Billmor, British Columbia, Canada

Original name Ridley, changed to Billmor, alt Bilmor

June 11, 1945- B.E. Morgan Logging Company principal owners of Spruce Mills Ltd. operating a sawmill at Billmor
At Porpoise Harbour 7 miles from Prince Rupert their sawmill was destroyed by fire. A $250,000.00 loss.
100 men lost their jobs after the fire.
The mill was built in 1928
B.E. Morgan was the manager

Shown as Bilmor in 1945 directory, population 56

Bert Enoch Morgan
b- Mar 21, 1888 at St Cloud, Stearns County, MN, USA
d- Feb 24, 1967 at Castle Rock, Dakota County, MN, USA
buried in Greenvale Cemetery, Castle Rock, Dakota County, MN, USA
Drainage contractor at Castle Rock in 1920, shown born in Ohio in this census
Bert married Eva Louise Shumway Aug 31, 1912 at Castle Rock, Dakota, MN, USA
b- May 8, 1892 at Castle Rock, Dakota, MN, USA
d- Jan 7, 1985 at Northfield, Rice, MN, USA
Father: Oscar Daniel Shumway
Mother: Ella Medora Cowell

Brother- John Riley Morgan
b- July 19, 1874 at Fairhaven, Stearns County, MN, USA
d- Mar 5, 1940 at Vancouver, BC, age 65
John was the first independent logger on Queen Charlotte Islands
He owned J.R. Morgan Limited
Came to Prince Rupert ca 1910
Worked as a sub contractor on the GTPR
Installed the first 100 miles of the telegraph line up the Skeena River
Moved during WWI to the Q.C. Islands, and logged spruce for the airplane industry in Great Britain
He owned the large J.R. Morgan tugboat, used to haul Davis Rafts of logs to market.

They had 2 sisters:
Alpha Naomi Morgan
b- Jan 22, 1869 at Fairhaven, Stearns County, MN
d- Apr 22, 1963 at Clay County, MN

Grace H Morgan
b- June 16, 1876 at St Cloud, Stearns County, MN
d- May 1972 at Wilkin County, MN

Father- Esquire Ezra Morgan
b- Nov. 15, 1842 at Dearborn County, Indiana, USA
d- July 14, 1903 at Barnesville, Clay County, MN, USA

Mother- Henrietta “Nettie” Pratt
b- 1852 at Xenia, Greene County, Ohio, USA
d- Apr 10, 1899 at St Cloud, Stearns County, MN, USA

See Ridley for history and map


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