William "Bill" Bunting

Bill Bunting with William Dilworth (see below) prospected and claimed what became the famous **Premier Mine** near Stewart.
With his brother Charles Bunting (see below) he formed the Cascade Falls Mining Company

Bill Bunting was a famous prospector in NW BC.

William “Bill” Bunting
b- Feb 28, 1878 in Paddington, London England (abt 1883?, shown age 38 in 1921 census?)
d- July 27, 1948 in Haney BC, age 70
Buried in Maple Ridge BC

Father- John Bunting
b- July 1840, age 63 in 1901, in Swaffham Prior, Cambridgeshire, England (Braintree, Essex in 1910 census)
d- Apr 1910 Chelsea, London, England
Shown as a Carter in 1882 when 4 children baptized at St Mary, Paddington, London

Mother- Emma Mizen (alt- Myson, Misen)
b- age 62 in 1901, in Bumstead, Essex
He had a sister Lucy Bunting as well, age 16 in 1901,
Charles and Lucy born in Paddington, London, England

1- married Anna Marjory Utas Dec 14, 1906 in Grand Forks, BC
b- July 26, 1880 in Hamburg Germany in Wedding Cert (Gammalsvenskby, Ukraine in other record)
d- June 11, 1972 in Powell River, BC, Canada
daughter of Henry C. Utas and Beatrice Kling

2- married Margaret Duff, nee O'Hara Aug 5, 1920 in New Westminster BC
b- abt 1885, USA- age 36 daughter of William O'Hara and C. Scanlon
Her father born Tipperary Ireland, mother Brooklyn NY
Immigrated in 1917

Fred Bunting 1860–
George Bunting 1867–1919
Emma Bunting b- Mar 20, 1870–
Hannah “Anna” Bunting b- July 20, 1872–
Alice Bunting 1875–
Charles Bunting (see below)–
Lucy Bunting 1885–1964

Grandfather- Abraham Bunting
Grandmother- Harriet Chapman

Shown as a scavenger, age 19, in Paddington living with his parents, father same occupation
Aug 1901 came thru Montreal Port
Dec 14, 1906 he was a smelterman when he married his first wife
Worked in Rossland district first, then came to Stewart in 1909
June 1910 found rich ore near a creek he named Cascade Creek, about 14 miles from Stewart
He was an Amateur and Professional boxer
He was a soldier with the First Middlesex Regiment, in England, at the age of 17
He was a Mine Manager
Started First Real Estate business in Stewart
He was a Dancing Master in London
William Bunting- Free Miner's Certificate- 46875C
Aug 15, 1920 returning from a visit with his mother living at 110 Shirland Rd. Paddington, England
Arrived back at Quebec Aug 20, 1920 on Empress of France, age 38
William Bunting shown married,living in Stewart in 1921, with wife Margaret and brother Charles
1922 developing the “Virginia Group, his wife owned half the claim with a Mr. J. A. Hall (see below) of Hyder
Owned the Northern Light Group with his brother Charles ca May 1922
July 15, 1926 lived in Hyder Alaska, age 44, mine operator, his brother Charles was at the Grovenor Hotel in Vancouver
Mar 1930 he was in partnership with the Canadian distribution of “Zenith Fire Dust Destroyer”, a product to fight fires. Company based in Seattle
July 11, 1931 he lived in Vancouver BC, sailed on SS Prince Henry from Pr. Rupert to Ketchikan, age 49

Mount Bunting named after this man. Latitude-Longitude(DMS)-56° 5′ 20″ N, 129° 56′ 46″ W, Cassiar Land District, BC

Note- Not to be confused with William Bunting, HBC Agent at Fort Fraser and Ft St James.

Charles Bunting
b- Feb 25, 1879 in London,England
Baptized July 30, 1882 at Paddington, London, England, same time as his siblings, William above, Emma Bunting and Anna Bunting
d- Sept 17, 1934 at #20 Larch Road, Cricklewood, NW, London, England, from suicide, from temp unsound mind. Shot himself in the head in his bathroom, age 55.
married Oct 1, 1931 to Elizabeth Laing Lang in New Westminster BC
b- Oct 18, 1875, Greenock, Scotland
d- May 13, 1960 Vancouver BC
daughter of Robert Lang and Jean Duff

Charles returned to England shortly after he married, as he was in England 3 years before he died.
Living in Stewart in 1921
Charles Bunting- Free Miner's Certificate- 46845C
Brother-In-Law William Cooper, 120 Shirland Rd, London England, when Charles was age 37 travelling to Ketchikan AK
Left a note saying he was absolutely tired of living only half well.
Another newspaper said he had financial worries. His wife discovered the body.

William M. Dilworth
aka: Scotty Dilworth
aka: Scotty the Bear
William Dilworth has proved to be very hard to trace,
All I know is he drowned 2-3 years after 1910, between Prince Rupert and Alice Arm, per William Bunting interview in a newspaper.
He was known as “Scotty Dilworth” and also as “Scotty the Bear” so I assume he was of Scottish ancestry.
He was with the Topographical Survey Party in Stewart in 1909.
Mount Dilworth named after this man. SE of the Salmon Glacier. Latitude-Longitude (DMS) 56° 8′ 39″ N, 130° 1′ 22″ W, Cassiar Land District, BC
There was some confusion in this fellows name from day one. The name was spelled Dillworth for this mountain, but William Bunting corrected it to Dilworth.
I still think that might be wrong as there is nothing in archived records about him. I always find that signals a spelling mistake.
Dilworth was in the hospital in Port Simpson (or Prince Rupert), and made friends of 2 doctors there that saved his life, that he included in their Premier Mine claim as a thank you to them.
One was Dr. William Thomas Kergin who became President of the LaRose Mine operated by the Alice Arm LaRose Mining Co. Ltd., Mar 1925
Look in my **Port Simpson page** for this man's bio
And the other a Dr. Gordon E. Richards (see below)
The 2 Doctors sold their interest to the claim fairly quickly to O. B. Bush (see below)
I finally found a W. M. Dilworth in Port Simpson in 1911 directory, shown as a hunter

Note- Not to be confused with William Dilworth in the Kelowna area.

Oakley Beauford Bush
b- Apr 6, 1881 in Fesserton, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
d- July 12, 1969 at Valleyview Hospital, Essondale, BC
Shown as a widower when he died
A Champion one armed speed skater, based in Vancouver, ca 1908-1912
Age 13, Lost his right arm as a child, from a gunshot wound.
Lived in Edmonton for 17 years
Apr 1938, He was convicted for 1 year for conspiracy to defraud, he was President and Managing Director of National Silver Mines at the time
father- Oakley Hallen Bush
mother- Mary Rosella Beauford
He married 2 times, 2nd time to a cousin

James “Arthur” Hall
b- ca 1861 Nassua, Iowa, USA
d- May 4, 1940 at Seattle WA, USA, age 78
President of the Bank of Hyder,
His brother Elmer E. Hall from Winnipeg bought control of the Riverside Mine, Oct 1926, 7 miles from Hyder in the Salmon River Valley, he was also Vice President of the Hyder Bank. E. E. Hall worked on the Grain Exchange in Winnipeg, at that time
Son in law of J. A. Hall was E. D. Haddon, who became Manager of the Hyder Bank in Nov 1927, when J. A. Hall went to Vancouver to form the Hall Investment Co with his brother E. E. Hall
Elmer E. Hall b- 6 February 1865, Nassua, Iowa USA, d-Apr 19, 1939 in Vancouver BC
They were both sons of Jacob D. Hall and Anna Maria Brooks
James Arthur age 31, married Nov 16, 1892 Emeline B. Marks, age 22, b- Illinois, daughter of Thomas J. Marks, and Isabella Manzer
Arthur was a Big Timber Montana Banker when he married in 1892
Apr 1, 1935 he lived in Hyder AK with his wife. Listed in Seattle in 1940 census

Gordon Earl Richards
b- Mar 15, 1885 in Lyn ON
d- Jan 13, 1949 in Toronto ON, from prolonged exposure to radioactive material
Graduated in 1908 from University of Toronto, age 63
Served overseas in WW1
Became a world reknowned Cancer fighting Doctor, and worlds foremost radiologist
He had 3 sons, loosing one in WWII
Son of Rev J. J. Richards and Anna Paul
He practised in Prince Rupert, Port Simpson, and Stewart, before heading east in 1919 to New York to study radiology
During this period he was on the staff of St Pauls Hospital in Vancouver


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