Heritage Day- Terrace Region

Terrace Region, British Columbia, Canada

Heritage Day Celebration was held at the Terrace Arena Banquet Room, Feb 17, 1-4pm
Province wide Theme “Heritage stands the test of Time”
I was invited by the Terrace Regional Historical Society, who sponsered the event, to set up a table there.
I decided to include some pieces of my heritage from Saskatchewan, as well as Powerpoint Presentations of my Gent Ancestors, and this new web site.
My intention was to promote this new History site, to those that have never seen it.
I was pleasantly surprised by those that have seen the site, and appreciated the work put into it. Thanks for the compliments.
I can't thank enough Ms Geier, from Rosswood, for her big thank you, number one, and her special gift of the “Scenes of Rosswood Calendar” to me.
Beautiful pictures, all but one by Bill Geier, very well done! Proves that small towns have the friendliest people!
Thank you to the Terrace Historical Society for the invitation. A small group that deserves a lot of credit for organizing this event. I was impressed!
And what a nice surprise to see the Air Cadets clean up after the whole event.
Had a good talk with a trio of these young men, and they did themselves proud for this good deed.
Music was great, First Nation singing and dancing was also well received. A great Saturday!
Thanks to all who attended. Made some good new contacts, and hope to have some new photos and info to add in the future.
Good to see history is alive and well in the area!
TRHS- http://www.terracelibrary.ca/trhs/

Held 1-4 Feb 23, 2019, in The Terrace Arena Banquet room again.
Theme- “Heritage the ties that bind”
This year I offered to do genealogy lookups for those attending, and one lady took me up on the offer. Turns out she was related to the Loyalists, and founding US Fathers. A surprise for her and me.
I took a couple more antique items, but the hit this year, was my dad's 1949 Lightning Adding Machine. I knew not many would have ever seen one of those. Still wondering if their butter churn ever produced butter? Many tried! It was my entertainment watching that. Also got my Rosswood calendar again, so all is well!
Thanks to the Terrace Historical Society for inviting me, and for hosting the event again. Attendance was down from last year, so hope it was the nice weather that held that down.
Thanks for stooping by and chatting!


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