BC Tel- Plant- Terrace- Cable Maint

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

The Cable Maintenance Department in Terrace was created in the old Barn, WWII hangar on Birch Ave Bench.
Bill Rush was the first supervisor, and before that he worked in radio, with me and the others on our crew.

Bill Rush at his going away party, Masonic Hall, Terrace

I can say without a word of a lie, Bill was the nicest guy going, and one of the best Supervisors there ever was,
based on feedback from all of his men. He had guys crawling over each other, to work for him.

They had a job that usually required terrible hours, since no trees came down in good weather.
I am sure they enjoyed a nice sunny day to work in.

Copper Cable Display
Located at Prince George Railway and Forest Industry Museum

Sad to report, May, 2012, Bill Rush passed away.
Survived by his wife Arlie and 4 children.
Bill was active in the Bowen Island Fish and Wildlife Club and the Hatchery.
He will be missed by all!

Bill Rush's retirement poster

One of the first guys I remember when I came here, was Holger (Swen) Sorenson (left in 1981 to Chilliwack)

later came Werner “Blackie” Janot

Lyle David worked on the crew at one point in his career. He also worked in Radio. He moved to Kelowna.
Eric Tycho (later became a Tech)
Ken Klippert (was also a Test Desk Man)
Brian A. McDougall worked on this crew, Brian was transferred to Vanderhoof, and was electrocuted on the job. He was hired in 1981.

Terry Hewitt was on this crew before going into I&R. (he was hired in 1980)
R. Johnson (first name?) was this Howard?
Harry Simpson was on this crew for a while also. Harry worked on all the cres during his career.

They changed supervisors over the years,
Bryon Isfeld was a supervisor at one point

Twins, Merv Warner
and Murray Warner
Ray Demers
Brian Sears
and I am sure others doing the job.

In Facilities, we worked closely with Cable Maintenance.
If you heard noise on your phone line, or no dial tone, you will see these guys out shortly after you called in a trouble.

I remember one Christmas party in the Service Center, Some of the ladies exchanged gifts, so they arranged for Santa and his Elf to appear to handle this job.
Well it was quite a sight, since Bryon Isfeld played Santa, and the tallest guy in the town, Vic Filby, was the Elf.
Both had a fair amount of liquid refreshment, OK, alcohol, to build up the nerve to do the job.
Big Vic Filby in green tights, it was quite a view, one I can't seem to shake from my memory!!
Of course Santa had to have the “good girls” sit on his lap, before they would receive their gifts.
Well I think Santa thought they were “bad girls” and lets just say his hands were a roaming.
He was lucky Santa didn't get smacked in the mouth.
I think the next year they got Gord Lund to play Santa.
I believe Isfeld went down south to sell cars.


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