Flewin Family

Alice Arm, British Columbia, Canada

John Flewin
b- Dec 8, 1857 in Victoria BC,
d- Aug 29, 1942 in Victoria, age 84
at one point John Flewin was Sergeant in the Victoria Police Dept., ca 1886
age 34, Government Agent in 1891 in New Westminster BC
1900- Government Agent in Fort / Port Simpson
he was appointed there in 1892.
1900- Resident Mining Recorder for BC’s north coast

son of Thomas and Jane Theodosia Flewin
both his parents born in England (see below)
married to Helen Flewin, nee Copeland, May 12, 1881 in Victoria BC
b- Feb 11, 1864 in Victoria BC, age 27 in 1891, age 17 in 1881
daughter of Richard and Ellen Copeland
both her parents born in Scotland
Children I have found:

son- Herbert C. Flewin
b- Jan 14, 1882, in BC, age 10 in 1891
accompanied his father in finding the Bonanza Group of 6 claims, located at Esswan, aka: Goose Bay, aka, Granby Bay.
First in this district.
Shown as a miner living in Port Simpson in 1901

son- Walter Ross Flewin
b- Feb 16, 1885 in BC, age 7 in 1891

daughter- Gertrude Evelyn Flewin
b- June 12, 1886, in Victoria, BC, age 5 in 1891

son- Charles “Bertram” Flewin
b- May 12, 1890, in Metlakatla, BC, age 2 in 1891

son- William Percival Flewin
b- Sept 1, 1891, in Fort Simpson BC

son- James Flewin
b- Feb 27, 1894 in BC

daughter- Irma Genevieve Flewin
b- in Victoria BC (possibly after 1901, not in census)

His father- Thomas Flewin
b- Farningham, Kent England
d- June 2, 1901 in Victoria, age 68
Came to Victoria for the Hudson's Bay Company, arrived on their ship the Norman Morrison, in Jan 1853.
Worked for them for 7 years, then took a job as a warehouseman on the wharfs, where he worked until 1878
He then worked in the Customs house for 4 years.
1882 he opened the Capital Saloon.
He operated that until a couple months before he died.
He transferred ownership to his son, Albert Charles Flewin (see below)
a brother of John.
Thomas joined the Victoria Lodge #1, I.O.O.F. 32 years before he died.
he was a member of the BC Pioneer Society as well.
1892 he was President of that group.
His mother- Jane d- Nov 19, 1894 in Victoria BC, age 62

Siblings of John:

brother- Albert Charles Flewin
b- Victoria BC
d- Apr 3, 1902, 37 years old
Saloon Keeper
married Mary Augustine Barry, July 25, 1888, in Victoria

sister- Isabel May Taylor
b- ca Dec 1871 in Victoria BC
d- Nov 18, 1881 in Victoria BC, age 10

sister- Rosina Jane Flewin
b- ca Dec 1859
married Christopher West, Nov 3, 1877 in Victoria

brother- Thomas Flewin

brother- William Henry Flewin
b- ca 1862, Victoria BC, age 20 when he married
d- Nov 25, 1899 in Victoria BC
Salesman when he married
married Ada Botterell, Aug 7, 1882 in Victoria BC

Aug 9, 1893 William H. Flewin and Albert C. Flewin
changed their liquor licence to William H. Flewin at the Belmont Saloon, corner of Government and Humboldt Sts.
Was this when Albert went working in his father's saloon?


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