Kitimat- Labour-Management Committee

Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada

Labour-Management Committee

In ca 1955, Thomas Raymond “Bud” Walker, Assistant Personnel Director
Saguenay-Kitimat Construction Co.
wrote this 7 page Labour Relations policy, for the new company in Kitimat.

John MacKenzie was the Workers Rep, Bud Walker the Management Rep
First meeting of the Labour-Management Meeting

Mr. Reg Jackson was the Canadian Government Rep, coming to Kitimat.

First class to take Job Instruction training
standing- l/r- Mike Michie, Paul Lanier, Ralph Featherstone, Ernest Fudge, Dick Steacy,
seated- Bud Walker, Bill Johnson, Ed Dede, Mel Carrico, and Lionel “Al” Brown

May 1, 1957
Labour-Management Committee
with Reg Jackson as their special guest in the card room of the S.R.A. Lounge.
Bud Walker, Jack Stone, Maurice Guay, Howard Bush, Reg Jackson, Chuck Nickel, Mike Eayrs, George Henderson, Bill Gallacher, John Mackenzie, Gordon Hirtle, and Ed Thomson

Maurice Guay, R. Wilkins, James McKay, Bob Hood, Bud Walker.

Pamphlets in the Sagimat newspaper

Construction Manager H. C. Jenkinson, Reg Jackson,
Assistant Building Supervisor, Gordon Hirtle

First J.I.T. course
Personnel Dept personnel
Mel Carrico, Ralph Featherstone, Dick Steacy, Lionel “Al” Brown, Ernest Fudge, Paul Lanier, Ed Dede, Mike Michie, Bill Johnson, Bud Walker

Assistant Personnel Director, Bud Walker and Safety Director Bill Johnson attending first J.I.T. course in Mar 1957

Oct 5, 1957, the United Steelworkers of America voted to accept a 3 year contract with Alcan, which affected 2900 employees, at Kitimat and Kemano.
Highest paid classification, electrician first class, got $2.60/hr

Today I believe all employees are members of Canadian Auto Workers, Local 2310 (CAW)


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