Port Edward

Port Edward, British Columbia, Canada

Port Edward BC

District Municipality

Located at the mouth of the Skeena River,
SE of Prince Rupert, Range 5 Coast Land District

Incorporated as Village Municipality, June 29.1966
Re-Incorporated as a District Municipality, April 17, 1991

Named after King Edward VII
Chosen in a competition, submitted by J. M. Stephens, of the Vancouver Y.M.C.A.
Only 2 people suggested the name Port Edward.

Townsite laid out in 1908 with the approach of the Grand Trunk Pacific railroad

Some lots were sold Oct 17, 1908 in Vancouver.
Mr. Charles Thomas Wood Piper, was the sole manager of the sale.
b- Mar 8, ca 1840, England
d- Mar 14, 1924, in Vancouver BC, age 84
married Sarah Elizabeth Balkwill, Oct-Dec 1867,
in Plymouth Reg. Dist. Devon, England
b- Nov 4, ca 1846, in England
d- Apr 1, 1924, in Vancouver BC, age 77
both immigrated in 1891
son- Charles J. Piper
b- Oct 12, 1868 in England
daughter- Minnie Piper
b- July 12, 1872 in England

Mar 27, 1913 lots were sold in Vancouver
Referred to as the Industrial Annex to Prince Rupert
Port Edward Townsite Co. Ltd.

Port Edward GTPR Station
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1728.1 miles from Winnipeg
18 miles from Prince Rupert

Latitude- 54º 13' 14“ N,
Longitude- 130º 17' 22” W

Subdivision on Porpoise Harbour.

Columbia Cellulose Pulp Mill
This pulp mill has been closed for many years now

Post Office History

Office Name: Port Edward

Electoral District: Skeena BC

Located at: Mile 110.8 Skeena Sub Division CNR, Dec 21, 1942
Nelson Bros. Cannery Riv. Lot 446 Coast Range- May 1, 1945
Private building

Office Established - Aug 1, 1919
(opened and closed for winter between 1923 and 1930)
Closed Aug 30, 1930
Re-Opened Dec 21, 1942
Closed Aug 31, 1943
Re-Opened May 1, 1945

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
William Adamson (see below) 1919-08-01 1920-05-21 Resignation
John Grandison Dorman (see below) 1920-07-10 1921-03-23 Resignation
William Adamson (see below) 1921-07-12 1923-03-14 Resignation
Alex Donald Matheson (see below) 1923-04-01 1926-09-28 Resignation
Samuel Venner Christian 1927-03-05 1930-08-30 Closed
Major Ernest Bernard Barker (see below) 1942-12-21 1943-03-03 Resignation
Frank Skuce Williams 1943-02-15 Acting
George Joseph Waterman 1943-04-07 Acting
B.C. Bridge and Dredging Co. 1943-05-31 1943-08-31 Closed
Nelson Bros. Fisheries Ltd 1945-05-01 1968-10-31 Resignation
Mr. Allison Ivany 1968-11-01 1969-04-26
Mrs. Joy. W. Davis 1969-04-27 1970-02-28
Mrs. Barbara Sheppard 1970-03-02

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Post Master Bios & Genealogy

First Postmaster- William Adamson
b- ca 1890, Scotland, age 31 in 1921
wife- Janet Adamson
b- ca 1899, Scotland, age 32 in 1921
son Marta Adamson,
b- ca 1920, in BC
William Shown as Bookkeeper for Fish Cannery in 1921
He immigrated in 1911, his wife in 1912
all 3 living in Port Edward

John Grandison Dorman
b- Oct 17, 1889 in Grenille, Nova Scotia
d- Feb 19, 1969 in Vancouver, age 79
son of Charles Enoch Dorman and Hattie Elizabeth Milton
married Lucy Marion Hudson, Mar 3, 1926 in Vancouver BC

Alex Donald Matheson
b- ca 1877, in Scotland, age 44 in 1921
wife- Elizabeth Matheson, nee ?
b- in Scotland, age 46 in 1921
both living in Port Essington in 1921
He is shown as manager of a Fish Cannery there.
both immigrated in 1911

A. D. Matheson shown in directory as Northern BC Fisheries Ltd, manager

Samuel Verner Christian

Major Ernest Bernard Barker
b- Nov 11, 1887, Dublin Ireland
d- Apr 7, 1945 Vancouver, age 59
Merchant in Winnipeg, when he enlisted in WWI
Enlisted at Valcartier, Sept 22, 1914
next of kin Mrs. H. Ellen Barker, Elgin MB
reg # 642
Received Order of the British Empire, Oct 10, 1919

rest are entering into privacy issues, no research will be done.

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