George Alexander McNicholl

Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

George Alexander McNicholl- shown with 2'ls in Directory, and newspaper articles.
alt- George Alexander McNichol-1L in death cert.

George Alexander McNicholl
b- July 31,1876, in Montreal, Quebec
d- May 4, 1942 in Vancouver BC, age 65

son of James McNicholl
b- in Ireland, age 49 in 1891, Machinist
His father was a Locomotive Engineer on the Montreal/Richmond line.
and Elizabeth McNicholl, nee ?,
b- Ireland, age 39 in 1891
1891 family in Montreal, St. Gabriel Ward, Hochelega, Quebec
George shown as a Railway Clerk

Apprenticed Apr 1, 1889 in Grand Trunk Railroad work
He started at $8.33 / month, in the office of the General Auditor.

He attended night classes and took shorthand classes.

Moved to the office of the Assistant General Manager, William Wainwright.

1885 he entered the Passenger Department.

Transferred to the General Traffic Manager's office, and became secretary to George B. Reeve.
Afterwards he moved to secretary of Frank Morse.

1907 he was attending Edwin G. Russell's funeral,
and he was shown as Pacific Coast Purchasing Agent For the GTPR
He accompanied Russell's body from Vancouver to Rockford Illinois

He was the Private Secretary of Frank Watrous Morse prior to Apr 1907, when he was appointed Pacific Coast Purchasing Agent

1913 he is shown as Superintendent for the GTP, on the Western Division, in Rupert
created Commissioner of Colonization and Industries

1918 he is shown as Assistant Freight, and General Passenger Agent for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad, at Prince Rupert

1920 and 1922 same job title, living at 327 5th Ave E. in Prince Rupert

1941 he had 52 years in the Railroad Business,
Retired July 31, 1941, age 65
General Passenger Agent, CNR, Vancouver BC

married Ella Madelia McNicholl, nee Deverell
b- Sept 20,1877, in Quebec
1901, School Teacher, Montreal, Quebec
mother- Rebbecca Deverell, b- Nov 24, 1836 in England, age 64 in 1901
father- Richard Deverell, b- in England, age 50 in 1891

son- Allan Deverell McNicholl
b- Jan 17, 1904 in Montreal, Quebec
d- Aug 2, 1950, Detroit, Michigan USA, age 46
Attended UBC
Draftsman at a Boat factory in 1930, in Clay, St. Clair, Michigan
shown with 2 l's, immigrated in 1927
shown married when he died.
lived in Vancouver, 1902 Blenheim St., before he went to Detroit.
His father shown at that address as well
Uncle- William C. Tomkins, lived on Westminster Ave.

son- Frank Morse McNicholl
b- Jan 1907 in Quebec
d- aft 1958
named after- Frank Watrous Morse
married Florence L. Hutchings
Lived in San Pedro 1936-1939
1931 shown as the Purser on the SS Kingsley, age 24
1930 Purser and Radio Operator
1940 in Algonac, Clay Township, St. Clair, Michigan
Marine Draftsman, Boat Works. Lived in Detroit
shown in 1958 in Vancouver, as a Company manager.

Aunt- Gertrude Mary Clarke,
b- in Quebec, age 33 in 1911

1911 family living at 1661 Nelson St. Vancouver BC


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