Metcalfe
b- Apr 13, 1890
d- ?
Reg No-725505

Norman Meyers
b- ?
d- ?

Lindsay Middleton
b- ?
d- ?

Herb Miller
b- ?
d- ?

Jack Miller
b- ?
d- ?

William Miller
b- ?
d- ?

Sherman Edward Minthorne
b- June 10, 1897 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Rank-GNR, Reg No-343131
Father- Albert E Minthorne
Mother- Mary Jane Nugent
married Edith Grace Mackie, July 12, 1920, Victoria Co, ON

William Mitchell

William Henry Mitchell
b- Feb 14, 1871 Rochester, NY
d- ?
Reg No- 725574, Labourer, single
sister- Mrs. M. A. Scott, Parry Sound

A.E. Moss
b- ?
d- ?

Richard Edgar Nevison
b- Nov 10, 1892 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Rank- GNR, Reg No-340009, Bank Clerk, single
father- John Joseph Nevison in Fenelon Falls, ON

William Alexander Nesbitt
b- July 31, 1897, in Glenarm, ON
d- June 6, 1975
buried in Zion Cemetery, Cameron, ON
married Annie Isabel McNabb, Apr 22, 1925 in Victoria Co, Ontario, Canada
Father- John Nesbitt
Mother- Sarah Ann Landall

Charles Newman
b- ?
d- ?

C.W. Nicholls
b- ?
d- ?

William “Garfield” Nichols
b- Nov 6, 1889 in Burnt River, ON
d- ?
Reg No-1087060, farmer, single, enlisted in Lindsay ON
mother- Susannah Nichols living in Burnt River

Alexander “Alex” Northey
b- Mar 13, 1892 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No-59752, Civil Engineer, single
Rank- Sgt- reported wounded in July 10, 1916 newspaper
Father- W. Northey in Fenelon Falls, ON

James Henry Northey
b- Sept 26, 1895 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Rank- LT, Reg No-59753, Drug clerk, single
Father- W. Northey in Fenelon Falls, ON

Arthur Thomas Northey
b- Dec 27, 1896 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No-442164, Bank clerk, single
Father- Washington Northey, in Fenelon Falls, ON

Ernest Nugent
b- June 1, 1894 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- ?
Reg No-725519, laborer, single
Dec 28, 1917 reported wounded
Mother- Ellen Jane Nugent

Joseph Abraham Oullett
b- Mar 13, 1885 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 1102185, Munition Worker, married
wife- Florence Oullett living in Melville SK

Jack Owens
b- ?
d- ?

James Pearce Palmer
b- Feb 2, 1897 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 455633, Drug Clerk, Single
Father- John T. Palmer

William Parker
b- ?
d- ?

John Arol Patton
b-Aug 30, 1896 on headstone, 1898 in enlistment form, Cambray, township of Leurcon, ON
d- Mar 1, 1953
buried in Eden Church Cemetery, Cambray ON
Reg No- 3059510, farmer, single
Father- John Patton Sr.
Mother- Mary Ann Smith
married Mary Lilliam McGregor, May 25, 1927 in Victoria Co., ON

Then comes this amazing “Pearce” Family, 5 sons served, and 5 sons survived the war!
Earnest Alexander Pearce
b- Mar 31, 1885 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- ?
Rank- CPL, Reg No- 911437, Electrician, Single
Pte. E. Pearce wounded bef Apr 30, 1917
with his mom and dad in 1911 census
Father- Henry Pearce (1843-1932) Shoemaker, in Fenelon Falls, ON
Mother- Isabella Pearce (1859-1923)
They had another 3 sons besides sons bbelow that served
Melville Pearce, b- Feb 1898
Albert E. Pearce, b- age 22 in 1891
William H. Pearce, b- age 12, in 1891
They also had 2 daughters.

George E. Pearce
b- July 15, 1880 Manilla, ON
d- ?
Reg No-441749, farmer, single
Father- Henry Pearce (1843-1932) Shoemaker, in Fenelon Falls, ON
Mother- Isabella Pearce (1859-1923)

Leo Elmere Pearce
b- June 6, 1888 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- ?
Reg No-467591, Telegraph Operator, single
reported wounded May 1, 1917 newspaper, Pte L.E. Pearce
Lived in Camrose AB, married there in 1926.
Father- Henry Pearce (1843-1932) Shoemaker, in Fenelon Falls, ON
Mother- Isabella Pearce (1859-1923)

Louis H. Pearce
b- ca 1878 in probably Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No- ?
Father- Henry Pearce (1843-1932) in Fenelon Falls, ON
Mother- Isabella Pearce (1859-1923)

Melville Ewart Pearce
b- Feb 20, 1898 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- ?
Reg No-231716, Office Worker, single
He was reported wounded in Aug 27, 1918 Newspaper
Father- Henry Pearce (1843-1932) in Fenelon Falls, ON
Mother- Isabella Pearce (1859-1923)

Preston Pennock
b- Aug 29, 1894 in Lindsay ON
d ?
Rank-CPL, Reg No-726143, Telegraph Operator, married
wife lived in Norland ON

Arthur Worrell Perkins
b- Aug 29, 1893 in Lindsay, ON (per birth reg)
d- ?
Rank- CPL, Reg No-726143, Telegraph Operator, married
1940- Brakeman for the MCRR
birth record, father unknown, mother- Lena Almeda Perkins, School Teacher in Norland ON when he was born
other records state-
Father- John Thomas Perkins Mother- Mary Anne Cooper married Lella M B Shuter, Apr 7, 1913, Lennox and Addington, ON
next of kin wife- Mrs. A. W. Perkins, Norland, ON

John “Wesley” Peterkin
b- Sept 15, 1898 in Thornbury ON
d- ?
Reg No-642159, student, single
Mother- Jennie Peterkin in Thornbury ON

Harold F. Power
b- July 17, 1882 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- Jan 23, 1925, ON Hospital, Mimico, ON, pulmonaryTB, death attributed to war duty
buried in Verulam Cemetery, near Fenelon Falls ON
Rank- Pvt, Reg No- 725563, labourer, single
father- James Joseph Power
mother- Annie Power in one record, Catherine Larkin in death reg.
both parents born in Ireland
next of kin- sister- Miss Annie L. Power, Fenelon Falls ON
Frank was a 1st cousin, 3x removed, on my wife's Twomey side.

Percy Puley
b- Feb 19, 1892 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 18233, Book Keeper, single
next of kin John Puley

Wilbert Edward Quibell
b- Sept 24, 1898 in Fenelon Falls, ON d- ?
Reg No-725520, Shingle-Joiner, married
wife- Maggie Quibell

John Nelson Quigg
b- Feb 18, 1887 in Kirkfield, Victoria Co., ON
d- ?
Reg No- 754997, Lumberman, single
Father- Leslie Benson Quigg, baker living in Fenelon Falls, ON, b- age 44 in 1891, in US
Mother- Elizabeth Grace Quigg, age 33 in 1891 in ON
brother Thomas below

Thomas Henry Quigg
b- Apr 15, 1882 in Sunderland, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 850877, Occupation- Dyer
Father- Leslie V. Quigg living in Fenelon Falls, ON, b- age 44 in 1891, in US
Mother- Eliza Quigg age 33 in 1891 in ON
brother John above
married Della Marie McCaughey July 16, 1914 in Welland ON
daughter of Andrew McCaughey and Grace McLeish
Thomas re-married Louisa Bullough, July 1, 1931 at East Flamboro, Wentworth, ON

Albert Brenton Raby
b- Dec 6, 1897 Gooderham ON
d- ?
Reg No-3111376, Munition worker, single
father- Henry Brenton Raby, at Fenelon Falls ON

Harold Robbins
b- Dec 30, 1896, London, England
d- ?
Reg No-49737, Blacksmith, Single
Brother Wilfred Robbins in Fenelon Falls, ON

Albert Roy Rutherford
b- June 17, 1891 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Rank- LCP, Reg No- 3057489, farmer, single
Father- John Rutherford in Fenelon Falls, ON

Mr F. Rutherford operated the Kawartha Hotel in 1915

Thomas Sadler
b- Aug 1, 1871 in Lindsay ON
d- ?
Rank- LT, Reg No-1036262, Mill Superintendent, married
wife- Lily May Sadler in Fenelon Falls, ON

Reginald Sandford
b- May 14, 1885 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 171197, Harness Maker, married

James Sandiland Sr
b- Nov 9, 1875 in London England
d- ?
Reg No-724596, general labourer, married
wife- Sarah Sandiland in Kirkfield, ON

3 Scott Brothers:
George Scott
b- Mar 15, 1895, Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 725534
Father- Thomas Wales Scott
Mother- Sarah Anne “Annie” Kennedy

John James Scott
b- July 22, 1900 (claimed 1897 when he enlisted) Carmen MB
d- ?
Reg No- 725532, Chauffeur, single
Father- Thomas Wales Scott
Mother- Sarah Anne “Annie” Kennedy
married Agnes Fanester Robertson Dec 3, 1923 Lincoln, ON

Walter “Thomas” Scott
b- July 11, 1897 Victoria, ON
d- ?
Father- Thomas Wales Scott
Mother- Sarah Anne “Annie” Kennedy
married Sarah Davidson Paterson July 21, 1933 Toronto, ON

H.G. Scrocter
b- ?
d- ?
spelling of surname?

Albert Edwin Simper
b- June 2, 1877, in London, England
d- ?
Reg No- 725522, labourer, married
England Departure Date- Mar 27, 1890, left Liverpool England, arrived in Halifax on SS Parisian
Father- John William Simper
Mother- Martha Ann Arthur
wife- Margaret Ann Simper, nee Junker, living in Fenelon Falls, ON, married Jan 15, 1913, Victoria, ON

Bernice Russell Shane
b- Nov 3, 1894 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No-408526, labourer, single
father- W. J. Shane in Eganville, ON

Eric Sharpe
b- ?
d- ?

Robert Eric Sharpe
b- Nov 26, 1894 in Lindsay ON
d- ?
Rank-CPL, Reg No-725521, Tailor, single
Mother- Margaret Sharpe

Marshall Henry Southam
b- Feb 21, 1895 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No-268428, farmer, single
Lived in Loreburn SK, enlisted in Regina SK May 16, 1918
mother- Mrs Elizabeth Southam

Duncan Clarence Spence
b- Apr 10, 1894, Cameron, Victoria, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 58, Civil Servant, Single
became US citizen, lived in LA
Father- Donald R. Spence
Mother- Harriet Dewell
married Hazel Marguerite Quinney, Dec 20, 1919 Carleton, ON

William “Earl” Sproule
b- Oct 14, 1895 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 3057500, farmer, single
Father- John James Sproule Mother- Mary Ann Junkin
married Greta Mae Junkin Apr 25, 1918 in Victoria Co, ON

Joseph Wellington Staples
b- June 23, 1895 Bobcaygeon, ON
d- 1980
buried in Verulam Cemetery, Bobcaygeon, ON
Reg No- 3059481, farmer, single
father- John Wellington Staples
mother- Margaret Hetherington
married Lulu Alice Walker Oct 20, 1925 York, ON

Victor Andrew Stewart
b- June 30, 1890 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 490873, student, single
Father- Robert Stewart
Mother- Margaret Rutherford
married Alma Irene Bristol Feb 10, 1919 Brant, ON

John Verner Stinson
b- Mar 10, 1891 Bobcaygeon, ON
d- Apr 5, 1892 in Vancouver BC, age 91
Reg No- 2684319, Policeman, single
RNWMP in Regina when he enlisted
member of the RCMP, Sergeant, Regimental Number-6256, and Saskathewan Provincial Police
father- Joseph Stinson
mother- Mary Ann Junkin
brother Howard killed in the war, see above
wife- Bertha

Henry William Stone
b- July 6, 1888 in Chatha, Kent, England
d- ?
Reg No- 528067
Father- William Stone
Mother- Harreitt Stone
married to Elizabeth Forman June 14, 1913 in Peterborough, ON

Fredrick “Fred” A. Stroud
b- Feb 13, 1899 Marysosa township, Victoria, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 724127
father- Amas Stroud

Donald William Sutherland
b- Apr 22, 1899, Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 528126, spinner, single
Father- Andrew Sutherland

H.R. Swann
possibly Harold H. Swann, reg No-26637?
b- ?
d- ?

Fred C. Taylor
b- ?
d- ?

Lewis Edwin Taylor
b- Jan 4, 1896 Bobcaygeon, Victoria Co., ON
d- ?
Reg No- 725540, farmer, single
Father- Thomas Bartlett Taylor
Mother- Martha Lewis
married Florence Emily Hubble Sept 11, 1929 Rawdon, Hastings, ON

Hugh Alexander Tiers
b- May 25, 1895 in Bobcaygeon, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 260954, Telegraphy, single
Residence- Saskatoon, Sask
father- George Alexander Tiers
mother- Mary Jane Alexander

Ray Tiers
b- ?
d- ?

Arnold James Thurston
b- Aug 6, 1890 (1888 in Birth Reg) in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- Sept 18, 1963 in Calgary, AB
Reg No- 161088, Engineer, single
father- James Henry Thurston, living in Oregon USA
Mother- Eliza P Daniel
married Ruby Marion Perry Feb 18, 1920 York, ON

Edgar Whysall Townley
b- Apr 20, 1897 Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 1087058, Tailor, single
Father- John Townley
Mother- Louisa Townley
married Alice Ethel Henley, Dec 7, 1934 in Lindsay, ON

James Albert Tripp
b- Sept 30, 1893 Township of Fenelon, Victoria, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 725600, married
next of kin- wife- Annie Tripp

Findlay Bruce Varcoe
b- Oct 7, 1889 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- ?
Reg No- 510810 , clerk, single
Father- David Varcoe
Mother- Anna Poulson
married Emma Wooding June 20, 1925 York, ON
Findlay's next of kin- Uncle George Rutherford, Fenelon Falls ON

James Bernard Walker
b- Apr 26, 1896 Fenelon Falls, Victoria Co., ON
d- Jan 14, 1921 at Ft Qu'Appelle TB Sanatorium, SK
buried- Saint Peter’s Anglican Cemetery, Burys Green, Verulam Co, ON
Reg No- 725607, rank- Pvt., Canadian Forestry Corps, School Teacher, single
note- enlistment record looks like #728607, but war graves record shows 5 correct
Father- Jacob Walker
Mother- Catherine Flett
brother- Charles Walker

William H. Warwick
b- England
1914 Color Sergeant, F Company, 21st Batt, Kingston
Seen active duty in Egypt and India and other zones by 1914
Lived in Lindsay ON

Clive Oscar Weaver
b- Mar 1, 1898 Coboconk, ON
d- ?
Reg No-1087057, student, single
Mother- Stella Weaver, Coboconk, ON

Charles Hugh Webster
b- Mar 11, 1890 Toronto, ON
d- ?
Father- Samuel Charles Webster
mother- Margaret Saul
Reg No- 3057281, Farm laborer, single

Wilbert Webster
b- ?
d- ?

Roy Weldon
b- June 9, 1894 Victoria Co., ON
d- 1979 in Toronto ON
Reg No- 2265949, student, single
father- David R. Weldon
mother- Margaret “Maggie” Weldon, nee Swain, living in Lindsay ON
married Laura Flavelle Freeman Sept 4, 1929 Toronto, ON

Dewey Victor Wellman
b- Apr 26, 1898, Bellingham, WA, USA
d- Dec 27, 1951, Alameda, CA USA
Reg No-725593 , student, single
brother- Walter Wellman

Robert Wilkinson
b- ?
d- ?

George Bowman Wilson
b- Aug 15, 1887 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- Dec 28, 1969, Eustis, Lake County, Florida, USA, age 82
buried Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio, USA
Reg No- 2161432, Lumberman, single
father- Archibald Wilson M.D.
mother- Mary E. Bowman
married Octavia Fey June 30, 1929 Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA

Harold Gahan Wilson
b- Dec 29, 1893 Irondale, Haliburton Co., ON
d- 1959 in Toronto ON
buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto ON
Reg. No-724008, Customs Clerk, single
Father- George William Wilson, Lumberman
Mother- Mary Jane Hancock
married Anna Panline Scarborough, Aug 14, 1920 York, ON

John J. Wilson
b- ?
d- ?

Wilfrid Wilson
b- ?
d- ?

John R. Wood
b- Feb 14, 1870
d- July 5, 1937
buried in Fenelon Falls Cemetery
wife- Fannie Wood, nee Brokenshire

Clifford Houden Worsley
b- May 25, 1897 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- Jan 23, 1960
buried in Zion Cemetery, Cameron, ON
Reg. No- 110190, farmer, single
Father- Elisha Worsley
Mother- Ada “Addie” Cooper
married- Edith Mary Moynes Mar 26, 1932 in Fenelon Falls, ON

Herbert York
b- ?
d- ?

Those who Died in Active Service in WWII:

Thomas Herbert Herb“ Campbell Burley
b- Oct 31, 1917 Mabel Bush, New Zealand
d-June 12, 1943 in an airplane accident at Rhode Island, U.S.A. while instructing, age 25
Warrant Officer
Son of George E. Burley and Mable Burley, of Fenelon Falls, ON

Louis Kriger
b- Feb 12, 1919 Toronto, ON
d- Sept 2, 1942, in England, age 24
Cemetery- Houghton and Wyton Burial Ground
Service No-R/71532, Flight Sgt.
Royal Canadian Air Force
Son of Harry and Annie Kriger, of Fenelon Falls, ON.

Glenn Melvin Sheehey
b- Apr 27, 1921 in Fenelon Falls, ON
d- Jan 24, 1945, Killed in Action in Italy, age 23
Cemetery- Ravenna War Cemetery
Service No-C/79405, Private, Army
Mother- Eva Sheehey

Thomas Ernest Jeffrey Tucker
b- Feb 7, 1916, in London, England
d- June 27, 1943 overseas, reported missing after an operation, age 27
Cemetery- Malta Memorial, Malta
Service No-J16947
Royal Canadian Air Force, Rank- Pilot Officer
Tobacco Jobbers salesman, single,
Aunt- Florence Isabel Tucker in Somerset, England

William Robert Welsh
b- June 25, 1916
d- Apr 8, 1943 accident at Camp Borden, age 26
Flying Officer
buried in Fenelon Falls Cemetery
son of William H. Welsh, (1875–1937) and Caroline Welsh, nee Gillis, (1880–1959)

Those who Served in WWII:

Please note- I do not intend to research the names below, as they will enter into privacy issues

Ila Aldous
Max Aldous
Ernest Anskey
Charles Arkright
Thelma Arkright
James Armstrong
Mac Armstrong
Ross Armstrong
Howard Arscott
Max Austin
Mary Ball
Jack Barry
Kenneth Barry
Orville Barry
Hugo Beall
Victor Beer
Walter Bown
Jean Brandon
Clark Burns
John Burns
Ralph Burke
Alan Campbell
Charles Carew
Lloyd Chalmers
Roy Coleman
Frank Collinson
Samuel Consky
Ross Curtis
Charles Day
Cecil W. Deyman
Ernest J. Deyman
Ivan Dewell
Harry C. Diamond
Harold Dike
G.E. Donaldson
Stanley Dow
Blondie Albert Duguid
Allan Ellery
Thomas Ellery
Earl Elliott
Gratton Elliott
Carmen English
Jack English
Graham Everett
William Fisk
Harold Foster
Guy Gamsby
Wray Gamsby
George Garner
Ronald Gillis
John Gould
Donald Graham
Douglas Graham
Murray Graham
Ross Graham
Dr. William Graham
Douglas Gray
Hilton Hadley
G. Blair Hanthorn
Kenneth H. Hart
Edward Hayward
Beatrice Heard
Hugh Hepburn
Roger Higdon
Harry Higgins
Earl Hopkins
Albert Hughes
Max Imrie
Henry Isaac
Archie Jackett
Victor Jackett
John Jewell
George Johnstone
Edward Jones
John Jones
John Jordon
James Kelly
Stanley Kennedy
William Kennedy
Eva Knox
Gordon Knox
Eva Kriger
Charles Lansfield
R. Lyle Larmour
John Lecraw
Arthur Lee
Nellie V. Littleton
Ralph Littleton
Douglas MacKay
Guy MacKay
Earl Martin
Jack Martin
Malcolm Martin
R.A. McCluney
Clifford McFarland
George McFarland
Murry McFarland
Wilmor McFarland
John McIntosh
D.E. McLeod
Douglas McRobbie
Kenneth Menzies
William Menzies
Henry Metcalf
John Metcalf
Andrew Mickey
Charles Milburn
Frank Miller
Marvin Miller
Edward Mitchell
William Mitchell
Lloyd Moore
Kenneth Munnings
David Horatio Nelson
Irwin O'Brian
Arthur Paulson
Clifford Perryman
Henry Perryman
Milton Perryman
Edward Phillips
F.G. Pidgeon
Mervyn Pipe
Charles Pogue
Rex Pogue
Bruce Quibell
Clayton Quibell
Dan Quibell
Wilbert Quibell
Hugh Robinson
Edward Sandiland
Mabel Sawyer
Clifford E. Shea
Vernon Sheehey
William Shosenberg
Garnet Smith
Don Speller
E. J. Spensley
Donald Stewart
William Styles
Harold Swanton
Eric Taggart
E.A. Theobald
Elwood Thompson
Frank Thompson
Fred Thompson
John Thompson
Grenville Tiers
Ross Tiers
Arthur Tipling
Herb Townley
Peter Trudel
Isidore Trudel
John Wallace
Douglas R. Warren
W. Don Warren
Fergus Webb
William Webbdale
Amy White
Argyle White
Bert Whitfield
Clark Whitfield
George Whitfield
William Whitfield
E. Whitney
George Wilson
Leonard Wilson
Norman Wilson
Meredith A. Wood
Fred Worrell
Mark Wray
Herbert York
James York

Those who Died in Active Service in the Korean War:

G.W. Hetrick

Those who Served in the Korean War:

William Brockenshire

Note- I probably have errors in names above, this is not intended to be an exact replica of the memorial, only an aid to locate a lost relative,
I encourage everyone to do your own research.

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