Marguerite Ferry

Marguerite Ferry, BC, Canada

Marguerite Reaction Ferry Located across the Fraser River between Williams Lake and Quesnel.
54 kilometres north of Williams Lake.
When water was low and/or icy, a passenger-only aerial tram was operated instead of the ferry

This ferry was to shut down the end of May 2002. One of the pontoons was leaking, and the cable was showing cracks in some strands.
The locals protested and saved it for one year. I believe the Liberal Government shut it down in 2003
It had been in service since the 1920's in one source, 1921 in another, and since the late 1800's there was a ferry here in one form or another per a First Nation Chief who was prostesting the closure of this ferry in 2002.
For many years the Government tried to shut this ferry down. 1984 they also tried to shut it down.

Captain Willie Lee was Ferry Operator for 14 years, ca 1972-1986
b- July 18, 1934 in Castle Rock BC
d- Oct 9, 1986 in the Prince George Hospital
His father Sing Lee took out a preemption in this area in 1910. The land was taken away during WWII, as no Asians were allowed to own land at that time. Neighbours, the Bill Webster family took over control of the Title, and gave it back to the Lee family when land ownership was allowed again. Now that is a good friend and neighbour!


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